Where there’s Tea, there’s Happiness

Every year, on December 14 the world celebrates ‘International Tea Day’ 2020. The day has been started by United Nations(UN). The United Nations Food and Agriculture(FAO) organizes the observance of the day. The resolution for the day was embraced in December 21, 2019.

However, the observance of the day started in 2005. The nations who are the big names in the production of tea are India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam, Uganda Kenya, Malawi, and Tanzania.

It is everyone’s cup of tea!? – International Tea Day 2020

The objective of the International Tea day is not just about promoting the consumption of tea. It is a lot more. Tea has a glorious past and has the profound roots vested in the cultural grounds and economic importance all around the globe.

Tea has a very important role to play in the global campaigns to eradicate poverty and starvation. The motivation to increase the production of tea would result in more consumption and hence, a sustainable system of cultivation. The day is celebrated to foster efforts towards the same.

There are many people around the world that depends on the cultivation of tea for their livelihoods. A number of families, communities and places are employed in its trade and production. 

It is a boon for the geographical areas that experience specific agro-ecological conditions. In these conditions, where the climate change is relatively high, tea production is a lifesaver occupation.

International Tea Day Quotes and Messages

Here are the meaningful quotes and messages to charm your friends with:

From the graceful greenery of fields to the royal golden brown presence in your cup, let us make every sip of tea, sustainable.

This, International Tea Day, it is time for us to come together and with the goodness of tea, let us give a thanks to tea farmers.

It is not just about tea. It is about the tons of memories associated to it. A very happy International Tea Day!

Want to know How to Make Tea ? – International Tea Day 2020

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