The world’s factory is synonymous with China. The majority of tags and labels on a variety of products proclaim that they belong to China. Sometimes we even wonder why all products are then, Made in China? This is because of its low labor cost and a strong business ecosystem of suppliers. Component manufacturers and distributors have evolved to make it efficient and cost-effective. China has a lack of regulatory compliance, low taxes, and competitive currency practices. So will India be able to take the place of china?

Even China does not follow laws of child labor as well. Huge labor pool helps to produce large quantities of goods. Before these Chinese companies and factories have employed child labor, long shift hours and no compensation insurance for their workers. After knowing about the criticism faced by workers Chinese government reformed the law for the workers. The lower tax rate helped to keep the cost of production low and profit high. India also possesses the ability to be a manufacturing giant like China as it continues to adopt the same approach to production like China follows.

China ranks second in the world’s economy. But due to the outbreak of coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic it will take a big stride in starting its economy. Empowering consumers will also be a difficult task as many have lost their jobs or their pay cuts. But still its economy is coming back on its way as most of its factories reopened in February itself but still there is low sales of the products.

The manufacturing in China is based on high technology and is very complex with the largest workforce for manufacturing i.e. over 115 million workers approximately. 10% of the US goods are also manufactured here. There are both pros and cons of manufacturing in China.


  • Lower production cost
  • Better service
  • Higher output in less time
  • Quicker time
  • Duplication capabilities


  • Finding a place for setup
  • Language and communication difficulty
  • Stigma
  • Higher minimum order quantities
  • Shipping both expense and time
  • Quality of work
  • Unpredictability
  • Intellectual property risks

But due to the widespread of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic from Wuhan city of China in Hubei province. This pandemic has given shockwaves worldwide. Every country is fighting against it. Most believe that coronavirus or COVID-19 is a bio-weapon by China though not proved. Due to this the relations of China are getting worse with most of the countries especially with the United States. Trump blamed China for its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic which has taken away lives of more than quarter million people worldwide and it is expected to worsen the global trade ties as companies and the government moves resources out of China to diversify supply chains. Not only the US but also Japan has reserved $2.2 billion to shift companies. European Union members have also cut dependence on Chinese suppliers.

Since independence India was never a manufacturing hub. But now this is a possibility that India lures more than 1000 American companies from China. India expects to win as it is more economical and secured in terms of land, labor and even have good relations with all.

India’s growth is likely to be supported due to this and it is a possibility that India takes the position of manufacturing giant in a post COVID world.

So what’s on your mind “WILL INDIA BE ABLE TO TAKE THE PLACE OF CHINA in a post Covid world as a manufacturing gaint? Comment us your opinion in our comment section….

Make In India
Make In India

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