Movies are always go-to stress busters. They can never go wrong. And with the OTT platforms, we can access them anytime, anywhere. If you are a 90s kid, you must remember that to watch a movie, you either used to wait for its television broadcast or had to download from websites. Also, these websites never promised high quality or definition vivid pictures. However, soon the OTT took over and became such a boon to all the movie-lovers. If you too are a movie-lover, you have landed on a blog that is written exclusively for you. As 2020, the year which is not any less than a roller coaster, full of highs & lows is about to end, we thought of listing down the Best Movies of 2020 on Amazon Prime Video.

The best movies on Amazon Prime Video that made the lockdown period of 2020 fun. We are sure, if there wouldn’t have been movies or series, the survival of Coronavirus pandemic would have been super tricky.

Thankfully, we had movies to pass our time. We are sure you must have watched a lot of movies which you never thought of watching before. In addition, you must have got the thought “Oh! Let’s give it a try.” or “Let’s see how this movie is.” So, we present to you a list of Best Movies of 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. If you haven’t got your hands on any of the movies listed below, you should definitely watch it. Afterall, you will now have a list of fresh movies. So, you can grab them right away!

Guvva Gorinka 

Telugu | IMDb: 8.9

Guvva Gorinka is a romantic drama directed by Mohan Babu Bammidi hit the screens in December 2020. This sweet love story starring Satyadev Kancharana and Priyaa Lal as leads was originally launched in 2017. However, due to some reasons its production got delayed. But nevertheless, this movie was able to receive 8.9 as it’s IMDb rating which automatically makes it worth a watch. The plot of this one of the Telugu best movies revolves around the story of a girl aspiring to be a major in music has to marry a guy her father chooses in order to follow her dreams. The girl has to promise her father that she can move to the city to learn violin only if she marries a guy of her father’s choice, to which she agrees. Witness how the story unfolds.  

C U Soon 

Malayalam | IMDb: 7.9

C U Soon is a mystery movie with an interesting plot revolving around the story of Jimmy & Anu. Jimmy, who is a Client Executive in Union National Bank, UAE meets Anu online through a dating website. Soon, a love story buds. Everything is peachy until Jimmy’s cousin Kevin tries to dig out details about Anu. In a peculiar event, Anu disappears mysteriously without any clues and Kevin lands on a shocking truth about her. This thrilling story is waiting for you to “C U Soon”. And the best part is, this movie has been completely shot on iPhone. Therefore, making it India’s first computer screen film. This movie stars Darshana Rajendran as Anu Mol Sebastian, Roshan Mathew as Jimmy Kurian and Fahadh Faasil as Kevin Thomas. 


Kannada | IMDb: 8.2

Dia a romantic drama that will definitely play the string of emotions of you. This one of the best Kannada movies with 8.9 as IMDb rating deals with the life and love of a simple and introverted college girl, Dia Swaroop. Dia mostly enjoys her own company but her life changes when she falls for Rohith from the same college. However, it becomes really challenging for her to express her feelings for Rohith. Witness this blooming bond and a sweet love story. We are sure you are going to like this one totally. Also, the movie stars Khushi Ravi as Dia and Dheekshith Shetty as Rohit. 

Uncle Frank 

English | IMDb: 7.2

This one of the best movies of Hollywood will make you laugh like anything. This comedy movie is set 1973 when Uncle Frank recollects his time from the past while on a road trip with his niece. While on their way from Manhattan to South Carolina, Frank Bledsoe and his 18-year-old niece Beth unexpectedly bumped into Walid. Walid or fondly known as “Wally” is Frank’s lover. Check out the real story by watching this one which is already waiting for you on Amazon Prime Video. Uncle Frank made its way on Amazon Prime in November 2020 whereas it already witnessed its premiere at Sundance Film Festival earlier in January 2020.

The movie starring Paul Bettany as Frank Bledsoe, Sophia Lillis as Beth Bledsoe and Peter Macdissi as Walid Nadeem among others is a must watch. We promise this movie will make you laugh very hard and cheer you up to the core.

