Music is the medium that resonates emotions and binds all of us. Music is not just a cup of tea for all of us. It takes a great deal of passion, and the thirst to create a piece that reaches all. In today’s mundane affairs that grip us under huge stress, music works as the ultimate stress busters. It is not just a one way road of listening but also consists of composition.

Just imagine having those unsettled feelings lingering inside your head. At times, they might push us to pessimistic extremes. The world of music helps us in releasing these unsettled emotions through tune, words and rhythm. By doing so, we also connect others, who might go through similar emotions that we are suffering. 

The music industry has bore some of the brightest stars in its pacing story. Be it Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” or Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”, these masterpieces continue to stay with us till now. The real meaning of music world is all about how we connect to our listeners, in a lyrical perspective. Today, music has no boundaries and it is available to comply with all kinds of human emotions.

This music world is generally separated into two types of artists- the solo music artists and the musical bands. Solo music artists are the musicians who sing and contribute individually in the creation of music. These solo artists are the sole musicians who sing the song. In addition to this, they can also produce, direct and write lyrics for the songs.

In this article, there will be a complete elucidation of who solo music artists are. There will be an elucidation to what solo artists do, and the issues they face. Further, it will also compose a complete list of top 10 solo music artists. 

Who Solo Music Artists Are?

In a very rudimentary sense, solo artists are singers who perform individually. These individual singers are not necessarily restricted to specific genres. Instead, they have the leverage to add twists and turns to different music styles, based on their preferences. In music, a solo music artist is managed by a company. These companies are usually regarded as music labels.

The music labels can be independent, when they are created by the music artists themselves. However, most of the music artists sign themselves with different music agencies. This sign up is usually termed as contract, which is for a fixed period of time with due terms and conditions. There are also some solo artists who have their own labels. For instance, American-Chinese singer, Jackson Wang has his own musical label, Team Wang.

There are several instances in the music world, where solo artists have emerged after quitting bands. For instance, in 2015, Zayn Malik of One Direction, a British band, had quit to start a solo career.

In the following year, the rest of the band members, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Liam Payne officially disbanded. They are currently pursuing solo music careers. The journey of solo music artists can seem tough in the beginning. It requires a proper structure in mind, to begin a successful solo music career. 

Solo music artists has complete freedom to create their music. They are independent to create their own tunes, use instruments and jot down lyrics. They can also collaborate with other music artists. The solo artists collaboration is done with legal proceedings, where the parties mutually agree in creating music together. The solo artists also gain profits and sales for their music albums that are sold through the agency they had signed with. 

Who Solo Music Artists Are?

Becoming a solo artist levies various responsibilities on ‘one’ shoulders. Unlike in a musical band, where the responsibility is shared between band members, it is not the same case for individual singers. The solo music artists have to work on their stage presence and maintain a good relation with the fans. The responsibility of creating quality music also increases for the solo artists. They have to create music that binds the fans, but also expands the reach to wider mass. Further, a solo artist must have ideal vocal ability and the creativity to embed what they want to convey through their music. 

In a nutshell, being a solo musician is an ideal career to explore the world and one’s efficiency through music. Solo artists carry an increased burden of creating music that connects people and diversifies the music range. While the bright side has a lot of success ready for the solo artists, there is also a sense of concern towards them.

The solo artists are more prone to frustration and find themselves stuck in the rat race. They experience the tiredness in competing and getting over to the top of various music charts. Solo music artists also deal with a range of addiction, alcohol abuse and mental health disorders. They are prone to depression, anxiety, lack of self esteem, social anxiety, and other disorders such as eating issues.

There are various solo artists who have had a breakthrough career this year. The top 10 solo music artist, who soared the music industry are discussed in the next section. 

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Top 10 Solo Music Artists Scintillating Music Industry

The music industry inflates with various solo music artists every year. These solo artists continuously work towards creating music that is diverse, connective and unique. However, some of them shoot high with utmost dedication and quest to stretch the music world. The top 10 solo music artists, who shone bright are:

Harry Styles

An artist known for portraying different sides of self and world, Harry Styles saw an increased breakthrough to his establishing musical career. His song, “As It Was”, rang through several musical charts around the globe. The song also gained him the top spot on Billboard’s Charts for 15 weeks, making it his fourth time with first position in history.

