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News Post Writing

News post writing is a type of professional writing that involves writing for publication in newspapers or online news sites. It is the most effective way to stress the key points, features, aspects or even services of the news that you want to spread about to your target audience. When drafted correctly, it can be a highly productive tool for marketing and conveying your message to the right people. It can even improve your online presence and create recognition for your business on the digital platform.

News post writing is a skill that is generally required by journalists but it helps with other types of writing as well, even when you are only running a website. This is because news post writing is all about telling a story concisely and accurately.

Features of a News post

Key features of a good News Post Writing generally includes:

  • Catchy words to create descriptive titles, so that it catches the attention of the target audience.
  • Compelling news summary that gives a short description of all you have to convey. – Integration of the right keywords for an SEO optimised content.
  • Interlinking of content with related and relevant web pages critical to the news. – using your business as a contextual background to make it relevant to the bigger picture.
  • Five important ‘Ws’ of the news, i.e, Who, What, Why, When and Where of the news

Apart from these features, news post writing generally follows the same vein. The writing styles may diverge depending on the kind of story, for example, a feature story may look and sound very different from a hard news. But all news post writings essentially are cut from the same cloth.

Structure of a News post

The first and the most basic element of news post writing is to deliver the news. The rest that follows is figuring out what details and facts you need to present to a reader and when, so that the end result is a cohesive storyline. These elements may be applied differently or subtly, whether in long-form journalism or feature stories, but they are present.


A lede is a journalism slang term or the word “lead” that refers to the first sentence or two of a story. This is essential in drawing readers while also stating why the story matters. A good lede may change depending on the story you are covering.

Nut Graf

A nut graf is another journalism slang term for the summary of the story. A nut graf can be a sentence or a paragraph or even may be your lede. A nut graf addresses why the story is being written, what it is about and generally includes the subject.

But as mentioned above, it is not enough to just post the news straightforwardly. Apart from utilizing the key points in your news post writing, you may require an additional professional touch. Something that can attract readers, enhance the appeal of your business and prove it valuable. In such cases, our news post writing services are of excellent use. Our professional writers are seasoned in news post writing and they can touch up your post with proficient presentation and effective wordings.


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