Zerodha started its journey in 2010 with a team of five people. Today, it employs over 1,500 people.

Zerodha is an Indian money related assistance organization (individual from NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX), that offers retail and institutional broking, monetary forms and products exchanging, common assets, and securities. Established in 2010, the organization is headquartered in Bangalore and has physical nearness in a few significant Indian cities. Here we will talk about ZERODHA-The Game Changer OF Stock Exchange In INDIA.

Starting at 2019, it is the biggest retail stock merchant in India by a dynamic customer base and contributes as much as 2% of day by day retail volumes across Indian stock exchanges.

In June 2020, Zerodha entered the unicorn club with a self-surveyed valuation of about $1 Billion. This valuation depends on the ESOP buyback practice the organization attempted esteeming each offer at multiple seasons of the book estimation of INR 700 for every offer.

Now let’s talk about what the founder and director of this company motivated to build this empire.


Nithin Kamath

“I started trading quite early, traded for 12 years before starting Zerodha. I don’t think I could have done any other business other than broking because that’s where my core competency was,” he says. 

When Nithin Kamath was 17 years of age, he was acquainted with the universe of money related markets and exchanging. Thinking that its an incredible method to bring in cash, Nithin started to exchange penny stocks. When he completed his building course, he had gathered a ton of cash, just to lose everything.

Somewhere in the range of 2001 and 2002, Nithin lost near Rs 5 lakh. It was a major aggregate of cash for a young person. In any case, that didn’t prevent him from exchanging. “There is a science to it. I realized I would make up the cash,” he says.

He even turned into a sub-merchant for Reliance Money in 2006. In 2008, the market slammed once more, yet Nithin had brought in some cash and could fire up. That prompted the introduction of Zerodha in 2010 with an expediting permit, and with his sibling, Nikhil Kamath.


Nithin then began working at a call place during the night; he kept on exchanging stocks during the day to construct his exchanging capital. This continued for a few years until he met an American HNI, who gave him a check and requested that the adolescent deal with his cash.

He started out with brokering. Nithin says if you want to become a broker, deposits “need to be made on the exchange.”

While the journey leading to his starting up is fascinating, what is interesting is the fact that Nithin felt there was “a need for a platform that educated people on the different investment options available”. That gave him the idea of starting Zerodha. 


Thinking back, Nithin accepts that he picked up working and hustling in those three years, which thusly helped him in the business. He includes that he did a great deal of cold pitching in the initial two years of Zerodha. The group before long understood the stage should have been moved as India doesn’t have numerous individuals who really theorize in the market.

Discount Broking Model
Discount Broking Model

Brokering needed to have a new edge, and Kailash Nadh joined as CTO.  The idea was to change the Indian stock broking industry by pioneering the discount-broking model, charging a maximum of Rs 20 on futures, options, and intra-day trades.

Different new companies like AdvisoryMandi, Stockal, and a couple of others are operational in the market. As indicated by media reports and National Stock Exchange, 97.5 percent of its all out 2.78 crore members are singular financial specialists. Along these lines, there is far to go.

The stage today has 2.2 million clients and more than 12 lakh dynamic customers, according to NSE information till February. With 800,000 every day dynamic clients, the stage additionally adds to 15 percent of by and large retail exchanging volumes India. Became ZERODHA- The Game Changer (source: Statuppedia)


So as to remain serious, the firm propelled numerous items to grow its scope and to defeat a few difficulties they were confronting. The following is a brief on what every item gives:

ConsoleIt is a focal dashboard of a client’s record with Zerodha that will give inside and out reports and perceptions to get more wise thought.

KiteIt is a smooth exchanging and venture stage utilizing the most recent advancements. It facilitates the client’s understanding to exchange and execute in the securities exchange.


Kite Connect APIThis is for the most part centered around free merchants and new businesses to empower them to assemble an inventive exchanging and speculation stage. Utilizing calculations, retail merchants can computerize their exchanges.


SentinelA stage that empowers you to make showcase cautions. The alarms can be modified dependent on value, exchange amount and open interest. The intriguing part of this item is you don’t should be a Zerodha client so as to utilize Sentinel.

Z connectThis is a blog office in regards to stocks, exchanging, and venture with Zerodha. They distribute articles and data on this blog and any client is permitted to pose inquiries and post remarks.