He was the headline for Coachella 2022, performing with Lizzo and Shania Twain. He also saw massive success with his third album, “Harry’s House.” The album had sold 521,500 copies in just a week! He also received the VMAS Music Album of the Year 2022. The singer also had a breakthrough in acting, with his two movies, Don’t Worry Darling and The Policeman. 

Dua Lipa 

Dua Lipa, is an Albanian singer who has achieved great heights in music, in only a few years. Her musical venture is best known for catchy beats and her voluminous voice. Her songs are best suited for teens and young adults. The singer’s music videos are highly characterized by bright lights and vibrant colors.

She has achieved various achievements. She is a recipient of the Grammy Awards, BRITS Awards, American Music Awards, VMAS and the MTV Music Awards. Her songs, “Levitating”, “Don’t Start Now”, “New Rules”, “One Kiss”, have ringed on various musical charts and brought her glory. She has also collaborated with famous artists, including BlackPink, Calvin Harris and Sean Paul. 

Taylor Swift 

The queen of music, Taylor Swift flourished her career again with the release of her latest music album. To say, Taylor had complete achievements, both in her personal and professional life. The singer finally earned her Doctorate at New York University. With her releasing the latest of her album, “Midnight”, Taylor saw a huge surge in her already astounding profession.

Her album has sold 1 million copies, and shattered numerous musical charts such as Billboard’s Top 200, iTunes, and more. While these are only the tip of the iceberg, Swift went on to receive the award for being the only artist to spend No.1 on Billboard’s for a year. She is the recipient for various awards, including the Grammys, EMAs, VMAs, American Music Awards and more. 

Olivia Rodrigo

The 18-year old sensation, had an overnight success with her music, most relatable to the Gen-Z. Olivia Rodrigo is an American songwriter and singer, who has attained huge success in just a few years of starting with music. Her song, “Driver’s License”, gained her numerous awards, including the prestigious Grammy Awards. The singer took back three Grammy awards in 2022.

Her song, “Sour”, won a Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance. She also earned the Best New Artist at the same award show. She is the recipient of six awards at the 2022 Billboards awards, winning for Top New Artist, Top Female Artist, Top Hot 100 Artist, Top Streaming Songs Artist, Top Billboard Global 200 Artist and Top Radio Songs Artist. 

The Weeknd

The Weeknd is a Canadian singer who has gained momentum in the music industry due to his catchy tunes and R&B collections. His songs are well known for highlighting the shades of personality, indulged in addiction. The singer has prospered his career to new heights, bringing home various awards.

He won at the 2022 Grammy Awards in the category of Best Rap Song. His song, “Hurricane”, along with Lil Nax, earned him this prestigious award. This only adds to his list of Grammy Awards. His song, “Nothing is Lost”, was shortlisted for the prestigious Oscar Awards in 2022. He also received an award for Best Male R&B Pos Artist, at the BET Awards in 2022. He claimed three awards at the American Music Awards. 

Selena Gomez

American singer, Selena Gomez, bounced back into the music world with her songs. This time, she pursued songs that would connect people together and brief about her mental state, and victory over it. The singer witnessed a surge in both her acting career and singing profession. Her comedy series, “ Only Murder in the Building”, received a nomination at the Emmy Awards 2022.

She received the Female Star of the Year by Real TV Award in 2022. At the Premio ASCAP, Selena received an award for Winning Songwriters and Publishers. In the same year, Selena was honored with the Morton E.Ruderman Award in Inclusion, recognizing her efforts towards mental health awareness. Her music  album, “Rare”, is still a big hit, having songs that deal with the mental dilemmas of humans. 