Ondu Shikariya Kathe 

Kannada | IMDb: 8.1

Another best of Kannada movie to give you a thrilling experience. This thriller movie revolves around a novelist who finds himself tangled in a series of unexplained mystifying events. The need of the situation turns this non-violence believer novelist to take the gun and hunt. Ondu Shikariya Kathe stars Pramod Shetty and Siri Prahlad as leads. This one of the best Kannada movies is a must-watch and has a lot of thrill to offer. But you can only find out when you watch it.

Shakuntala Devi 

Hindi | IMDb: 6.1

Jab main amazing ho sakti hu to normal kyu banu…” Yes! That’s exactly who Shakuntala Devi was. This movie is based on the genius mathematician and a mother Shakuntala Devi. This movie shows the journey of Shakuntala Devi from being just another school girl to an extraordinary mathematician and known as the “Human Computer”. However, life is not a bed of roses and so, Shakuntala finds it hard to make a balance between her profession and troubled personal life. You have to watch this amazing movie of the lady who could solve any, literally any maths problem in seconds. Watch it now if you haven’t already. Also, how can you miss the flawless performance of Vidya Balan; the on-screen Shakuntala Davi and Sanya Malhotra; her on-screen daughter.

Above all, this movie is a hamper of emotions, drama, fun, realizations and lessons in life. Apart from Vidya & Sanya, Jisshu Sengupta and Amit Sadh have given great performances.


Telugu | IMDb: 7.7

Hit is a thriller action revolving around the story of a young police officer, Vikram who has to solve the case of Preethi at any cost. She mysteriously goes missing on a highway in Hyderabad and Vikram is appointed to solve the same. However, Vikram himself fights to come out of the traumatic past. So, how will he solve the case? Well, find out when you watch this one of the best movies of 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. This movie also has a romantic tinge of a love story between Vikram and his colleague Neha. Hit stars Vishwak Sen as Vikram Rudraju, Ruhani Sharma as Neha with Chaitanya Sagiraju, Brahmaji, Hari Teja, Murali Sharma, Bhanu Chander and so on.

Pressure Cooker 

Telugu | IMDb: 6.4

An ultimate entertaining movie dealing with typical family drama. This comedy movie deals with the family of a young graduate who wants him to settle in the US. And so, the name “Pressure Cooker”. The movie is a fun pack of drama and comedy. Go, cheer up the remaining days of 2020 with this one. The star cast of this one of the best Telugu movies include Sai Ronak, Preethi Asrani, Rahul Ramakrishna, Rajai Rowan, Tanikella Bharani, C. V. L. Narasimha Rao, Jhansi, Raj Madiraju and Sangeetha among others. 

I’m Your Woman

English | IMDb: 6.1

I’m Your Woman movie is set back in the 1970s and is a crime drama. A woman is forced to run with her baby after the betrayal of business partners by her husband. This run is dangerous. How will she save herself and her baby? Find out if she is able to save or she gets caught into a treacherous event. This one of the best Hollywood movie stars Rachel Brosnahan, Arinzé Kene with Marsha Stephanie Blake, Bill Heck, Frankie Faison, Marceline Hugot and James McMenamin. I’m Your Woman witnessed its world premiere at AFI Fest in October, 2020. 


Hindi | IMDb: 6.9

This drama movie revolves around the perfect married life of a couple. The couple shares a lovely bond but everything changes after the husband slaps his wife at a party. The wife takes her stands and everything changes thereafter. However, can a “Thappad” be the reason to break a deep bond of love? Well, find out. This movie is definitely one of the best movies to watch. Also, it tells every relationship has boundaries. Above all, how can you miss Taapsee Pannu and Pavail Gulati as leads with amazing stars like Dia Mirza, Maya Sarao, Kumud Mishra, Ratna Pathak Shah, Tanvi Azmi and Ram Kapoor.


Malayalam | IMDb: 7.3

This motivational movie will definitely make you think about your lives by motivating you to achieve anything you have wished for. The Trance movie story revolves around the journey of a small-town motivational speaker and trainer, Viju Prasad. Set in Kanyakumari, the story depicts the various phases of Viju’s life. Viju has a younger brother Kunjan, who intellectually lacks. This movie with an emotional tinge is a must watch. Also, Fahadh Faasil is playing the character of Viju Prasad. 

