We all know that blogging has become so popular these days. As the digital platforms gained popularity and the sectors got digitized, blogging too gained a completely different place altogether. The online content, blogging, websites and so on boosted rapidly. Everybody has a thing for blogging these days. We have the answer to How to Become a Pro Blogger in 2021 for you in this blog.

Talking about the millennial, they tend to indulge a lot in blogs and online media. Not only the youngsters but even many of the adults, middle-aged and elderly people too consume blogs and are even blogging on their own. Isn’t that amazing? So, we thought why not help you to start your own blog, help you with basics so it is lot more easier for you with us. And of course, help you convert that dilemma into a decision.

Let us tell you something before we start, according to a study by Quoracreative, “More than 3 out of 4 of the internet users read blogs regularly”. And “3 out of 4 of all websites on the internet are actually blogs or have a blog”.( Source:99firms)

Therefore, blogging is so much in trend and to be honest, it offers one and all a whole different career to start with. Blog is known for its informational yet entertaining nature. It can keep its audience indulged in a creative way, if created nicely. A platform for one and all. Therefore, here we are to guide you to Become a Pro Blogger in 2021.

So, let us dig deep into the blogging world – A platform for one and all. And Become a Pro Blogger in 2021.

The Basics of Blog – How to Become a Pro Blogger in 2021

What is a Blog ? 

A blog is like an online journal or a website or a web page which is updated regularly with some sort of informational content. A discussion which includes the blogger’s views on a particular subject. “Blog” has been taken from “weblog”; which simply means web-log. Basically, a log created on the web and updated regularly. Even this one which you are reading right now is counted as a blog. In addition, it can be said that a blog includes content creation and sharing it online.

According to the same study by Quoracreative, it states that “more than 850 million new blog posts are published each month, i.e. 10 billion posts a year”. It also states that “there are 1700 million people in the world and over 500 million blogs on the internet, i.e. one blog for every three people”. Now, can you imagine how huge this industry is. 

A blog is generally arranged in a chronological order. Which simply means that any new blog that is posted, is seen to top the list. A blog post is a combination of text, pictures, videos, animated GIFs, links, colors, logos and what not. Generally, it has something or everything you can think of. Blogs are completely customizable. You can even switch between “public” and “private” modes. 

How to Become a Pro Blogger in 2021
How to Become a Pro Blogger in 2021

What is the structure of a Blog ?

Well, since it is totally customizable, you as a blogger are free to structure it in your own way, according to your mood. But, the mentioned below structure gives your blog a more groomed look. This structure will make your blog look more interesting, organized, polished and not-so-clumsy. Therefore, let’s have a look at the basic structure of a blog that can make you a pro blogger.

Structure of a Blog
Structure of a Blog


A catchy headline always draws the reader to your blog. It helps you with SEO as well. A headline should be attractive enough to attract your readers. Therefore, it should be crisp and attention grabbing.


An Introduction sets up the mood of your blog. Gives a gist of what the blog holds for readers. An Introduction should be well-written as it keeps the readers interested in your blog. At this point, readers decide whether they want to continue reading your blog, or maybe it is not for them. Therefore, introduction is the head to your blog. It should be punchy, attractive and indulging. The one that triggers a sense of curiosity or interest in your readers. An entry gate to the blog.


The body holds the maximum weight as it contains the most of the “organs” like information, description and so on. The body makes your blog function by educating and informing the readers. Your readers can draw most of the information from this part of your blog. Body should be more like an informational style. One that describes your subject in detail. 


A conclusion gives a sense of closure to your blog. It doesn’t leave the blog abruptly incomplete. Even if it is a blog series and is to be continued, a small conclusion can work wonders. 

 What is the structure of a Blog?
What is the structure of a Blog? (pinterest)

In addition, take the example of this blog, you landed on this blog after reading the headline. And you went through an introduction above. Now, you are in the middle of the body, reading through it. And finally, you will find the conclusion below, near to the end of this blog.

