Tobacco products are the most unperceived actuality in our country. It is an element of a product called Gutka also known as Betel quid. It contains a dangerous substance called responsible for causing oral cancer. These products are from countries like India, Pakistan, and North America. Over 25% of the Indian population partake in these products. India has become one of the largest tobacco consumers in the world.

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There are a lot of ill effects of consuming it. Despite the effort made by brands, people eat it. In spite of awareness programs, individuals are ignorant that Gutka is dangerous. and may cause severe oral diseases like Mucous and Sub-mucous infections. These products also result in diseases like Metabolic syndrome, Hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.

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Are Tobacco Products Harmful?

Actions have been taken over the years

Most of the profits collected by our government are due to the selling of tobacco and cigarettes. Central authorities have taken endeavors many-a-times to control the situation. In May 2013 when they banned tobacco in 24 states and 3 union territories. Some positive events took place when the government banned electric cigarettes.
Two years before, Federal Food Safety and Regulation ­(Prohibition) banned these products. However, it completely failed to stop production. Metro regions like Mumbai and Delhi are still marketing tobacco mix produce.

What all we can do

Do's and Dont's
Do’s and Dont’s

As aware and educated citizens our basic outlook should be to promote the use of gums and medicines that can be useful in helping our fellow people to discard the use of Tobacco and take up other healthy habits. According to reports, if we continue to consume tobacco products on a regular basis, the results would be worse than what you can imagine. With all that inside our minds, Can we make India a happy place?