Zee5 was launched in the year 2018, the year when a lot of channels were launching on demand Zee5 Subscription. What made this app stand out was its vast range of content from international as well as national producers including the Zee5 movies and Zee5 web Series. 

Zee5 Movies and Zee5 web series is available in a variety of Indian languages catering to a huge majority of audience all over the world. After the streaming the recent friends reunion, the app garnered a lot of publicity and has become one of the most used apps for streaming gripping content

With it’s reasonable Zee5 subscription the app has ensured that all masses can get access to entertainment and can celebrate their favourite actors on the celluloid. 

Zee5 movies and Zee5 web series are a blend of mainstream content along with the parallel or art cinema. What has caught the attention of viewers is the Zee5 Telugu content that intrigues the masses to watch an arena of Zee5 movies and Zee5 web series in their own language under Zee5 Telugu.

This OTT platform owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprise is here to set new goals for all the other OTT platforms. Zee5 Telugu has its own separate fan base and which attracts and increases the viewership for this app. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Here’s all we know about Zee5 Telugu.

Zee5 Telugu Movies | Zee5 movies

Zee5 Telugu Movies
Zee5 Telugu Movies

Here’s a list of best Zee5 Telugu Movies. Zee5 Movies have a great range and diversity in the genres that they offer. Zee5 movies have encompassed a lot of genres. Here are some Zee5 Movies:

  1. Donga

This one form Zee5 Movies via Zee5 subscription is here ot give all of us high doses of entertainment. The stellar cast, especially Jeethu has given an exemplary performance. Zee5 Telugu has really supplied us with wholesome Zee5 movies. Jyothika and Karthi, Sathyaraj and Seetha take the lead as their parents have given a magical performance along with the supporting cast member who kept us thrilled and excited till the very end.

The brilliant movie has also given the audience a musical experience with the compositions of beautiful tunes. The score of the movie is also remarkable and makes Zee5 subscription worth it. 

The film is entertaining because it does not waste any time in progressing. This Zee5 Telugu movie has conflicts and resolutions directed in a very convincing manner. The film is filled with thrilling action sequences and an intriguing mystery that unfolds with the climax. The surreal chemistry between the lead characters is truly remarkable and dynamic. The movie overall is a great one and is a must watch for all those who need to laugh, cry, feel the romance and be thrilled all at one. 

2. Battala Ramaswamy Biopikku 

This Zee5 Telugu movie via Zee5 subscription has won all heart because of its theme and central story which has a common man as the protagonist of a bipoic. The narration revolves around him and his story. The lead role Ramaswamy, aspires to rise above the bas times and challenges and form his own destiny. He wishes to set up a saree business also to be loyal to one woman for lifetime.

Destiny defying his plans, he gets married to three women and the women do not get along. Ramaswamy later decides to take command and be the head of the family. The film is a comedy one. The film does appear stereotypical and cliched in terms of the making and screenplay. The comical element of the film keeps it going for the audience. The film is filled with humorous moments in this supposed biopic and tickles our funny bones. 

3. Solo Brathuke So Better

This film on Zee5 movies is a Zee5 Telugu movie about a new-age baba who recites shlokas on how singlehood or bachelorhood is the best way of life. He faces exactly what he has been preaching for so long. New Actor Subbu is the protagonist or lead actor of the film. He narrates a light hearted and easy going story. The story is a satirical drama on those who believe in romantic relations to be a waste of time on Zee5 movies.

While this one man constantly preaches about being single and talks people about the benefits of this kind of life, the story is unable to express the backstory or basis of such a belief. This one from Zee5 movies despite its inability to give a strong reasoning for a lot of things manages to make people laugh as it is a light heart rom-com which makes people feel good and wholesome. This Zee5 Telugu movie from Zee5 Movies is a must watch for a fun weekend. 

4. Sita on the Road

This Zee5 Telugu Movie from the list of Zee5 movies via Zee5 Subscription revolves around the life of Anu, Gayatri, Uma, Mohini and Sarah who are judged by the society constantly. All these women meet each other at Goa and they together discover the meaning of life and their inner secrets. Amongst the travel loving nomadic films, Sita on the road is simply marvellous.

This Zee5 Telugu movie via Zee5 Subscription deals with many sensitive issues and intricacies which are faced by women all around the world. It is always great to see a film where women are raising other women. While this one from Zee5 movies seems a little cliched in some parts of characterization of the women. It also reflects the inexperience of the director in some zones.

However, the film can be seen as opening doorways for other films which should have female centric themes and strong female characters which are mirrored from the reality. The real intricacies and issues faced by women in the real world are still very intrinsic one from Zee5 movies does a great job at capturing the pain present on the crust of a much deeper core. 

5. Jaago

Jaago is a brilliant Zee5 Telugu Movie on the list of Zee5 Movies. The stellar cast comprising of Shivakarthikeyan, Nayanthara to Fahadh Faasil, Prakash Raj to name a few members have given an exemplary performance. The actors come together to share a chemistry to that promotes the movie watching experience. The direction of this one from Zee5 movies spices up the film furthermore. The expert storytelling and screenplay stole the hearts of the Zee5 subscription holder.

