SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Developing relationships with customers takes substantial work. If you want to reach your customers, you have to be proactive and go where they are. In today’s digital world, the best thing is to text them. Text message marketing, or SMS marketing, is one of the most effective forms of communicating with customers when done correctly.

SMS Marketing helps in spreading promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes using text messages (SMS). These messages are mostly meant to communicate time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts to people who have opted to receive these messages from your business. These messages are limited to a max of 160 characters.

Since SMS marketing is permission-based, it makes your marketing lists extremely concentrated. They only contain customers who plan on patronizing your business, usually on a regular basis.

Connect With Users in A Whole Different Way

Connect With Users in A Whole Different Way
Connect With Users in A Whole Different Way

Mobile phone users have a personal connection with their phones. Especially in the world of media consumption, people are constantly checking their notifications. As surprising it may seem, 65% of the world population texts! In this context, businesses must never underestimate the power of SMS marketing. Brands can leverage SMS marketing in so many ways and get optimum user interaction/reaction.

Short-Term Promotions

When you promote your services or product, what do you think is the most effective way to communicate? SMS is quick to address your target audience and informs whatever is needed directly and shortly! Any retail business and e-commerce will definitely benefit from using SMS marketing for short-term promotions.

Quick Updates About Customer Orders or Events

Say a customer orders something and is expecting a notification about the confirmation or any related event, sending SMS will be the most direct way to inform them about their confirmation status.

Reminders About Appointments and Limited Offers

Customers or audiences prefer personal communication when they are looking for offers or appointments. Businesses can use SMS marketing to send them last minute booking notifications to get immediately notified about their query or offers. 

Internal Communication 

Managing big companies means communicating with so many employees at once. Using mail might not guarantee that everyone in the staff would see it, but SMS is direct and immediately visible, making it a perfect communication channel for internal communication.

What Makes SMS Marketing Succesful?

What Makes SMS Marketing Succesful?
What Makes SMS Marketing Succesful?

According to research, SMS has a 98% open rate compared to email marketing. SMS marketing is highly effective for a variety of reasons. One fact is that it is hard to imagine consumers without their phones! From digital transactions to booking a cab or ordering food, everything can get done with a phone. There are plenty of reasons that make SMS marketing effective and successful. SMS marketing is highly effective for a variety of reasons but the main factors are:

The Popularity of Smartphones

With a large portion of adults owning a smartphone today, SMS is a brilliant way to reach customers directly. By including a link in your messages, you can drive and increase engagement with your online business.

More Effective than Email Marketing

You can use SMS marketing to send instant notifications, while email contains more long-form content and is relatively less visible compared to SMS.

High Engagement Rates

The engagement rate of SMS marketing is considerably more when compared to email. The majority of SMS messages get read within minutes of receiving them, while you may or may not check your email immediately.

Stepping Stone for Emerging Markets

If your company is seeking to reach customers in places where data is expensive and wi-fi is not widely available, SMS is a much better way to interact.

Types of SMS marketing

Types of SMS marketing
Types of SMS marketing


Campaign messages are the classic bulk text messages which are sent to many subscribers at once. They are typically used to communicate promotions like coupons, sales, etc. or general information like event details, updates, etc.


Transactional messages are the messages that are triggered by a certain event or behaviour and sent to an individual customer, like an order confirmation for an e-commerce purchase.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Benefits of SMS Marketing
Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a quick and effective communication tool for businesses to touch base with their subscribers at the click of a button. You can control the exact time and date that they read your messages.

Because these messages are trackable, you can immediately determine which SMS messages or promotions are effective and which are not. This factor allows you to constantly improve your campaigns and text marketing messaging across all your promotional channels.

  • Increases Online Business Traffic: Giving a website link in SMS helps the customer get directed to the website and find what they are searching for. Thus, linking of website URL increases your business views online.
  • Increases Sales and Audience Base: Actively engaging with the consumer helps in converting the potential buyers into actual buyers. Since SMS marketing is direct, it communicates the message clearly and helps in expanding the audience base.
  • Building Loyalty: When you communicate personally, the consumer or target audience feels valued, appreciated. SMS marketing allows businesses to send personalized messages to connect with the audience. This communication process builds a strong connection with the audience and benefits businesses in the long run.

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