Cryptocurrency is the new buzzword that you might encounter whenever you might talk about something global and technological. Cryptocurrency is a digital, internet based medium of exchange of funds which functions through cryptographic means to complete financial transactions. However, one of the most salient features of cryptocurrency is that no state or central authority controls it. Thus, the decentralized nature of the cryptocurrencies makes them immune to the regulations and restrictions of the government. Formed through a typical block-chain system, it serves as a financial database for the public.

One can transfer cryptocurrencies via the use of public or private keys between two parties. This can take place with minimal fees and procedure, allowing the people to play around with demands they want to be fulfilled. We might have heard about the word since the past few years but it’s not as fresh as we think. In 1983 cryptographer David Chaum originated an anonymous electronic money called e-cash, later he upgraded it to digital cash which operated based on a software that helped In the electronic transactions between the bank and recipients.

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How it works?

Cryptocurrency, a Hoax or Currency for the Future
Cryptocurrency, a Hoax or Currency for the Future (SOURCE – BLOCKCHAINEXPO)

Many contradictions were made to the previous algorithms because of their functional ineffectiveness and nature of task architecture. Then, in 2009, Bitcoin was the first decentralized currency to be conceived thanks to the effort of Satoshi Nakamoto and this paved the way for various other digital tokens to be created. Today, cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon that is usual news to most people who step outside in the open.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Most firms have included cryptocurrency operations in the structural pattern and why would they not, the reason being a win-win situation for both the center and the clients. Although it’s very popular and generic to an individual, it does not get confirmed every time, only few of them get confirmed and that takes to a new term, Cryptocurrency Mining. I’ve heard only miners can create & get the confirmation, they even get rewarded on doing so. Therefore, anyone can be a miner, they just need to know the basics of cryptographic puzzles and theories the miners seek to solve. It can help countries to take a positive step towards technological revolution and can impact the global value chain for the better.

But many shame the working of cryptocurrencies terming them as a failure due to their sophisticated themes and technicality. Thus, many people stand behind it and many stand in front. Cryptocurrencies have various advantages to many and disadvantages to some. But is it a hoax or a necessity for our future is the perception of the unanimous public to decide.

Bitcoin: How Cryptocurrencies Work

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