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YouTube Video Description

Great marketing for Youtube videos starts with great YouTube video descriptions. An Youtube video description is a piece of metadata that helps the platform understand the content of a video. It is a section found under a Youtube video, that briefly summarizes the video and may also often include important links to other relevant websites and related videos.

Youtube video descriptions that are well optimized can lead to higher rankings in YouTube search. The title and tags of your video certainly helps, but YouTube uses your description to better understand the content of your video. In fact, writing descriptions with keywords can help with SEO, boost subscriptions, view counts, and watch time. Your video posting frequency, the general style of your videos, your common or key topics and even your brand’s personality can convert a casual visitor into a loyal subscriber.

Key features of an effective YouTube video description

For an effective marketing campaign for your Youtube brand, you should avoid irrelevant words in your Youtube video description. Such inclusion creates a poor viewing experience and may even violate Youtube’s policies. Instead, you can maximize your Youtube video description by reinforcing important and relevant keywords that can help viewers find your videos. They are incredibly useful for helping viewers find your videos and learn about them and decide if they would like to watch them.

You can consider Youtube video description as two parts: what viewers see before they click on “Show more” and what they see after they click on “Show more”. You can see the area above “Show more” in search results and on the watch page, and even when your video appears on the user’s feeds. You can use them to communicate what your video content is about. After you click “Show more”, the full content of your description appears. You can also include your default Youtube channel description that is consistent across all of your Youtube video descriptions and auto populates key channel information in all of your videos on upload.

How to create a good Youtube video description?

It is important to prioritize the first few lines of your description because it’s what viewers will see first when they come across your video. You can add the other key information about your channel, metadata, and links to social networks or your website later on in the description for the viewers, if they further wish to learn more about your brand.

  • Make sure each video has a unique description; this makes it easier to find them through “search”, and also helps it stand out from similar videos.
  • Use search-friendly keywords and natural language, especially in the first few lines.
  • Use the rest of the text or whatever shows up once they click “Show more” to include extra information like what your channel is about, social links, product links, blog links, links to other relevant videos, etc.

Even if we list all the ways to construct a precise and a catchy Youtube video description, it may not always be as effective as you want. In such cases, you can avail our writing services where we provide you with the best SEO oriented content writing that can be easily applied to your marketing campaigns and hence, boost your brand awareness.


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