Good keyword research helps marketers to understand the market thereby making it easy for them to understand the demand of certain keywords.

Keyword Research Tool is not solely about verifying the number of searches a particular keyword has, it is also about knowing the different ways in which people use the keyword to research a topic.

Researching high demand keywords is a practice of search engine optimization and a major element of content marketing as a whole.

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Listed below are the Best Keyword Research Tool for content to rank on search engines.


It is the Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO resulting in improvement and high-ranking SEO. With the help of the keyword overview tool, a complete picture of all the necessary information is displayed covering all the details such as how many people search for the keyword (monthly search volume) whether it’s filling in attention or turning out to be less well known (the Trend), and significantly more.

This Keyword Research Tool gives a list of other similar keywords that can be used along with a list of organic search results, thereby helping in finding out where the competitors rank for the keyword.

Creators can likewise type in any contender’s site in the Domain overview to see their natural hunt terms, keywords information, and other natural traffic measurements.

On the off chance, a creator clicks on the Organic Research tab, the option to view important keywords will be displayed, competitors traffic value, their search engine ranking positions etc., will be displayed.


It is another Best Keyword Research Tool having similar features to SMErush. With the help of the Ahrefs keyword explorer, new keyword ideas can be explored simply by typing a keyword into the search box. A whole list of keyword suggestion boxes appears.

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To create new content targeting the audience this is the Best Keyword Research Tool, as it helps in identifying the keywords that the competitors are ranking for.

Another competitive usefulness that Ahrefs offer is the capacity to see new key phrases, and keyword developments in search questions.

Both SEMrush and Ahrefs offer a lot of other valuable tools as well, similar to reports that discover broken connections on the site, PPC keywords for AdWords, and that’s just the beginning.

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This is designed for advertisers to users who wish to run their ads on Google. This Keyword Research Tool is similar to other tools and is free to use and is useful for SEO.

To get access to Google Keyword Planner a Google account is required. After the creation of a Google account and filling in all the necessary details, the creator gets access to the keyword planner through their Google Ads account.

Here they can type in any keyword and Google Keyword Planner will give the complete data such as the monthly searches it has etc. A list of related keywords is also available which can be scrolled through or can be downloaded.

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It is a free Keyword Research Tool offered by Neil Patel that covers search volume data, an idea of how keywords are ranked, the difficulty of ranking keywords and different keyword suggestions.

A table displaying 100 google results for the particular keyword will appear, with several backlinks, estimated visits, a domain score, and a total number of social shares.

Below content ideas, it also displays content related to the selected keyword. Signing into Uber Suggest with a Google account assures more keyword suggestions, personalized SEO suggestions and daily rank tracking.

Uber Suggest also comes with a chrome extension which proves to be a beneficiary hereby helping in the improvement of the workflow.


This works differently as compared to other Keyword Research Tools. The presentation of the keywords is in a visual format and can also be seen as a list or can be downloaded in a .csv file form.

For beginners who ought to start with SEO content, this tool is the most suggested one. Here creating an account for access to the tool is also not required. Simply typing the keyword will showcase the results. These results are based on Bing’s auto-suggest/auto-complete features and Google.

By clicking on any of the keywords, it will direct to a new tab. This will show the ranking of the content whether or not there is a featured snippet on it.


Almost like other Keyword Research Tool, long tail pro shows a summary of the data about the keyword with the focus on the ranking of the content in comparison to that of the competitors on the first page of Google.

It can be used to view the top results in search engines for the keywords to distinguish the ranking from that of the competitors. Specific keywords ranking can also be seen.

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This Keyword Research Tool is designed to understand the competitors by analysing their profitable keywords and ads too.

It is a free tool and requires no login procedure to be followed. Simply by entering the URL site in the search bar results are displayed. But to see the results of more than one site, logging in is required.

Spy Fu gathers past data, which shows how the own site of the creator and how the competitor’s site has fallen or risen in the rankings for particular keywords. Comparing one’s site with other sites of the industry is also merely possible.


It is another wonderful Keyword Research Tool. With the help of this tool, top google results for a keyword can be viewed. These results comprise the sites that appear in the featured snippet (if any) as the first result.

Details regarding competitors keywords are also available with an indication of their visibility. (Higher is the number, higher is the chance of attracting mass audience)


It is a great Keyword Research Tool for both bloggers and marketers. A unique feature recently added to this tool is content outline generation, wherein the creators can use it to generate outlines in a single click for their blogs or websites with keywords, headers, images, word counts, links and many more.

It also allows the creator to analyses the competitor’s profile featuring organic keywords, backlink data, Google/Facebook ads and other related insights.


