Visiting Cards

Visiting Cards

Visiting cards carries the image of an individual, an institution or a company. The visiting card is a traditional method of maintaining public relations and has the unquestionable ability to convert regular passers by into potential customers.


The card is a simple, small piece of hard bound paper which carries the name, contact information and designation of the person concerned. It also contains the information of the company such as the brand logo, motto and job description if it is for a company. Business cards are made to build rapport with the masses or potential buyers, they need to be distinctive and unique to the character of the company or person to which it belongs.

In order to create a visiting card that impacts the mind of the viewers, the card should be similar to the colour scheme adopted by the company for other articles such as logo, website, letters, envelopes and others. The card should undoubtedly be visually appealing. There are various aesthetic choices made while choosing the format of a card but irrespective of the design choices there are two primary requirements which are common across all the company or individual visiting cards that is the colour scheme and the company logo. Decisions about logo and colours will then influence other layout and formatting decisions for the card.


In order to create a visually appealing design one must first create a proper structure or a plan which should be followed. One thing that should be mentioned with utmost clarity is basically a question that a brand should be asking itself, what is it that a brand wishes to convey? What is it that brand stands for? The answers to these questions will then determine the quality of paper (eco friendly, regular or polished), aesthetic presence (loud, dull or balanced), shape (square, rectangle or round), font (fancy, classic or casual) and other aspects that concern the design of the visiting card.

These days visiting cards have moved on from being paperback cards they have now become digital and have also been transformed into more attractive hard copies. There are cards of all types; transparent cards, folding cards, scented cards; of famous perfume companies who give a glimpse of their brand through the visiting card and thicker cards which look sturdy and grand. The most recent cards have been the see-through cards, where all the information is mentioned in dark black ink and the person can see through the card. By spending less on colours and focusing more on minimalism the designers have changed the game and set the bar rather high.


As visiting cards establish relations with the public and speak volumes about the company image, the PR managers from a lot of successful firms are sending Token of Appreciation which includes gifts and goodies all packed in a hamper with the main focus on the visiting card, brochure and other vital information. This way the company is registered in the good books of many customers and can make a place of its own.


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