Gulaabo Sitabo 

Hindi | IMDb: 6.3

The fun comedy story of a landlord and his tenant. Both playing a game of upmanship with their individual agendas. This movie is an interesting watch and one of the best Bollywood movies to entertain you. Both the men have completely different personalities making it an entertaining watch. Above all, can you afford to miss the legendary Amitabh Bachchan with the super talented Ayushmann Khurrana. Witness the story of the duo on Amazon Prime and have your bunch of fun with them. 

Bad Boys for Life 

English | IMDb: 6.6

Bad Boys for Life is the story of a detective- duo Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett in Miami who is after a mother-son pair in a drugs scam. Get your hands on this one if you haven’t already and check out whether the mommy-son duo gets caught or continue to be vengeful. This one of the best Hollywood movies is the sequel to a 2003 movie; Bad Boys II. The detective duo is played by none other than Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The other star cast include Paola Núñez, Vanessa Hudgens, Nicky Jam, Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton, Joe Pantoliano and Kate del Castillo. 


Bengali | IMDb: 6.9

The movie is a must watch on Prime as it deals with the bond of three friends Kigan, Bodhi and Aditi. This movie is a tribute to the Indian Sculptor Ramkinkar Baij. This movie was released in january 2020. And banged the box office with 6.9 as the IMDb rating. Asur is written and directed by Pavel Bhattacharjee starring Jeet as Kigan, Abir Chatterjee as Bodhi and Nusrat Jahan as Aditi among many other talented actors. Witness this story of friendship and let the trio touch your senses of emotions.

Ayyappanum Koshiyum 

Malayalam | IMDb: 7.9

An action thriller which is already streaming on Amazon Prime to entertain you. The plot deals with the clash between a senior police officer Ayyappan and an ex-havildar Koshi. Biju Menon is playing Ayyappan and Prithviraj Sukumaran is playing Koshi. The movie is set in Attappadi, Kerala. This movie is certainly an action thriller but with a pinch of comedy to lighten the mood. We totally recommend you to watch this one of the best movies on Prime right now. And you can thank us later. 

Middle Class Melodies

Telugu | IMDb: 7.7

The name must have already made you guess that this drama movie deals with the lives of middle-class families. The plot also tells the story of a young man who dreams big to own a hotel one day. Middle Class Melodies shows the struggles that a middle-class family face. However, in spite of the struggles these families have deep rooted beliefs and hopes. These ambitions, determination and beliefs make them stand strong to have a spine to fulfil what they dream. They do not care about the struggles or their financial status but fight to get what they want. The star cast includes Anand Devarakonda and Varsha Bollamma with Chaitanya Garikipati, Divya Sripada, Goparaju Ramana, Surabhi Prabhavati and Prem Sagar. After watching this movie you feel like it is one of the Best Movies of 2020 on Amazon Prime Video.


Telugu | IMDb: 6.9

A story of love and revenge. The action movie with the blend of Sci-Fi. The movie revolves around the story of a robotics engineer who is always hard on luck. While struggling to crack a dangerously powerful formula. However, due to a misfortune the story takes a revengeful turn for the protagonist’s GodFather and the Mad Scientist. BomBhaat stars Sai Sushanth Reddy, Chandini Chowdary, Priyadarshi Pulikonda, Shishir Sharma, Makarand Deshpande and Simran Choudary. 

The Way Back 

English | IMDb: 6.7

The plot deals with the story of a high school basketball player. However, at present he is an alcoholic construction worker. Life gives him another chance as he finds his “Way Back” to basketball as he accepts the job of a coach at his school itself. He gets another chance to live his basketball days and redeem himself. Be a part of this journey of Jack Cunningham. This Hollywood movie stars Ben Affleck as Jack with  Al Madrigal, Michaela Watkins, Janina Gavankar and so on. You cannot miss this great story. 

Mayabazar 2016 

Kannada | IMDb: 7.1

The story is set in Bangalore sometime before the demonetisation of 2016. The story deals with three men who come together to execute a scam. The trio includes an honest cop, a jobeless romantic and a conman. Witness how they carry out the scam and what happens next. The movie is a combination of crime and comedy. The Mayabazar movie stars Raj B. Shetty, Vasishta Simha, Achyuth Kumar, Prakash Raj and Chaithra Rao. With the rating of 7.1, this movie is one of the best watches on Amazon Prime. 

