Let us face the bad news first: the world is going to end one day, and that’s for sure, I mean, literally there is nothing we can do in spite of buying some time with the help of our technological advancement. Well, the good news: we could be having a billion years to enjoy our time on planet earth before that happens.(doomsday)

Since the advent of human civilization, people have been obsessed with “The End”. There is a mention of the day of judgement in almost every religion. In Hinduism, the day of judgement is decided on the basis of the deeds performed by the individual. In Quran, the day of judgement is mentioned as “al-Qiyāmah”. Christianity, this day is called the day when each individual would be judged by god.

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In fact, there are several scenarios in which we humans could be wiped out. And somehow if we manage to dodge all those, Well, then *Spoilers Alert*  the sun will die one day.

POSSIBLE FACTORS FOR THE DOOMSDAY. Eager to know when the big day is coming?

Nuclear war | Doomsday

Nuclear war
Nuclear war

Forget about the supernova or an asteroid collision, one of the most likely ways we could be wiped is of our own making. It’s true that if the world broke out into a huge Nuclear war, a horrifying number of people would die with the blasts and the emission of radiation.  Dr Bizel stated that “If you have massive nuclear explosions, you can generate so much dust, debris, and smoke in the upper atmosphere of the Earth that sunlight could be blocked for months if not years” seems like we can experience “nuclear winter” with this impact.

Giant Asteroid | Doomsday

Giant Asteroid
Giant Asteroid

Okay! So now we can focus on the asteroids, according to the reports: there is about a one-in-100-million chance of a giant asteroid slamming into the Earth in any given year.  “It just happened to be a bad year for the dinosaurs” when they were wiped out, Binzel said. The collision with the huge asteroid has an effect just like a nuclear winter. There will be so much debris that we can’t see the sun for many years. When a huge asteroid hits, it has an effect like a nuclear winter. So much debris is stirred up that the sun can be blocked for many years. One of the POSSIBLE FACTORS FOR THE DOOMSDAY.

Climate Change | Doomsday

Climate Change
Climate Change

The possible adverse outcomes of rising global temperatures have been the subject of heated discussion and political conflicts for decades. Rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and lowered food production could lead to the death of millions, even billions of people. Some scientists fear the impact could upend ecosystems and make the planet untenantable. Binzel doubts climate change would lead to our extinction, but said it could change human civilization as know it today.

Supernova | Doomsday

There are very fewer chances for this to happen but if it does, how is it caused? Supernova is caused when a nearby star exploded, it could bombard Earth with X-ray and gamma radiation. Stars like Aguilar which is a part of the Orion constellation is one star that could go supernova and covers the planet in radiation and literally strip life off the surface of the planet. One of the POSSIBLE FACTORS FOR THE DOOMSDAY.

Global Pandemic | Doomsday

Diseases like the plague, smallpox, and flu have sparked pandemics that killed tens of millions of people, but civilization has survived. Today, with cities more extensive than ever and the world interconnected by air travel, there are concerns that a new disease could quickly increase across the planet. With viruses mutating more immediately than ever and bacteria becoming frequently resistant to medicines, public health specialists believe the risk of a global pandemic is higher than ever before.

Aliens | Doomsday

Remember Independence Day? Sure you do, Dr Hawking said that if we are ever communicated by aliens, “we should be wary of answering back.” “Meeting an advanced civilization could be like Native Americans encountering Columbus — that didn’t turn out so well,”. There are lots of possibilities that if we ever get in touch with the higher entity they will attack us and could wipe off humanity may be in… I don’t know, a snap of fingers? POSSIBLE FACTORS FOR THE DOOMSDAY

The Sun | Doomsday


Let’s just say we have all the blessings of God and somehow we dodge all of the above scenarios but, one day, in four or five billion years, our sun will run out of fuel. Life on Earth will likely end long before that though. Scientists said that, as the sun dies, it will grow hotter and global temperatures will rise to the point that our oceans will evaporate.

According to the reports: “After a billion, billion-and-a-half years, the surface of this planet is probably going to be uninhabitable,”. Then the sun will expand into a red giant, engulfing Mercury, Venus and possibly Earth.

Planets are, like people, have a golden part of their life, and then it’s all downhill from there,“Benzil said. “We’re living in the golden age of life on Earth”.

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