Everywhere we turn these days we can see automation technologies replacing humans. It is advancing at a rapid rate, and in today’s world, we all know that tech can replace human workers. In some places, it can do an adequate job but still we need humans. So, CAN TECHNOLOGY REPLACE HUMANS ?

Technology Replacing Humans
Replacing Humans

While a machine can perform a given task more accurately and efficiently than humans but what it lacks is the artistry in the activity, that especially human ability to cater to the needs of the individual. Though it can take over humans in some aspects but not completely.


People are also worried about their future as they believe that it can replace humans. Though Tech is something that lessens manual function with more efficiency and fewer errors but still when it eliminates certain work its humans who have thousand more options and open doors that it even doesn’t know that exists.

But we can completely deny that because various companies are developing their artificial intelligence and robotic expertise with the idea that through these they will be able to-

  • Cut cost
  • Increase efficiency
  • Offer new value proposition
  • Execute new business model



They also believe that artificial intelligence makes us more efficient- in fact a superhuman.

  • It makes us free from doing repetitive tasks.
  • AI is not smart enough to do creative and innovative work.
  • It allows us to be better at our jobs by making us more human.
  • It creates new industries and jobs.

But still the biggest thing than AI cannot replace is doctors because even if it replaces we won’t believe. When it comes to medicine we want to continue dealing with highly educated people even if machine could do a proper diagnosis or treatment.

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So we can say people still matters and that is important to know that even in scenarios it does not mean that we as humans do not want to interact with humans instead of machines.


Analysis by oxford economics said that there is a possibility that robots can replace 20 million factory jobs by 2030 but they also added that robots are just machinery and there is possibility of more errors, problems and damages

Will Robots Replace Humans
Will Robots Replace Humans

Though some of the jobs can be eliminated but it will also create the new ones and can make the work done by humans more thoughtful and rewarding.

We can assume that tech and humans both can work together. As robots and AI itself is created by humans. They are the tools that work when humans give instruction to them. The idea that it will replace the need for creative thinking, problem solving, leadership, teamwork.


So AI and humans can evolve together is coming future. Humans will train machines and machines will help humans. By working together they can improve day to day productivity, enhance data analytics and can also improve decision making.

Technology Helping Humans
Helping Humans

So it would be better that technology and humans can work together rather than replacing.

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