This tool is an all-in-one SEO tool that helps in keeping a track of the site’s health. It is an ideal tool for new blogs and small businesses having minimum resources to invest in and a log of complicated support for search engine optimization.

In this Keyword Research Tool, all SEO features are available in a single toolkit. It helps in creating easy-to-target phrases thereby researching competition of each keyword in the industry.

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This serves as easy to use, out of the box keyword recommendations. This SEO tool boasts all the features of the Best Keyword Research Tool with two unique data points.

  • Organic CTR score- This click-through rate indicates the number of clicks predicted to attract on page 1 of Google.
  • Priority Score- it is a mixture of all the individual factors. It combines data on CTR, keyword difficulty and volume to help in selecting the best term for the project.

It also offers a one-month free trial period.


It visualizes the comparable search range of a keyword over time.


This helps in finding a maximum of 150 keyword ideas for any seed keyword.


This pulls thousands of autocomplete suggestions from keywords. To begin with, one or more seed keywords is entered and the “sheet keyword” option is selected. To generate numerous keywords in minimum time, this tool is the best fit for any creator. To generate bulk keyword ideas in the shortest period, this Keyword Research Tool is the most appropriate one. It brings around 1000 ideas per minute and results can be exported free in just a click.

The only downside of this tool is the fact that it is a basic one. It does not cover search volume or trends data and neither does it group keywords the way keyword planner does.


This helps in tracking the performance of the website in an organic manner. In simple words, it means it shows an in-depth result of data about the keywords that are already ranked for.


It finds the questions people ask about particular topics. This data is pulled from 48M questions sourced from Reddit. Although questions are sorted by popularity, these can also be sorted by topic. This is a useful feature as it groups questions together.


It is a keyword research tool for local SEO and generates industry-based keywords.

To begin with, select a business type from the drop-down option. A list of keywords related to the services or products offered will appear. Furthermore, the tool will append the selected services with locations. Although this is not a continuous practice because it does not reflect the way people generally search.

Best Keyword Research Tool
Best Keyword Research Tool


Without Free Keyword Research Too, finding the right fit keyword for the blog or online store content to help it rank on SERPs is as equal to throwing a dart in a dark room.

Free Keyword Research Tool helps in facilitating SEO planning in multiple ways.

Listed below are a few Free Keyword Research Tools for Google and other search engines.


It is a tool that plugs right into a chrome web browser. Once it’s activated, results are automatically displayed on the right-hand side of the results page each time a new search is entered. The information/data delivered through keyword surfer is-

  • Keyword suggestions with their volumes.
  • Each search term has a cost per click.
  • The rank of the pages from the entered term.
  • Traffic on the related pages ranked from 1-10.

This tool is a highly efficient research tool and delivers results similar to the web browser.


As the search trend occurs it is only possible with the help of a keyword tool dominator. It brings the creator to an autocomplete database from Google, Amazon, Walmart, YouTube etc.

This tool serves as an outstanding resource for multi-channel marketers and sellers who wish to rank their content more in Google or the other search Indians.


It allows the creators to look in for the most typed keyword on multiple search engines based on the keyword root. This even includes eBay and Amazon.

Apart from being the best keyword research tool, it is a brainstormer where the creators can start typing in the ideas that allow it to auto-generate its ideas.


This Free Keyword Research Tool allows the writers to view the meta keywords their competitors would be using to try to rank on search engines.

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Free Keyword Research Tool
Free Keyword Research Tool


The first step of an SEO campaign is keyword research. To make sure a topic rank well in search engines, appropriate target keywords are necessary to be researched and selected. High ranking drives traffic to the website and ensures the promotion of the product/service.

The most important benefit of keyword research is, it enables the writer to learn a lot about the audience, the kind of words and phrases they use while they search online.


The core of a website is built upon keywords. The audience looks for new keywords in every blog, henceforth, a creator must form new keywords to create website content. While starting a new website, or writing a new blog post for an existing website, to promote a particular product or brand, Keyword Research Tool helps in all ways.


Keyword research starts with an idea, topic, or main keyword also known as the seed keyword. This seed keyword knowledge comes from the industry knowledge a creator possesses on being an active member in related online platforms and groups, or from the services and products they provide. To make work easier it is recommended to pen down the required keywords to discover variations.

On getting the accurate keyword list it becomes simple to determine how important and popular a keyword is amongst the audience and the level of difficulty it will face to rank on search engine result pages. Here comes the importance of the Keyword Research Tool which helps a creator identify the Google ranking keyword.


All the above-mentioned Keyword Research Tools helps a writer to understand the competitor, know the needs of the audience, attract a targeted audience and improvise accordingly. Hope this article finds you well.