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It is not a surprising news that covid 19 has changed the world. However, it may feel like an over-said fact right now. It is still important to understand what it means. Let us find about what coronavirus has done to the world. There is the possibility of everyone dying from coronavirus. Will Work From Home Become the New Normal?

The whole world is trying to take appropriate steps to make sure that nothing wrong is there. Scientists are trying to find a cure. Health officials are trying to minimize the spread and treat the patients. Social workers are trying to maintain peace.  They are trying to protect the people. All the other people are doing their part by staying in their homes and doing work from home.

While it is easier to write all the things that we should do. It isn’t easy to do them. With the whole coronavirus recovery system failing to stop covid 19 daily. There is a part of the society which is working just like it was before.

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The lockdown was a vacation for a lot of people. They couldn’t continue going to their workplaces. But, still some people had to work from home. Those who could were given duties to work from home. It was not easy to work in the lockdown. Staying with their families, the natural habitat was not suitable to work. It did not reach the expectations of the corporate.

While everyone else was suffering because they had nothing to do. The people who were working from home were on another level of agony. Since it was not easy to work from home. It was inevitable that the time ahead was going to be comfortable.

With mental issues, stress and productivity problems, people did not like the work from home. It took time to get settled to it. Some are still struggling to adapt to their situation and handle both their home life and work life. A majority of employees have their peace working from home.

Many things are done to minimise the spread of coronavirus. After everything is over, time would change. Everything else with it would change. Changes after the lockdown would be about how the world operated in the lockdown. Surely how work from home went would be a big factor in determining how the new world would work.

There is already an ongoing debate about making work from home permanent for those who can work from home. While it may be something that can is already happening and provides benefits of its own. It is not a situation to turn into a decision on its pros and cons.

With employees staying at home and working everyday, there are surely some remarkable benefits that can profit a lot of people. Work from home gives the employees an opportunity to stay at home, results of that would mean less traffic and less people outside. Apart from that there would be a decreased consumption of products in corporate settings which means only good things.

A major part of staff staying and working from home can benefit the planning process as with less things to worry and more attention to more important aspects of business like future planning and marketing strategy. Another benefit of working from home would be the price of real estate. With less people in the office all the big corporations can downsize its branches and can move into smaller offices. Result of that would be more office space to go around, at low prices giving small businesses a better chance of doing business.

If we introduce the concept of work from home and give more importance in the society, it can somehow improve the condition of the working class as employees would not have to worry about travelling and can work in the environment they are comfortable in, but that doesn’t mean that work from home should exist after lockdown. Even if employees working from home can benefit the corporate structure it doesn’t mean that it is a good idea to do that. With all the benefits working from home can provide it still has its negative aspects which are enough to dismiss the concept of working from home in some areas of the workforce.

While for some working from home is a blessing but it is not suitable for everyone. In professions where a laptop or a computer is enough, working from home is possible, but other professions where there are a lot of departments and equipment, work from home is not possible. Requiring a corporate setting and an assembled staff, some businesses can’t support the work from home setting.

Even the businesses which are now from home will go back to its previous setting as working from home is not comfortable for everyone. While companies with large staff can’t afford to have its employees work from home, start-up’s also can’t afford work from home as it needs its employees to be connected to each other and every part of the agency affiliates with each other.

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Conclusion | Will Work From Home Become the New Normal

Working from home, employees may learn independece and productive, but it keeps them away from all the experience which they gain at the office. Getting a job, no one would want to work from home, instead working, learning and interacting in a corporate setting is always a preferred option. Work from home may have some positive aspects, but it separates employees from all the positive aspects which a workplaces provides everyday.

Working from home may not be suitable for a major part of the population but it still is beneficial for some as in this lockdown working from home has cured a lot of blocks and doubts of employees. Maybe work from home should always be in consideration to what the employee and a business needs from the situation.