“One touch of nature and the world goes kin”, words by William Shakespeare takes us to the point which showcases the undeniable truth, most important phenomenon of this planet is our mother nature as she makes everything operational. Like parents protects their children, nature protects us from various happenings in the universe, but if you anger her just like you anger your mother the results would be catastrophic.-Climate Change

Nature is the most ancient life force on earth. The trees, lakes, dunes, clouds are the witness of seeing   everything from the stone age to the informational modern age, revolution of man from big wheel to four wheels and many other geographical changes only they now about. But as they say, we never value the things we have and only value the things we don’t, man ran towards technology and artificial intelligence like a dog runs to get a stick and forgot about giving any value to the surroundings, all the ill gases and wastage being excreted into rivers, trees being chopped, forest getting industrialized and air being severely polluted resulted in the opening in the outer layer of our stratosphere known as ozone layer which increased the  temperature to skyrocket levels and created a phenomenon called Global Warming.

Climate Change! What Are It’s Effects?
Climate Change! What Are It’s Effects? (SOURCE – NASA)

Some More Effects of Climate Change

Global warming was a starting point of what we say is the global climate change and already has made observable effects on the environment. Glaciers have shrunk, ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up, plant and animal ranges are bifurcating and trees are flowering quicker. Effects that scientists had predicted in the past are now occurring, loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves, dryness in the aura. Scientist have surety that temperatures will continue to rise due to the man- made gases being created through industrial activities, this will take the force of the upcoming calamities to unimaginable levels and human defense against it will ultimately shatter.

This is making a panic situation on an international level as humans don’t have any advance knowledge on how to tackle the issue but they do know that the climate of a place remains the same, only the weather changes and if they want to stop it, they have to step forward. Because if they don’, global change will be an effect that will continue for decades and centuries to come. Some environmental organization along with specific conservationist have taken a pledge to make things better and are doing all they can with support of central authorities. Certain steps are being taken by denizens to focus on green revolution in their surroundings and this is necessary as we are for the nature, like nature is for us.

Some Videos About Climate Change

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