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The Feminism Trend,

Feminism, girl power and #Metoo, phrases like these have become the norm in today’s cosmopolitan world. But do you really know if it’s all for real. This is just a plaything for a bevy of girls who got a hang of how to exploit their rights. What does feminism mean? Why was it made? Serious yet basic questions like these are always sitting behind the cerebrum of my mind. I haven’t found a concrete solution to my queries yet!

Feminism generally means the advocacy of a women’s rights. It is about quality to result in the equal stand for both the sexes. I don’t think the generic society know this definition. What they know is the formation of various cult groups. It is consisting of female activists, social workers and general working women. They want their demands to be fulfilled at all costs. This gives rise to a new term known as feminist, a word worth 1000 meanings.

The Flashback:

I have met many people but not even one was able to clearly define what a feminist is, based on her work. You can get a collegiate meaning on any of the online pages or dictionaries but what we see in real life does not come close to those bookish lines. Earlier, women were treated worse than animals In many parts of the globe, they were battered, bruised, assaulted and sacrificed.

But there were some people who demanded a change and were ready to fight for it, that gave rise to the liberalization of women’s rights and thinking persona proving newtons third law of motion, women stopped being under the man and wanted to stand above him and this is being showcased to what we see in various fields of work, occupations, academics.

Treating everybody equal and living with a democratic mindset is a symbol of a healthy union. Feminism is getting the support from the state and this has made the girls who were in their shells before to come out a make stand for what is right. Almost all the occupant ladies have become aware of what’s right for them and what’s not, this includes famous celebs, corporate, athletes, entertainers too.

The Opportunists behind the Feminism;


While most of the feminist sects are doing their work diligently and making the world a better place, some are trying to take advantage of this grave situation these Feminist sects even fight with the people to an extent of turning it to full on riot only to prove that they are ones who are right when it comes to female rights and rules and on could beat them. This needs to change for the better as the ones who wanted the change to happen were working towards it from the get-go and those who don’t care will continue to ignore this serious dilemma.

The image of the woman has improved thanks to the efforts of a lot of concerned parties but it has not changed completely and a lot of work needs to be done but this will depend upon how the citizens measure the severity of this loophole topic.

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