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Classified Ad Post


Classified Advertisements (or Classified Ads as) are those subsets of usual advertisements that are typically published or printed for zero charges or for a very negligible charge. A classified Ad Post can be defined as the classified advertisements that are featured on websites or periodicals online. A typical Classified Ad Post is not as widespread as the large display advertisements that we usually come across, but they do have their fair share of audience. And classified ads, being pocket-friendly, are usually more favoured by new businesses and ventures. Most prevalent sites that feature free classified ads in India can be listed as follows: –

  • Sulekha
  • Craigslist India
  • OLX
  • Quikr

In recent times, with the growing popularity of online Classified Ad Post culture, most newspapers have started to suffer. The share of revenue of a number of newspaper companies pertaining to classified advertisements has started to fall. On the other hand, because of the growing trend of internet classifieds, the traffic on most classified websites has seen an upward growth graph in recent times. There are several types of classified ads that can be seen quite commonly, these can be presented as follows: –

  • Personal Ads: are usually used by people to express their personal messages such as greetings on birthdays and anniversaries, announcements and achievements, etc.
  • Education Ads: usually contain admission notices of schools or coaching centres or private tutors. It could also contain promotional advertisements by means of declaration of exceptional results of their students.
  • Recruitment Ads: are usually published at the request of small and mid-sized businesses and employers to declare job vacancies in their organisations. They briefly describe the job profile for which the vacancies have opened up.
  • Obituary Ads: contain pictures of deceased persons along with messages communicating remembrances and invitations to funeral and similar events.
  • Matrimonial Ads: are usually given by the relatives of prospective brides and grooms. These ads provide details about the characteristics they are looking for in their prospective partners.
  • Property Ads: usually contain Sale or Get advertisements pertaining to flats, bungalows, etc. It could also cover the advertisements for putting certain properties on Rent.

The key objective of opting for a Classified Ad Post over the large display ads is that it can reach a considerably wide audience with minimum spend. It requires very low investment in terms of time and monetary resources. It does not even require high industry contacts and gives them access to a wide audience.


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