Impressive, spectacular, and majestic are the words which describe this crime drama series called Bhaukaal. This web series on MX Player is here to have our hearts throbbing louder and faster. The story is inspired by the real-life achievements of a brilliant and fearless IPS officer named Navniet Sekera. He fought and brought an end to the two most harmful and deadly gangs in the district of Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. The web series is more than just a mere biography of the brave inspector and his team. It is an enlightening story about events that haunted the people of Uttar Pradesh for a long time and were eventually brought to an end. 

Here’s everything that we know about the web series. 


IPS Navniet Sekera
IPS Navniet Sekera

Navniet Sekera is an IPS officer from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. He is brave, victorious ,and a fierce cop who played the key role is destroying the gangsters of the criminal capital; Muzzafarnagar. Sekera currently also works greatly for the safety of women. He developed the concept of creating a helpline for women. His inspirational story sets a positive image of an ideal and a dutiful cop who relentlessly works for the betterment of the nation.


Mohit Raina
Plot of Bhaukaal

The story starts in the city of Muzzafarnagar, the crime capital and the epicenter of violence and malpractices in the state of Uttar Pradesh and the whole of North India. Amidst the chaos of crime and fear emerges a hero, Naveen Sikhera or Navniet Sekera. He is promoted from his rank and is sent to Muzzafarnagar. However, the promotion is more of a punishment. 

The city is ruled by two very dangerous and violent gangsters. The eastern side of the city is ruled by the Shaukeen Gang. The western side is ruled by the Dedha brothers. The two gangsters have already divided the turf and the land to carry on with their businesses. 

The terror and the horrors of their activities are unknown to the masses. All they know is that the gangsters are extremely harmful and dangerous. The local police officers do not question the activities of the gangsters. While no one dared to stand up against the malevolent practices, Naveen Sikhera stood up and fought against the gangs to clean up Muzzafarnagar. 

Naveen Sikhera or Navniet Sekera eventually starts purifying the city by encountering and killing the gangsters. He receives opposition from people within the police force itself. He destroys the businesses and the gangs of Shuakeen and the Dedha brothers. 


Bhaukaal Cast
Bhaukaal Plot

Mohit Raina plays the role of the brave cop and embodies the character of Navniet Sekera as Naveen Sikhera in the web series. His acting skills are very much admired by the audience. 

Abhimanyu Singh as Shaukeen creates an environment full of tension and terror. He portrays the perfect antagonist of the film and makes the audience fear through his acting.

Siddhant Kapoor portrays the role of Chintu Dedha the villain of the West Zone, he brilliantly acts out and creates a horrific vibe.

Pradeep Nagar as Pintu Dedha is the other villain of the West zone and runs the business with his brother.

Bidita Bag portrays the role of Nazneen.


Bhaukaal rules the hearts of the people with its story and exceptionally crafted direction. Mohit Raina is simply a treat to the eyes, he plays the role of Navniet Sekera. He is idealistic and a very righteous man. He beautifully and accurately presents the nuances of the character. His effortless way of acting a dialogue delivery makes the series even better. 

He portrays each emotion with a great amount of clarity and ease. He can show multiple emotions and transitions along with positive growth in his character. 

The director; Jatin Wagle did a great job with the portrayal of the action sequences. The story however becomes predictable after a while but manages to still be engaging and gripping. The real incidents are used for a lot of scenes in the film. It starts becoming interesting when Navniet Sekera’s character meets Shaukeen face to face. This is the scene where Bhaukaal in its literal meaning blends with the theme of the show. 

Abhimanyu Singh aptly portrays the role of Shaukeen. However in the end judging him in terms of acting, Abhimanyu Singh is given less amount of screen time for an actor of his caliber. The team shares good chemistry and they fulfill the motive and theme of Bhaukaal. 

The music and score by Gaurav Dasgupta and Roshin Balu are amazing and creates a great vibe. The cinematography is also great. Mohit Raina was the X factor of Bhaukaal. He stole the screen and was very captivating. 

The presence of violent scenes makes it an adult web series. Bhaukaal includes scenes which are showcasing bloodbaths. The series also seems much inspired by Mirzapur. Navniet Sekera’s character is outright involved in do-or-die situations with the gangsters of the city. The encounters and the deadly and undeniably violent scenes make it more tantalizing and gross for the audience at the same time. 


Season 2 of the mini web series Bhaukaal portraying the inspiring role of Navniet Sekera in season 1 is anticipated to return with a season 2. Season 2 is still not confirmed. It is however expected to be confirmed and be released sometime in 2022. 

The first season was released on MX player. The cast of season 1 characterizing the brave cop, will return for a season 2. There will however be new additions to the cast. The story Navniet Sekera might continue in Bhaukaal season 2. 


Bhaukaal is a word that is often used as slang in Uttar Pradesh. The word means an impressive style or an impressive attitude. The character of Navniet Sekera is undoubtedly filled with Bhaukaal and has impacted the city of Muzzafarnagr in a very positive manner. The gangsters who harmed the people and created a reign of terror were shown their place due to this one brave and fearless man, a police inspector; Navniet Sekera.

The people of Uttar Pradesh have him to thank for maintaining or trying to maintain a decent level of peace and prosperity. The common man and the class of farmers and workers were relieved from the tyranny of gangsters like Shaukeen and the Dedha Brothers. Sometimes it just takes a person to realize the real meaning of courage and to judge that standing up against the wrong is more important than embracing fear. Navniet Sekera and his bravery will remain alive and will leave a legacy of power and peace.

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