How to Start a Podcast and Required Things for It - Everything You Need to Know

How to Start a Podcast and Required Things for It – Everything You Need to Know

Entertainment and information come in all platforms and forms. Meaning, communication is not limited to only one format. Audio, Visual, Audio & Visual; We can enjoy almost everything with new methods of storytelling. One of the content formats that is gaining popularity is the Podcast. The audio format content is catching up with the tune of the Indian audience very quickly. Save yourself from googling- what is a Podcast? Podcast meaning? How to Start a Podcast? Podcast meaning in Hindi, the best Podcast app available in India, etc. We are here to take you through the world of Podcasting and how you can become a successful Podcaster!

Keep reading this blog to know more about Podcasts and the right gear to set up your Podcast channel.

What is Podcasting ?

Podcast, in simple terms, is audio content shared over the internet (RSS feed) and apps. They can be of any form and length. It can be a one-minute short, an hour-long talk, story format, or a conversation about a particular topic. You can think of a Podcast to be similar to a Radio, but what makes it different is that you can have an app and even subscribe to it. The best thing about a Podcast is that you can give the listeners a story to visualize on their own. However, there are several things that you should keep in mind before venturing into Podcast.

Wanna know the requirements? Then keep on reading!

How to Start Podcast?

Honestly, you don’t need too much to begin your Podcast, but what you start with should be refined. Meaning, your Podcast should have some substance in the content.

How to Start Podcast?

Consider the following to mark in your Podcast starters:

  • Define Your Concept

Have a clear idea about the concept you have to create. Note down the topics you want to talk about, build a GOOD SCRIPT, and episode numbers. Also, think of the places where you want to put more emphasis. Tonality matters!

  • Pick an Artwork

Select an artwork to represent your ‘Identity’ or your ‘Brand.’

  • Record Your Audio

Well, this is pretty obvious. To start a Podcast, you must record your audio. Make sure that you pick a good microphone. Also, keep a good pair of headphones to understand the placement of your mic better.

  • Edit Your Audio

Touch up your recorded audio to give it a more refined look. Add songs for the intro and ending. Free the audio from any external noise if needed.

  • Invest in Good Equipments

So the moment you start to gain momentum, invest in good audio & editing equipment. Smooth audio enhances the listening experience of your subscribers and provides them with quality content.

  • Choose Right Distributor Channel

There are several websites and Podcast apps that host Podcasts. These apps allow users to listen to Podcasts from any part of the world.

Some Helpful Podcast Tips which Make You a Pro

Anyone can start a Podcast in their room, but the right ones will not only set-up their Podcast Channel but set a goal and work towards it. There are a few tips that you can keep in mind while hustling as a Podcast creator and set yourself apart from the rest:

  • Dialogue Delivery

An interactive Podcast should carry an engaging narration. Meaning, you have to practice mic techniques and modulate your voice accordingly. Understand the tone of the word or the narration and practice to adapt your voice according to the script.

  • Editing Matters!

Your audio depends on how you edit it. From intros & endings to background music, you should analyze the need for music in the audio and edit accordingly. Also, keep an audio interface to monitor the sound and edit on the computer using the relevant editing software.

Basic Podcast Equipment Required

To become a pro, you should also invest in the right gear to set a Podcast station/studio. The equipment you need to start your Podcast is as follows:

Basic Podcast Equipment Required
Basic Podcast Equipment
  • Headphones

Headphones help in monitoring how you sound, help in changing tonality, and keep the distance from the mic.

  • Computer & Editing Software

You should own a computer to edit your audios. Use software like- Audacity, Adobe Audition, Garage Band, and Cubase to edit the audio. If you are low on budget, you can also edit your audio on your phone using relevant apps available on Android and iOS.

  • Audio Mixer

You need to own an Audio Mixer to refine your audio. Select the amount of input and output port that you want on your mixer, see the pricing, and invest accordingly.

  • Microphone

The most important thing for a Podcast is a Microphone. You must know the RIGHT MICROPHONE to record your audio. Remember, a good microphone ensures better audio.

There are multiple microphones available online and in the market to cater to Podcast enthusiasts. Read on to know more about the types of microphones suited for Podcasts.

The Best Mics for Podcast

The Best Mics for Podcast
Different Mics for Podcasting

Since a Microphone is a piece of essential equipment for any Podcaster, it is only wise to invest in a good microphone that yields the best results.

There are several types of microphones, be it a USB microphone, XLR microphone, hand-held/portable microphone. These mics cater to the specific requirements of a Podcaster.

The following are some known names in different categories:

  • Shure SM7B XLR Microphone (Polar Pattern- Cardioid)
  • Blue YetiUSB Microphone (Polar Pattern- Omni)
  • Samson GoMini USB (Polar Pattern- Omni)

These companies also offer microphones that may have USB, XLR, or both. You can also enhance the quality of your Podcast by using a Pop Filter and also purchase a mic stand to record hands-free.

How Much We Can Earn by Podcasting

A Podcast Channel can earn up to 18-30+ lakh per year! The income comes from content, subscription & paid content, advertisements, sponsors, promotions, and product placement (shout-outs, affiliate marketing).

However, be aware of the thought that India still needs a strong listener base as it was only in 2018 that the listener base of India increased by 60%. The increase still leaves the listener count at 40million, which is comparatively less when compared to the rest of the world.

Famous Podcasting Platforms

Several Podcast apps promote Podcaster by offering Podcasts from around the world. Apps like BBC Podcast, Google Podcast bring great audio content for the listeners. Both Google and BBC Podcasts are free to download and offer so many categories ranging from documentaries to comedy, etc. Highly-famous apps like Spotify, Jio Savnn, Youtube, and so on have paid Podcast content, and one should be a member to enjoy content free of ads.

Below are some of the known Podcasters in India:

  • Cyrus Says– Comedy
  • Anupama Chopra– Film Review
  • Red Fm Bauaa– RJ Raunik
  • Aakash Chopra– Cricket Podcast (Player & Match Reviews/Discussion)


Everything that you pursue in life requires HARD WORK, DEDICATION, and WILL POWER to carry on, especially a thriving creative field requires someone who can withstand challenges thrown at them. Do not fear; keep on learning the in and out of the Podcast industry, research on relevant things, and be passionate about the message you want to convey. Keep working on QUALITY CONTENT, and you shall see an excellent outcome!

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