The world we live in, someone advertised it to be a perfect one. It was supposed to be a world where people live and grow, provide, have fun and most importantly there wasn’t supposed to be any negative aspects to it. It comes to most people naturally, while living their lives people notice a lot of things that weren’t just fair. One of them is Human Trafficking.

Experiencing all the bad things happening that aren’t fair, takes the element of hope out of us. The hope for everything being stable and fair is something that isn’t existing like it should be these days.

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The changed mindset of people made our world more flawed, unstable, shattered and ugly. Consequently, we are unable to live our life. Therefore,we were to subconsciously surrender to injustice. As of now, we are living our perfect lives, with us other people are also living their unfavorable one, where a lot is happening with them.

What’s Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking being one of the crimes that does happen around us is one of the cruelest and hurtful acts that are happening in our society.

It refers to the trade of humans for sexual, forced labor, medical and commercial purposes. However, this is mostly done for organ smuggling, and sex trafficking, It falls into direct violations of the rights. Unknown from the world, it mostly happens in other regions of the world where there isn’t much danger for the traffickers.

According to the international labor organisation, forced labor alone generated around 140 billion dollars in 2014. Through international labor organisation, it was in 2012 that around 21 million victims will be in modern-day slavery. Not getting any recognition, human trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes existing in our time.

In India alone, human trafficking is an organised crime. Although the government has implied multiple laws cornering it, it is still happening in India. India is already as “one of the most dangerous places for women”. Following crimes against women, human trafficking against women is one of the leading crimes happening in India.

Already in high numbers, human trafficking should be on our list of concerns. As it is establishing itself as an organised and highly profitable crime, there should be enough resistance against it to neutralize the situation. Opposing the acts of forced labor, sex trafficking, organ trade, forced marriage and child trafficking, authorities have been making amends for a long time to end human trafficking all over the world, but it hasn’t been that effective as it is still happening largely around the world. A better and efficient mindset towards human trafficking is from the people and the society.

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