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Affiliate Blogs

Smart entrepreneurs running thriving businesses are always looking for ways to make that business grow. One way is by finding an alternate source of income by finding ways to complement and grow the business you have. If you aren’t aware of affiliate blogs or affiliate marketing blogs, it’s high time to consider this stream of income.

In affiliate marketing, a product owner increases his sales by allowing others targeting more audience, to earn a commission by recommending the merchandise to others. At the same time, one can make profit out of products that are already created by the product owner.

Referring a product or service in affiliate marketing is done by sharing it on a blog, any social media platform, or website. The affiliate blogger earns a commission each time someone buys through the unique link related with their recommendation. Done well, this performance-based opportunity can go from part time to profitable business.

To start affiliate blogs, you’ll need to take these five simple steps:

  1. Find and join an affiliate program.
  2. Choose which offers you should promote.
  3. Acquire a unique affiliate link for each offer.
  4. Share those links on your affiliate blog.
  5. A commission wold be provided when someone uses your links to make a purchase.

The best product for affiliate blogs changes with market trends. When signing up, look for products that individuals are searching for or purchasing at that moment. Such blogs should be handled very smartly and these tips would help you in maintaining one:

  • Talk to a product expert- write an interview of someone who uses the product or even the person who makes or sells it. This could offer your review additional depth, making a narrative for the reader.
  • Create a product tutorial- Answer to people who often perform “how to” searches on Google. If you offer a tutorial that solves a searcher’s problem and shows the value of the product, you’ll provide the customer with a stronger reason to purchase the product you’re recommending.
  • Find relevant search terms- while promoting the offer through affiliate blog, research with relative keywords that would lead to the product. Analyse those keywords someone might use in a search engine to find solution to a related problem.
  • Offer a bonus- Many marketers promote their affiliate programs by offering special bonuses to anyone who buys the offer. Adding a bonus will be a nice way to stand out if several other affiliates are promoting an equivalent product.
  • Keep things legal- Always disclose to the audience that your blog post contains affiliate links. You can also explain the reason for your affiliation in order to connect with your audience.

Commission rates vary depending on the company and the offer. You earn about 5% of the sale to as much as 50%. Many affiliate marketing programs provide a fixed rate per sale instead of a percentage. Earning from affiliate blogs is quite easy and just requires an investment of your time.


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