Mangalsutra in her neck, your last name next to hers and you think that this sacred vermilion in the partition of her hair will give you a right to rape her!. So what is Section 375 ?

Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code explicitly allows a man to rape his adult wife. It is by the law that marriage refers to the wife giving consent to all the “matrimonial obligations” including sexual intercourse. In India, marriage is a license to have sex without her consent. Just because she said “I DO” doesn’t mean you are not to ask her again!.

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Brief of Section 375

Rape = Sexual Intercourse
Rape = Sexual Intercourse | Section 375

We often come across the cases in which the guilty marry the victim because in so-called “cultured society” rape after the marriage is not rape “tradition is no excuse for torture”. Even though society will pity the women assaulted by her husband, it will never try to raise a voice. On a ratio, 1 in 3 men admit to raping their wives, and 1 Indian woman is raped by her husband every 3 seconds. It is a crying shame that even after so many years, marital rape has not been criminalized in this country. It is true that a single law won’t change anything but the prejudiced mindset is to be changed to hinder the reality.

Law and Order
Law and Order | Section 375

Now in the absence of any action against the law, the lawyers implicate husbands under section 377(unnatural sex) of IPC.
Fully knowing the fact that there are chances of being it misused.

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