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THE POWER OF RED | Best Poems by We Are The Writers

Red is that isolated crimson color that travels through the sanctimonious valley of revolution

Red is the depiction of blood

Blood is the witness of myriad street protests, placards, deluge and devastation

She is also the colossal witness of birth, of care, of rejoicing,

She like an old friend has been a part of growth

She has seen a mother’s love and a father’s pride

She has been a part of heartbreaks and sleepless nights

She is a traveler within us, that keeps us alive

We accept her when there is the arrival of a new life

Power of Red
Power of Red | Best Poems by We Are The Writers

But we defenestrate and raise our eyebrows when she wants to be a part of someone’s adolescence

She screams her heart out and destroys the age-old wall of belief

With a cocktail of rage and anger, she creates a cyclone of realization

The cyclone gains speed when she remembers the abominable moments

Moments, when Aashi’s grandmother held her back, stopped her from entering the temple as her vagina was bleeding

The garland of marigold, which she stitched with love and care

Was discarded as a waste, as a sin

Aashi’s tears remained imperceptible, as she celebrated her Durga Puja through the caged window

They barred her from entering the temple

But they failed to bar  17 years old Sohail who tried to rape his cousin

As these moments continued to haunt her, her cyclone reigned the measureless land of voidness

She knows that one day her power will introduce everyone to the language of justice, of right, of equality

One day, she will be accepted as nature’s gift

And not as a demonic sin


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THE LAST OF US | Best Poems by We Are The Writers

I’m afraid this may be our last season together.

The plot-line was intriguing, the characters were passionate, the score was classic. There was potential.

Alas, the episodes were far too few and the leads didn’t get much screen time together.

The female lead was perfect in all her eccentricities, the male was lovable but there just wasn’t enough character development.

You could sense the chemistry, the longing, the affection.

There was a palpable will-they won’t-they in the air, but they didn’t.

The male lead soon faded into obscurity and the female went onto global recognition.

THE TREES HAVE DRIED UP | Best Poems by We Are The Writers

THE TREES HAVE DRIED UP | Best Poems by We Are The Writers

It’s a long, long journey. There’s no water and the trees have dried up. The Sun is angry. The previous companions have either died or left for greener pastures. The rations are sparse and the end is not in sight. It’s never in sight. You’d find a friendly face once in a while but no one tenacious enough to join this futile? endeavor.

There’s no one to blame for your decision. You knew things were going to be tough. But you still made the choice. Self-belief? Or foolhardiness. Only the end will reveal.

Till then,
Trudge on.

I beg you. I think I speak from experience when I say you made that choice because you could do it. Our decisions come from a place of knowing. Feasibly, no one but you had the inner resources to accomplish this task.

You didn’t know this but we’re counting on you. Your triumph will set an example for years to come.

I hope this letter finds you.

Three gone, two more to go, Best Poems by We Are The Writers.

THROUGH THE DUSTY ROAD | Best Poems by We Are The Writers

And I came out from the dust,
Standing beside the road
Below a broken mast,
In a thoughtful mode.

Thought about the cars passing by
Blowing gases and dust on me…
Imagined, if the cars could fly,
No more dust and dirt on me.

Thought, if the fact, the pedestrians could see
And hoped to walk on the road in glee.

To make the cars, glide through the air,
Felt, “I was the Novice to novitiate it”
Being the da Vinci’s heir
On the matter, to start to initiate it.

For now, I see a Car
Approaching; monstrous eyes growing in size.
Leaving my thoughts behind,
I launched to run, run for my life.

In the end, the thoughts left to rust
And I found myself nowhere, back in the dust.

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YOU ARE | Best Poems by We Are The Writers

You are | Best Poems by We Are The Writers

Going round the world,
I see you,
In every corner of it,
In each heart’s beat.

You are that,
In one, when the beloved is dead.

You are the origin of the tears
Of each pair of eyes,
You are the ground of the fear
Settled in, every living mind.

You are the blow of anger
From pieces of living heart,
You bring on the danger
When one is hurt.

You are the depression
And, the cause of one’s oppression,
On others and oneself.
The depression, the hearts forever hide,
Creates the thoughts to abide
By the laws, very vile.

But, you create the cause,
Of a good deed, done.
You are also the mind’s beat,
When a good deed is done.

You are the intellectual beat
When something is achieved;
You are the nervous beat
When a destination is reached.

You are the cause,
Of every fine and vile in the world;
I see you,
Going round the world.