World Day of Peace

Peace is the need of the hour. There’s no denying that. Whether we talk about International relations or individual mentalities, we all could do good with some harmony. Well, with full determination to achieve global peace, the Roman Catholic Church established the World Day of Peace in 1967.

World Day of Peace is a day on which Roman Catholics gather for a hearty feast. This is done to promote sharing, brotherhood, harmony, and respect. It creates a feeling of compassion within everyone. Interestingly, compassion is the core of many religions across the world. From Sikhism to Christianity, peacefulness and kindness are always the most important values.

When is the World Day of Peace Celebrated?

Looking forward to a day full of love and togetherness? It’s quite nearby. The World Day of Peace is observed on the 1st of January every year. The very first feast took place in the year 1968. In the previous year, Pope Paul Vl announced that such a day should now be celebrated annually. Since then, you know the story.

An interesting thing to know is that the day has a cousin! It’s called ‘Peace Sunday’. People of England and Wales celebrate this day on the second Sunday of January. This normally falls on one of the dates between the 14th and 20th. So, there’s twice the peace to experience now.

How do I celebrate World Day of Peace in the best way possible?

What you’re about to read is just pure wisdom. Thinking of experiencing what World Peace Day really is? Dial the number of your loved ones, prepare/order some soul-food that is yummy and filling, and you’re all set. Yes, that’s it!

This day is all about togetherness and love. The idea behind it is to learn good values and share good moments with people you care about. It is an opportunity to feel compassionate towards others, which in turn makes you feel fulfilled. As simple as that.(Source: UN)

So, now that you know what this day is all about, what are you even waiting for? Get your guest list ready and start thinking about what you will serve on the dining table!

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