Informative Article Writing

Informative Article

What is an Informative Article?

An Informative Article Writing is a written description of the relevant information and details covering various aspects of a certain event, person or idea. It answers all the conspicuous questions that revolve around the subject matter, the five W’s: What, When, Where, Why and Who.

The key purpose of such an article is to merely inform the readers about the event, person or idea. It is instructive and not argumentative in nature; that is to say, it does not involve the presentation of any opinion. Nor does it aim at influencing the readers in favour of or against any idea.

Examples of some attention-grabbing topics for such articles include: How to lose weight in 2 weeks, Ways to plan an excellent party, Get rid of bad habits, Methods to handle insomnia, etc.

Parts of Informative Article

Illustration of Informative Article Writing

The most common illustration of Informative Article Writing is the customary newspaper reporting. This is because it covers all the information about the place, date, time and other relevant facts about a particular event or idea.

Structure of Informative Article Writing

Structure of Informative Article Writing
Structure of Informative Article Writing

The basic structure of an Informative Article Writing fundamentally consists of the introduction, body and conclusion respectively. Introduction can be used to present a chief thesis statement around which the entire article would revolve. The use of a thesis statement in the introduction easily catches the attention of the readers.

Introduction of an Informative Article

Introduction of an Informative Article
Introduction of an Informative Article

The introduction should typically cover the central idea, define pertinent terms and briefly describe what points will be covered in the article. The body of such articles can be used to expound upon the thesis statement that was presented in the introduction.

It usually includes solid facts, statistical details, and other supporting statements relating to the subject. The body is typically the most voluminous part of the entire article and covers all concepts in considerable detail.

Conclusion of Informative Article

Conclusion of Informative Article
Conclusion of Informative Article

The conclusion should ideally provide the summarized highlights of the entire article and should connect it to the key purpose of the article. It should induce and encourage the readers to want to learn more about the subject.

An account of closing remarks should be presented in statement form or using rhetorical questions such that the readers are left contemplating about the idea.

About Informative Article Writing

An Informative Article Writing is merely a description of facts so it can easily become dull or monotonous for the reader.

The primary objective of such articles is to inform the readers about a particular event, person or idea, so an enticing title for the article can help grab their attention.

The title and introduction have the maximum potential to keep the readers engaged and excited to read the full text. The most fundamental requirement for writing informative articles is a clear understanding and extensive research about the subject matter.

A clear, concise and relevant description of the subject is the key to make such articles interesting.


A well-structured format, accurate factual description and contemplative conclusions add up to an ideal article. Such articles should be presented in a manner that holds relevance to all types of audiences and is informative for all audiences.

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