What if I say, delete all your social accounts? Still confused about whether you’ll be able to do it or not? Is Social Media is really important? If you’re nodding your head, then welcome to the virtual world!

Social media is one of the most controversial topics today. From your little nephew/nieces to grandparents, everyone indulges in this virtual society. The term ‘social media’ since ages is still a mystery who coined the term. However, we know that it is a platform where you connect globally for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and expressions.

Earlier (before this social networking era) traveling alone was a journey where you could talk and exchange thoughts even with a stranger. Although it is so much distinctive now, be it metro or a local bus, you see everyone either scrolling through their smart screens or surfing through sites; talking is so far, we don’t even take a proper look at the other person, unless and until it is inescapable. What triggers my mind is that how to control yourself from getting away with the negative vibes that one gets from this social networking.

The social trends are moving at such a fast pace that we are unable to keep a track of them. For instance, millions of videos on Tiktok round the clock as demanded by the current ongoing trend, like the movie Kabir Singh hits the screen and the crazy fans posted similar content after its release. It is rightly said that movies or reel life affects us in a variety of ways, and we try to replicate the moments where we find connected, or else I say we make efforts to fill in our vacant heart desires.

Top-9 Benefits of Social Media for Your Business (source – searchenginejournal)

You open your eyes viewing WhatsApp texts, Snapchat snaps, and Insta stories and fell asleep with the incomplete conversations and phone in your hand. Relatable? 

According to the research conducted by website techjury, there are more than 3 billion active users of social media, where Facebook tops the charts, followed by YouTube and messenger. Instagram recorded a 200+ million hike in its number of followers since 2017. A non-addict user usually spends approx. 2.5 hours daily (addicts spend way more!)


So-shell sites (social sites), restricts and captures you in a comfortable virtual society which is hard to escape. To cope up with the standard of this fake society, you do things out of will, and this leads to a feeling of suffocation. We all know people who live two lives- both are parallel to each other. A ‘happy Instagram’ post means NOTHING if you’re actually gloomy?

World through Social media
World through Social media

The stress to look always perfect is drastically increasing, making young buds prone to anxiety and depression. But, all this can be changed if we decide to do our bit, for instance, start with a SMILE 😊, a little gesture of love and care can make a huge impact on the other person’s life. So, let’s take a pledge to accept our flaws and stop juggling with real and virtual life.

-LoGiN to your loved one’s life permanently, before he LoGs OuT from this world!

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