Whoever may be answering the question, the wish to ask for money comes to mind every time. Money, which was a replacement to the barter system, soon became the sole aspect of our minds to life. The thing motivating people to be better, giving them hope for a better life, helping them maintain their status in society and even the medium through which they and their families survive. Money in itself was a magnificent thing. A piece of paper & metal was enough to fulfill our needs and desires. Our minds affected the whole world.

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As of now whatever we are doing is to get money or to get in the condition to get money. On the contrary, our education is based on our ability to earn money, our relations are based on each other’s financial status, our actions are based on its effect on our financial status and one of the biggest effect money had on us is on our mindset.

It has dominated our minds to that level that the actions which we take are always affiliated with our pleasure. Through money we have completely forgotten what it’s like to be a human, right now we are just people, people who are part of the society, a society which exists but not like how it should be.

How To Manage?

What To Do When We Have Money?
What To Do When We Have Money? (Source – Wallstreet)

Once in a lifetime,we get a lot of money, which is more than what we bargained for. For example, it could be a lottery, a bonus, a good job, a gift from a rich friend and sheer luck in times of need. Everyone wishes to get a lot of money, but everyone forgets to think about how they are going to manage their inflows. Thus, the idea of saving funds we have and using it carefully or for using it in desperate times seems like a viable option.

It can work efficiently in day to day lifestyle, but it will not be effective when there is a lot of monetary value involved. While thinking of managing capital efficiently there are a lot of options available that can affect the owner beyond their expectations and their needs.

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The main point of difference between rich and poor is the way they utilize their funds. Investing is the act of giving our assets to someone that is in need of resources to make assets of their own, the result of investing is normally more money for the investors if successful if unsuccessful then the investors still can get their money back. Through investing, a lot of people have earned it for themselves & a lot have started businesses of their own. An investment can be made in the form of stocks, bonds cash and combinations of anything that can help a business.

Types of Ways to Save

Aside from investment, the concepts of mutual funds also exist. Mutual funds are used all over the world. The Mutual funds are investment securities that allow investors to put all their money into a single account and invest in something bigger. Mutual funds are highly beneficial and are widely implemented by households and businessmen.

Another thing that comes to mind when people have a lot of cash is buying property. Property can be the other thing aside from money which matters to the people. Being highly expensive and always in demand a piece of property can be enough for feeding a generation of kids and grand-kids.

While with a lot of cash, investing in property can be a smart option as its industry is one of the most profitable business of all time. Buying jewelry and assets which are of great value or are supposed to be valued higher in the future can be the activity that can lead anyone to financial success.


Spending on liabilities would only result in capital being wasted and regret, but spending money on effective areas of commodities/assets will surely result in either more funds or raised self-value/infrastructure that can lead to more income in the future as money is what matters the most!!