Tips to Create a More Polished Blog – How to Become a Pro Blogger in 2021

  • Use simple, understandable language
  • Cut short on jargons
  • Do not deviate from your topic
  • No – No to unnecessary, irrelevant information
  • Use of Subheadings to divide long paragraphs
  • Short sentences and short paragraphs
  • SEO friendly content
  • Use related images, links, illustrations and so on
  • Try not to be repetitive
  • Re-check facts if including any
  • Add some call-for-action to engage your readers
  • Make sure you follow the basic structure 

Types of Blogs – How to Become a Pro Blogger in 2021

Blogs gives you a wide range of types to choose from. Blogs indeed have a long list of different beats. So, let’s discuss some types of blogs:

Personal Blog

Personal Blogs are not dependent on a specific topic or niche. It’s a much more personal and intimate view of the blogger’s life. In a personal blog, the blogger shares their own life experiences, hobbies, ideas, thoughts, likes and dislikes, their lifestyle and so on. 

Corporate Blog

Also known as Business Blog, it is created for a business. These types of blogs build the company image and organization-customer relationship. These blogs consist of company details, description of the products and services they offer and so on.

Niche Blog

Niche blogs are confined to one particular niche or area. They are very specific, designed for a specific set of audience. Therefore, niche blogs include a particular blogging idea like food, fashion, health, sports, travel, DIY, fitness, lifestyle and so on.

Affiliate Blog

A blog “affiliated” to market promotions. Therefore, this type of blog includes blogs on particular products; their promotions, reviews, usage and so on. The main idea is to attract buyers from the blogger’s influence.

Guest Blog

When an organization invites people to write as guests. But these people are experts and write in relation to their fields.


In a freelance, a writer is hired to write upon a particular topic. Basically, writers get paid for providing the writing services to a particular organization.

Importance of Blogging – How to Become a Pro Blogger in 2021

Connect with Audience

When you share your writings with others, you create a whole new lot of networks. Blogging helps you build that network. And enables you to connect with your audience and your constant readers. With blogging you can regularly enlighten your audience with information that you think should spread. Therefore, blogging is a good way to get in touch with the world directly. And so, building up good relationships with your audience.

Make Space for Your Opinion in The World

As your blog spreads, so does your opinion. People get to know you as a writer, they get to know your opinion or thoughts on a particular topic. This might shape their knowledge as well or give them a new perspective and stream of thoughts. Your opinions get known to the world. 

Polish Your Skills

Blogging helps you polish your writing skills. You improve with each blog that you write. Blogging helps to boost your creative thinking and ideas. Your mind gets opened up to new ideas and knowledge. Therefore, blogging keeps on adding something to your skills. Or keep improving them. Blogging is definitely a powerful tool.

Boost Your Business

Blogging helps your business to achieve space in search engines and finally grab the audience. As your blog gets published, google or other search engines get some content to present. And so, when someone searches something related to your blog, they end up on your blog. One, this increases traffic; people visit your site. Two, it is good because your website gets some business. Therefore, blogging boosts business. 

Get Known

As your blogs gain popularity, so do you. You as a blogger gets known by the audience. You get recognition, people start knowing you as a writer or author. And so, you also create some influence on others. It’s great, right?

Inform and Be Informed 

“Gyan Baatne se Badhta hai” is a famous saying in Hindi which means; Increase your knowledge by sharing it. Basically, when you share your knowledge, you get an opportunity to expose yourself to a lot of other information. Which adds up to your knowledge. You read more, you search more, and so, you learn more. You will realize, you learn something new each time you create and complete your blog. On the other hand, the saying also implies the fact that people too get to know something when they read your blog. Which means you, one blog read by many, informs many. Therefore, your one blog adds up to the knowledge of so many. Now you see, what a great circle of knowledge.

Make A Difference

Your blog, your word makes a difference in this world. As your blog gets published, and once people start reading it, they do get a different perspective. They get new ideas and opinions to think about. You, raise your opinion, your word, and that triggers the thinking process of others. So basically, you, your blog makes a difference.

