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With everything happening in the world, it is inevitable that our minds will be able to positively digest the information. From the start of this year something bad was always happening. Whether it was the possibility of world war 3, Australian bush-fires or the Coronavirus outbreak. It is certain that whatever is happening there needs to be something or someone responsible for it so from our sides blame or praise could be given. Banning Chinese products is the new debate, as Coronavirus hails from China.

In the case of the global Coronavirus outbreak, the blame is towards china. All over the world everyone who is suffering from Coronavirus knows that the virus originated from China. And from their point of view china is to blame for all the misery and agony that is around us. It may not be what everyone is thinking right now but there is surely a global revolt against china going on.


Banning Chinese Products – what India has to say.

In India people have always had negative feelings against China and a proposition to boycott Chinese products. Recently after the controversy regarding Tiktok vs YouTube, when the roast video of Ajey Nagar aka Carry Minati (an Indian youtuber) was deleted due to Youtube’s harassment policies. The blame was eventually shifted on Tiktok which is a Chinese app.

It would be wrong to say that after the pandemic would end there would be no repercussions for china. A virus originating from a city in China and then spreading to the whole world makes china look bad in front of the whole world. As the whole world is suffering from Coronavirus, the condition in china is somewhat improving.

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Revolt against China

After the Coronavirus pandemic would be over it is sure that people will have negative feelings towards the dragon nation. And the feelings would be released by boycotting their products. Chinese products are demanded worldwide. It might even not be something that people are aware of but most of the things around them are made in China. Banning Chinese products is already something which people know about and have always think about. But now with the current global situation, revolt against china is on full swing and banning Chinese products will be at the front of it.


Banning Chinese products may be the thing everyone will want to do soon, but it is easier said than done. The world works in ways which are not suitable for the understanding of a rational person. While everyone may want to ban Chinese products, it would not be easy to just do something as big as ban all the exports from a country like china.

Chinese economy and its spread

China is one of the most powerful countries in the world and its economy is easily in the top three biggest economies of the world. A big part of the wealth China contains is because of the business it does with other countries. Chinese products are used worldwide. It would not be easy to ban Chinese products worldwide. Considering the aftermath, every household would go short of supplies, as most of our products are manufactured in china.

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What is the alternative after banning Chinese products ?

Chinese App Alternatives (source – inc42)

Even though people are serious about banning Chinese products, it would not be easy to replace china as our provider. Worldwide, no other country is able to provide products like they do. It might take a while for any other country to replace them from its position. Till then all people can do is revolt against china as the governments and businesses had always preferred products from China. And will keep preferring it till there would be any better alternative for them.


Whatever emotions people are going through is the result of the things happening recently. Judging what we should do from the information available currently would not be a good idea. Banning Chinese products is not something new, it has been going on for a long time. And it might still go for an even longer one. People need to first know what they should do, which always needs to be a peaceful action.

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