Palasa 1978 

Telugu | IMDb: 7.5

The movie is an action drama where a brother duo takes the undue advantage of their political power to suppress the poor. After a long period of suffering, another brother duo from the poor decides to take a stand and revolt against the powerful Murthy brothers. Witness the clash of the poor for their rights with the power of the high caste. Palasa stars Rakshith  as Mohanrao with Thiruveer as Rangarao, the Rao Brothers. And on the other hand, Raghu Kunche as Gurumurthy. It is one of the Best Movies of 2020 on Amazon Prime Video.

Luv Ni Love Storys 

Gujarati | IMDb: 7.1

The plot deals with the story of a charming young man Luv Modi. Luv is in search of true love but ends up being a part of many hopeless relationships. How his search becomes nothing more than a roller coaster ride. Be a part of this crazy story with lots of comedy and romance. Also, see whether Luv finds his lady Love. The movie stars Pratik Gandhi as Luv Modi with Deeksha Joshi, Vyoma Nandi, Shraddha Dangar and Hardik Sangani among others.

Bheemasena Nalamaharaja 

Kannada | IMDb: 6.7

The movie is a hamper of mixed emotions. Celebrating love, loss and friendship. The plot deals with the story of a cook who lives the various flavours of life. The movie is said to be based on six rasas – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent. In addition, the six characters in the movie represent six rasas. This Kannada movie will touch all the chords of emotions. Bheemasena Nalamaharaja stars Aravinnd Iyer, Arohi Narayan, Priyanka Thimmesh, Aadya, Achyut Kumar and Vijay Chendoor. 

O Pitta Katha 

Telugu | IMDb: 6.9

This one of the best Telugu movies deals with the missing case of a girl Venky. Venky mysteriously goes missing while on a vacation. On the other hand, this mystery kidnapping leads to the union of two men who are deeply in love with Venky. Find out how they both dig the truth to find Venky. And find out what exactly happens. This movie stars Nithya Shetty as Venkata Lakshmi (Venky) with Viswant and Sanjay Rao. You really would want to watch this O Pitta Katha movie which seems to have a simple story but proves to be not so simple.


Telugu | IMDb: 6.9

A romantic drama which deals with the story of Ram and Jaanu who meet after years at their school reunion. As they meet, they recollect their past, the high school days and go on an emotional journey of sweet-sour moments. The events of affection, fight, care and grieve. They both share a bond of love. But, what happened that they parted ways? And meet after 15 years? You will only get to know when you watch this Telugu movie. Jaanu stars Sharwanand as K. Ramachandra aka Ram and Samantha Akkineni as S. Janaki Devi aka Jaanu. 


Telugu | IMDb: 6.7

What happens when a serial killer challenges a cop. Yeah! The power packed action. Therefore, get ready to be the part of this “Catch me if you can!” game. We are sure this action thriller will leave you thrilled to the core. This movie stars Nani, Sudheer Babu Posani with Nivetha Thomas, Aditi Rao Hydari and Tanikella Bharani. The V movie is also available in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. 

Some More of Best Movies to Watch of 2020 on Amazon Prime Video

  • Vaanam Kottattum (IMDb: 6.3)
  • Superman: Red Son (IMDb: 6.4)
  • Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey (IMDb: 6.1)
  • Mafia (IMDb: 6.0)
  • Sarileru Neekevvaru (IMDb: 6.0)
  • Love Aaj Kal Porshu (IMDb: 6.0)
  • Pattas (IMDb: 5.7)
  • Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan (IMDb: 5.8)
  • Ik Sandhu Hunda Si (IMDb: 4.9)
  • Law (IMDb: 5.7)
  • Shylock (IMDb: 5.7)
  • Savaari (IMDb: 5.8)
  • Sufiyum Sujatayum (IMDb: 5.4)
  • Bloodshot (IMDb: 5.7)
  • Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship (IMDb: 5.4)
  • Nocturne (IMDb: 5.7)
  • The Rhythm Section (IMDb: 5.3)
  • Holly Slept Over (IMDb: 5.5)
  • Maadha (IMDb: 5.3)

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