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Homepage Content

A “Homepage” basically refers to the start page or the primary web page of any website; And the content that is contained in the homepage of any website is referred to as the “Homepage Content”. A homepage can also be referred to as the “Default Web Page”. This is because whenever any visitor is surfing through any website, he is, by default, directed to this particular page at first. The foremost indicator for the appraisal of any website is its Audience Engagement by analysing visitor traffic and how this is used to improve the overall user-experience. Since the homepage is the first thing that any visitor sees while visiting a particular website, it is of tremendous importance that the homepage is enticing. The Homepage Content not only includes the text contained on the homepage; it also includes any Logos, Taglines, Photographs, etc. that are featured on the homepage. So let us look into a little more detail about the different types of features that are included in the Homepage Content: –

  • Logo: The website logo must be clearly noticeable. This is because it represents the basic visual identity of the website. It is generally used as a dual-functionality feature; Apart from being typically used as a logo, it is also additionally used as a link. This link (logo) easily directs the visitor from anywhere to the homepage of the website.
  • Navigation: The navigation bar of a website ought to be intuitive. In addition to a search box, it should also contain multiple tabs that direct the visitors to respective areas or pages of the website. These tabs contained in the navigation bar shall work as an overall blueprint which gives an overview of the detailed content contained on the website.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Call to Action is a written instruction or directive that helps to influence the website visitors to give a response. For example, the “Add to Wishlist” or “Buy Now” options found on most of the e-Commerce websites are nothing but Call to Action buttons. These can be used on a website homepage to gather data from visitors through Inquiry Forms, email subscription options, Complaint/Feedback forms, etc.
  • Photographs: Photos are basically just visual representations of the textual content included on the homepage. It gives a sense of authenticity to the website. And photographs make a website homepage more appealing to the visitors.
  • Footer: The Footer should be placed at the foot of the homepage and must include all the contact details of the website company. It could also provide to the visitors, direct links to the social media accounts of the website company on different platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

To make the Homepage Content more impactful and enticing, it must clearly define what the website company does, who they are targeting as their audience and how this particular website is the best choice to fulfil their needs. And all this information must be communicated in a concise, clear and condensed manner. Appropriate Call to Action buttons must be placed on the homepage to increase visitor-interaction. If testimonials of customers, statistical summary of the company’s performance, etc. are included in the homepage, it dramatically enhances the integrity and authenticity of the website as a whole.


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