Blogging is a tool to scale business – How to Become a Pro Blogger in 2021

Blogging can be a very useful tool to help your business grow. As blogging helps you to get connected with your audience on a more direct and personal level. Blogging can be counted as a good marketing tool which secures a position in search engines through SEO. And also helps to draw visitors to your website. This eventually boosts the sales. Blogging helps you to put forward a detailed description of your business; products or services that you offer. Through blogs, you can build an image of your own. This helps your audience to know about your business transparently in detail. So, this might give them a sense of security and they may get relied on your business.

Blogs may compel your readers to visit your site, know about your business and influence them to avail your services. Blogs help you build a good, lasting relationship with your customers. Now, that’s the power of a blog. Therefore, blogging can find the right customer for you by influencing them to engage. And so, blogging gains visitor’s trust, turning them into loyal customers.

Be a Pro Blogger
Pic From Jefbulls

On the other hand, you can also earn some money from your blog. When your blog or your website gets a certain amount of traffic, investors and advertisers want to invest in your site. By doing that, you allow them to display their advertisements on your page in exchange of money. Also, another page might buy your blog to link with their own blogs. That also drives some money. Therefore, a blog can be a business along with being a passion within itself. 

The popularity of blogs on social media, can draw some companies to pay you in return for promotions of their products or services on your page. That happens when you gain a certain number of followers. 


Some Blogging Tools for Your Blogging Needs

Yoast SEO

We can say, it is your SEO buddy. YoastSEO caters to all the needs related to SEO. SEO is an important part of blogging, without which your blog can never get a place out there on the internet. And this tool helps you improve your SEO score. And so, improving your blog position. 


As the name tells you, a tool for your complete grammar and spelling check. Grammarly is an amazing tool that checks and corrects the grammar and spellings of your writings. Therefore, you should definitely consider this one.  


Canva is the best tool to create customized images. You can creatively create images, logos, illustrations and so on for your blog. Images can change the face of your blog. Therefore, making it more interesting and attractive.


This tool enables you to find the “buzz” of a topic or URL. When you enter a topic or URL in this tool, it tells you the contents and trends already available on that topic. Isn’t that easy & great?

Twitter Trending Topics

The name must have made you guess, already. The trending topics on the Twitter can help you scoop out ideas for your blog topics. You can write on trending topics to gain more visibility and popularity.

LinkedIn Pulse

This tool helps you find trending topics on LinkedIn. This works with the people and pages you follow on LinkedIn. This scoops out trending topics from your “following”.

Google Trends

Go to google, type in “Google Trends” and Voila! You have a list of “what’s trending” in front of you. And the best part? You can filter it according to region and subject.

Keyword Planner

Google offers you a tool to search for popular keywords. Keywords are important for your posts as it helps you appear on the search results. Therefore, this tool will help you sort out popular keywords. All you need to do is, enter a set of keywords related to your idea or topic. And google will return a result of those keywords’ popularity and search volume. Also, google returns a list of related keywords to make your keyword search easy. 

Death to The Stock Photo

This app returns you a whole bunch of free photos every month. You can make use of these photos to make your blog look more appealing. And if you take the subscription, you have an access and search option to a great deal of collection. Cool, right?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics analyses your page or blog or site. Provides information of every activity of visitors on your page. Therefore, you can plan and strategize your approach. 

Some Other Blogging Tools That Come Handy to Become a Pro Blogger

  • Google Custom Search
  • Google Tag Manager
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool
  • Google My Business
  • PhotoPin
  • WordPress Distraction Free Writing
  • Google AdSense

So, this was a pocket guide to help you improve your blog and become a pro blogger. But, always remember, success never comes easy. It always takes patience and hard work. Your blog might not bloom overnight but once it does, there is no looking back. Therefore, we suggest you be consistent and have patience. We promise, you will get paid for your hard work, consistency and patience. 

That was all for today’s blog on How to Become a Pro Blogger in 2021, we hope it was helpful to you. And we wish you luck for your blog. We hope this blog helped you enough to turn that doubt into a certain decision to start your own blog. Write to us in the comment section below.

What is a Blog – How to Become a Pro Blogger in 2021

And we have something to say for your blog; Go for it! We will be back with another one!

Till the next time, Happy Blogging! Over & Out!

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