How to Watch Korean Dramas for Free? Where Can We Watch Korean Dramas?

In the previous blog, we walked you through the best Korean dramas of all time that you wouldn’t want to miss. But, how to watch Korean dramas? Where to watch Korean dramas? How to download Korean dramas? What are the Websites or Apps to watch & download Korean dramas for free? We know these are some questions that pop up in your mind when you think about watching the Korean dramas. That’s why we are here, to guide you so that you do not miss on some really breath-taking stuff. If you are new to the world of Korean dramas, then this blog will without any doubt be of great help. But before that, Welcome to the world of K-Dramas! And if you haven’t read our blog on Best Korean Dramas, then go read it right away.

Also, if you are already a Korean Drama fan, then we are sure you might know about these websites and apps. If you don’t know any of these, then woohoo! You will now know. And if we have missed something then we would really love to know, so you can tell us in the comment section below.  

Therefore, let’s just get started with your guide to watch Korean Dramas.

How to Watch Korean Dramas?

You can access almost all the Korean Dramas on the sites we have mentioned below. These websites and apps allow you to watch and download the K-Drama of your choice. We have mentioned both free and paid websites and apps for you. Just go to the website, search for your favorite K-Drama, sit back, relax & enjoy. Or you can download for later.

For apps, download the app on your phone and you know the rest of the procedure; Search > Play/Download > Enjoy. 

Where to Watch Korean Dramas? | Websites & Apps to Watch and Download Korean Dramas

To make it easier for you, we listed down the websites and apps you can check out to either binge or download for bingeing later.

Paid Websites & Apps To Watch Korean Dramas


Netflix needs no introduction of any kind. It is a whole world in itself. With millions of users and uncountable shows, this OTT platform can solve your K-Drama search problem to a great extent. Netflix has a huge list of K-Dramas, streaming at this moment. If you have a Netflix account & subscription, you don’t need anything else. Just log in and enjoy these K-Dramas hassle free. Netflix also offers the download feature. All you need is a subscription. Or, Netflix offers a free trial for a month.


Hulu is another great website to watch online or download. It also needs subscription but just like Netflix, it also offers a free trial for the first month to its users. Hulu offers you the subtitles so you need not worry about the language.

Choose a suitable pack from a range that Hulu offers and have fun!


On Viki, you can get a great variety of K-Dramas. With a collection of hundreds of dramas, your choices will never fall short on Viki. Viki has some copyright protection content like Netflix as well. And also, Viki has both free and paid versions. For the free version, you just need to bear with the ads. In addition, it also offers an app for you to watch your favourite K-Dramas on-the-go. You also find the subtitles on this site.

So, just create an account, watch for free or pay and enjoy!


Kocowa is a website that offers many shows for free. However, once you get the subscription, you can access a whole bunch of ad-free dramas online with subtitles. And of course, you can download all the shows you want to watch later. Not only shows or dramas, the Kocowa also gives you access to a great list of Korean songs as well.  


This website gives its users the variety and ease to binge, free of cost. But obviously, you need to watch the advertisements. On the other hand, you pay for its premium version for more ease and convenience. And above all, Asiancrush is totally ad free mode.


This website is not very old but has both paid and free versions along with the app version. Since this website has been launched recently in 2019, WeTV does not have a very wide range of Korean dramas in its trunk. But, it is very popular and getting updated regularly.

Free Websites and Apps To Watch Korean Dramas


Dramacool is a website that does not need a single penny to access. You can get a good number of dramas streaming on this website with the subtitles. This website is completely free and does not need any account. Above all, the site is totally legal. So, check this website to fulfill your craving of K-Dramas.


A website which does not need any subscription or account for you to binge. Viu offers a wide range of dramas for you to choose from. If you are okay with the cautions of unauthorized websites, then this is the one you should try.

Just search & indulge!


Dramafast is totally a free website which is absolutely legal. This website is very easy to use, just; search > watch. On the other hand, the only limitation is that it does not have a very huge collection of Korean dramas. But nevertheless, this website can cater to a few of your choices. 


Hancinema is a website which provides its users with a great variety of Korean dramas. In addition, it offers subtitles in various Asian languages. This website is absolutely free and we are sure this website will solve your problems. And will fulfill your craving of K-Dramas. Also, Hancinema regularly updates its collection. Therefore, you need not worry about new releases. It will soon be available for you on this website.


A safe-to-use website with a huge library of K-Dramas. Though, this website(Gooddrama) is full of advertisements. However, you need to bear something in order to watch Korean dramas, absolutely free of cost. 


Daebakdrama is totally a free website that can cater your needs to binge the K-Dramas. However, this website does contain a lot of advertisements. Anyhow, we think you can compromise on that in order to have a free access. Right? 

So, these were some of the websites and apps that we scooped out for you to help you get your hands on Korean dramas. 

Now, all you have to do is choose one of these, search the K-Drama and binge!

We got it sorted for you, grab your popcorn, your device, sit back and enjoy.

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