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Business Blogs

Brands seek to engage and communicate with their customers through a strong web presence. One of the most effective ways to create brand awareness, by providing relevant content to the audience is through business blogs. Creating a highly developed website is helpful in establishing a branding strategy, which provides a global exposure to businesses. They are a form of published, informal online articles posted on the internet for the public to read. Blogging is an economical way for small businesses to bring traffic to their site, increase inbound marketing efforts and to engage their target audience. There are 5 major types of corporate & business blogs:

  1. The senior leadership, founder/CEO blog- the one where the senior leaders talk within their own area of expertise or role and responsibility.
  2. General company blog/multiple author blog- the one with rotating publishing schedule from key influencers within the organisation.
  3. Specific team or department blog- usually big organisations have department specific blogs which focus on content related to their own department.
  4. Product, service, marketing blog- the one where content is focused on one of the products or the flagship product of the business.
  5. Employee blog- the one where responsible employees talk about the work or expectations of the company.

As per experts, nearly 80% of the companies which use blogging in their marketing strategy acquired more prospective customers. Many business blogs provide tips and information to take the company to a next level. Following are the benefits of business blogs:

  1. Increase customer engagement- this is an important part of online branding and marketing. Blogging helps in developing relationships with new and existing customers in a more controversial way. Providing high quality and relevant content engages your target audience.
  2. Build trust and take business to the mainstream- no matter how small the business is, blogging helps it to build trust and establish itself as an industry leader. The experience gained in any field can be displayed as expert information in the form of content. This makes one valuable in the eyes of potential customers.
  3. Strengthen connections to your brand- blogging shows the followers a personal side of business and raises brand awareness. One can engage existing and prospective customers in a way not possible through other marketing techniques.
  4. Unexpected boost to SEO- search engines thrive for relevant and fresh content and blogging is a direct and low-cost method to achieve it. Consistency and relative keywords in blogs add on to the value of the website.
  5. Free marketing by sharing- the most important power blogging is the opportunity of sharing it. It can lead to viral traffic and exponential market growth. One can share the link to the website through various social media platforms which will lead to free marketing.

In order to increase the online exposure or establish themselves as an expert in industry, one must take business blogging as their marketing strategy. The benefits from it can be useful to elevate the company’s profile. A high quality blog would definitely lead to growth in businesses in an effortless way.


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