What is World AIDS Day?

Every year, on December 1st, we celebrate ‘World AIDS day.’ This day of global significance made its inception way back in 1988.

The motto of the observance of ‘World AIDS Day’ is to encourage awareness among the masses about the AIDS pandemic which is known to be caused by the HIV virus. The day is observed to mourn over the demise of those who succumbed to this disease.

The acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, commonly known as AIDS is induced in humans due to the human immunodeficiency virus, popularly known as HIV. AIDS is one of the most hazardous conditions. The virus causes severe illness to people. It makes damages to the immunity of the humans exposed to it and makes them vulnerable to other diseases as well.

The Observance of the Day

There are many medical, philanthropic, government and non-governmental organizations and even some individuals who actively participate in this direction to curb the disease. They are many programs, events et cetera organized by these volunteers for an effective control and prevention against AIDS.

World Health Organization observes the day as one of the eleven international health campaigns it primarily runs.

Let’s call it a Day

Every year, there is a specific theme allotted to the day to reinforce its objective. The theme is significant as it displays the current position of the pandemic in the world and also the take of world about it. Let us have a look at various themes given to the day till date:

  • ‘Getting to Zero’ in 2011
  • ‘Together we will end AIDS’ in 2012
  • ‘Zero Discrimination’ in 2013
  • ‘Close the gap’ in 2014
  • ‘On the fast track to end AIDS’ in 2015
  • ‘Hands up for #HIVprevention’ in 2016
  • ‘My Health, My Right’ in 2017
  • ‘Know your status’ in 2018
  • ‘Communities make the difference’ in 2019
  • ‘Global solidarity shared responsibility’ in 2020

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