The story is set around the protagonist’s aim to change and transform the system, he fights against the FMCG companies for their food adulteration. The film is the star marker amongst the Zee5 Telugu movies within the Zee5 Movies. 

The Zee5 Subscription is also used for Zee5 Web series which are originally made for the app. Zee5 Telugu consists of Zee5 Web Series in abundance. Here’s a list of Zee5 Web Series.

Zee5 Telugu web Series
Zee5 Telugu web Series

1. Amrutham Dhvitheeyam 

The series is about a dream of Amrutham and Anji, who wish to open their dream restaurant. This Zee5 Telugu series in the list of Zee5 web series is about the hilariously designed flavours. This lovely sitcom is all about innocence, humour and a lot of organic simplicity. This story is derived from the legendary tale which goes hand in hand with the current times.

This Zee5 web series is a must watch for all those who love to laugh and feel real at the same time. The Zee5 Telugu series can be watched with all family members and promises to entertain audiences from all age groups. The series also has a season 2 which has kept intact the comical and organic element alive. This is most certainly your weekend watch.

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2. Mentalhood

This zee5 Web Series is available in all types of languages provided by this Zee5 Subscription. This Zee5 Telugu series starring the gorgeous Karishma Kapoor is a beautiful Zee5 web series. It is about women dealing with the many problems in life. It protrays women as wearing many hats on one head. The series celebrates motherhood.

The series is about paranoid, over-protective and imperfect parents, who embark on a journey of motherhood. The Zee5 web series beautifully traces the journey of women who deal with multiple scenarios. The brilliantly crafted screenplay and story gives the series brownie points. Women of this show deal with all kind of menaces such as bullying, gender fluidity and molestation.

Tillotama shome further adds to the spark of the show with her stellar performance as a tiger mom. The Zee5 web series perfectly captures the highs and lows of motherhood and traces the relatable scenarios with a great amount of sensitivity. The series does not overdo or under do the script and is right on track with direction and editing. The show also adequately touches upon the insecurities and delicate moments of motherhood. The series on Zee5 web series via Zee5 Subscription is a must watch. 

3. Room Number 54

This Zee5 Telugu series is about recalling the college days. The Zee5 web series is a Zee5 Telugu show is a 10 episode has a lot of debutant actors who are simply fabulous at their craft. This Zee5 show is all about going nostalgic about your own college days. The boys chill and read magazines to pass time. The show has romantic elements and comical elements.

Room no. 54 is about day to day lives with challenges and happy moments. This simple yet brilliant series also consists of dramatic moments. There are so many relatable moments such as ‘Night before exams’, ‘cancelling a Goa trip’ and ‘Waiting for the final results.’ The batchmates create a wholesome journey for us on screen. This Zee5 Web Series is a must watch.

4. Virgin Bhasskar 2

This erotic yet comical tale about a virgin boy is a great series on Zee5 web series. Bhasskar is a writer of erotic novels and helps many women fulfil their fantasies. Bhasskar meets a 27 year old lady; Paakhi who also writes such steamy novels. In a dramatic turn of events, Paakhi meets Bhasskar. They both tantalize each other and share their stories. They both have a deep connection between them.

The series proves to be less thrilling as compared to the original theme. The story pleases us on a satirical manner but does not keep us on the edge of our seats. This Zee5 web series is a well directed film lacking spice despite the central theme. The characterization and the portrayal of Paakhi is superb and is the star marker of the show. The performance of the actors is great and is definelty gripping and very engaging. This Zee5 web series is a must watch for all those who crave humour and light hearted stories. 

5. Anaganaga – four hours of soulless love

This Zee5 web series makes the Zee5  subscription worth it. The Telugu love anthology deals with modern relationships. The web series is all about brilliant direction and creative ability of the director to build a beautiful story of love. While there is absence of charecterization and emotional connections the story manages to do well for one time watch. The best part of this show is the magical cinematography and the amount of diversity that each story presents on screen.

Zee5 Subscription

Zee5 Subscription
Zee5 Subscription

Zee5 subscription is relatively cheaper than its counterparts like Netflix, Prime Video and ALT Balaji. Zee5 Subscription costs merely Rs 999 per year in normal times. A limited period offer can get you a Zee5 subscription for only Rs 499 per year, with 3 screens. Zee5 subscription for 3 months costs Rs 299 with 2 screens which is also a fair deal. Zee5 subscription is an amazing deal with the amount of entertainment that it provides. 


Zee5 is thus an all rounder app which provides loads of entertainment from every emotion and genre such as comedy, romantic, thriller, horror and tragedy. The Zee5 Subscription is brilliant in terms of delivering and choosing content for its audience and it undoubtedly provides a huge amount of diversity and opportunity to choose from. The app also comprises of a large number of ZEE TV shows which are mostly daily soaps and are loved by many people. Zee5 Subscription is thus an awesome OTT platform with a large number of viewership and Zee5 subscription holders. Zee5 was also bestowed with Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards in the year 2021