A singer with a carefree attitude and passion for music, Lizzo is a solo music artist, who has shattered the music world. She is a singer, best known to write songs about body positivity and the shaping of a new woman. She has had a string of awards and nominations at some of the prestigious award shows. She received the Grammy Awards, People’s Choice Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and more.

In 2022, she received the People Champion Awards. She was honored with BET Hip Hop Award for Impactful Track in the same year. She has also received Soul Train Music Awards and a Guinness World Record too. She has been an avid supporter to accepting bodies and reminding oneself that they are they best versions of themselves. She also covered many other artists and their songs, such as Harry Styles, BTS, and more.

Justin Bieber 

Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, has witnessed an addition to his rising fame since 2017. The singer had a glorious year in 2022, particularly with his song, “Stay” with KID LAROI. The singer had received eight nominations at the Grammy, a monumental phase in his life. He has received nominations for Collaboration of the Year and Favorite Pop Song at the American Music Awards.

He won the Best Collaboration at the BET Awards 2022. His song, “Stay”, remained in the list of Billboard Top 100 and Billboard Top 200. His collaboration with Ariana Grande, for “Stuck With U”, also gained him appraisal. He also received the nomination for International Song of the Year, for “Stay”, with KID LAROI, at the Brits Awards 2022. 

Billie Eilish

The 22 years old American singer, Billie Eilish saw a relishing trend in her musical career in 2018. The singer, who is well known for her voice and depiction of internal conflicts in her song, saw tremendous success last year. She has been constantly bombarding the Billboards charts and sweeping various awards. Her albums have reached No.1 in many countries including Australia, Brazil, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden.

The singer has completed world tours, ringing her music to the masses. She has seven Grammy Awards and an Oscar in her achievement bag. She received the Oscars awards in 2022, for her song “No Time to Die.”  Her music has best connected to the Gen Z, with lyrics dealing with depression, confusion and the quest to find oneself in the sea of competitions. Billie Eilish has also been under criticism for her explicit show of how addiction, abuse and trauma can appear, in its very raw form.

Ed Sheeran 

The world “is in love with Ed Sheeran”, as he continues to sweep the world with his music. Known for his soulful music, Ed Sheeran continues to rule as a solo artist, till date. With hits like “Shape of You”, “Perfect”, “Photograph”, Ed Sheeran has received numerous accolades. He emerged as winner at Global Awards in 2022, sweeping three awards together.

His song, “Bad Habits”, won the European Song of the Year at BMI Awards. The singer also won International Hit, along with Camilla Cabello at BreakTudo Awards. He was conferred with five awards the Brits Awards 2022. The categories he won Brits for are Song of the Year, International Song of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Best Pop/R&B Act, Artist of the Year and Album of the Year. 

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes, the sensation amongst youth, has yet again swirled the world with his music. His music is well known for high notes and catchy beats. His songs, “Reputation”, “In My Blood”, have been well received by the listeners. Several emerging artists have sung covers on Mendes’ songs, including K-pop band, TXT. Shawn Mendes, with his quality of music, had swept various records and achievements.

He is the youngest artist to receive the International Achievement Awards at Juno Awards in 2022. Apart from this, the singer has also received four other Juno Awards. This includes, Fan Choice Award, Pop Album, Album of the Year and Juno Artist Award 2022. 

These are top 10 solo music artists, who continue to brighten the field of music. They are well recognized for the music they compose, and present a brand new shade of combining words, emotions and tune. 

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The above article elucidates on who solo music artists are. The article provides a complete list of top 10 solo music artists. It ensures you a complete detail of what to expect from these solo artists in future. 

Commonly Asked FAQs

  1. What is Justin Bieber’s age?

Justin Bieber’s age is 28 years old as of 2022. 

  1. Is Taylor Swift a Grammy winner?

Yes, Taylor Swift has received numerous Grammy accolades for her music albums. 

  1. Is Selena Gomez in a relationship?

Selena Gomez is currently single. The singer is engrossed in expanding her cosmetics collection Rare and making new music. 

  1. What is the latest song by Ed Sheeran?

The latest song by Ed Sheeran is Bad Habits, released in 2022.