VarsityOne of the difficulties looked by this firm was it needed giving exploration administrations to its clients who are in some cases ignorant regarding what and when to purchase or sell. To conquer this, they think of Varsity that gives a tremendous assortment of financial exchange exercises in a hurry.

Coin It gives a sans commission acquisition of common assets legitimately conveyed into the client’s Demat account. It is India’s largest direct mutual fund platform that lets you buy direct mutual funds online with no commission passback, directly from asset management companies. Your mutual funds, stocks, currencies, bonds, and more, all in your Demat account.

RainmatterIt is a hatchery that gives subsidizing just as mentorship to new businesses in capital markets and gives minority stake in return.

In addition, Zerodha has also partnered with a lot of leading stock market platforms and portals like Streak, Sensibull etc. to create more value for their clients.


Despite the tremendous success and huge customer base, Zerodha also had to confront a few challenges as described below:

  1.  First of all, Zerodha doesn’t give stock warning or any market-related calls that would empower its clients to settle on what to purchase and sell.
  2.  They additionally experienced an absence of conveyance of important warning reports and investigation of one’s speculations and exchanging exercises be it either week by week or quarterly. The majority of the large full-administration agents give research reports.
  3.  As Zerodha is for the most part on the web and no disconnected help branches, wasteful client assistance, and absence of speedy client care are the greatest difficulties that this firm faces.
  4.  Specialized blunders like application down for a couple of moments or outlining mistakes were accounted for beforehand which was fundamentally a result of the high market traffic circumstances.

By accepting that challenges and now it became ZERODHA-THE GAME CHANGER OF STOCK EXCHANGE IN INDIA

How many customers does Zerodha have now? What are the average trading volumes?

Zerodha is having around 30 lakh customers now, of which active customers are around 18 lakh to 19 lakh. In terms of trading volumes—they look at it in a number of trades—they are averaging 50 to 60 lakh trades daily. (Source- The Week)


It is surely a reality that there is no easy route to progress. Be that as it may, Nithin Kamath, when established this discount broking firm, chose to give innovation proficient and cost-effective services to its clients. He saw that there is a gigantic slack between the commissions charged by the other business firms and the measure of cash really got by the clients.

Shockingly, the firm scarcely spent any cash on promoting or showcasing for its own firm. They don’t run any notices. The author puts stock in ‘the informal exchange is your actual promoting’. In this way, with an extremely low working cost Zerodha had the option to catch countless clients. Strangely, exchanging is without given of cost at his stockbroking firm if the time of holding for shares is longer than a day.

They bring in cash by charging a level expense of Rs. 20 for prospects, alternatives, and intraday exchanging. While different contenders charge considerably more than this which depends on the level of an exchange exchanged. Its plan of action on which it works is ‘low edge – high volume’.

The Zerodha story: Nithin Kamath shares his bootstrapped entrepreneurial journey



Zerodha the largest retail stockbroker in India has increased its profits to an enormous amount of 1000 crore for the financial year of 2021. Nithin Kamath has stated that for the financial year 2021 the gains have nearly doubled making the profit margin to click 1000 crores. The profits for the financial year 2020, Zerodha crossed the 400 crore mark, which was 440 crores. The total growth of the company was recorded to be 15% for this financial year.

The profits encountered as reported by Nithin Kamath was due to the online trading and investments in stocks by the retailers in India. Nithin Kamath, the founder of Zerodha tweeted that the profits of the company are on the same line as that of ICICI Direct and HDFC Securities.

The best part about of Zerodha is that the company allows a discount brokerage to customers irrespective of any size of investment made by him. There is no percentage commission charged on its customers by the company.


To summarize, contending with enormous players like HDFC and ICICI is surely an overwhelming undertaking that the virtuoso had the option to adapt up. Be that as it may, there are different contenders excessively, for example, Upstox, Groww, SAS Online, Angle Broking, TradingBells, and so forth. Be that as it may, the author wishes to proceed with his low edge system. This firm likewise built up a technique to begin selling Treasury charges, Government Securities, and Sovereign Gold Bonds which is everybody’s inclination while the business sectors are confronting a ruin and that resulted to a Game changer of a stock exchange in India.

That’s all for Zerodha and its inspiring story. Hope it all will inspire the aspiring businessman and entrepreneurs. Till then, stay safe and happy investing.

Nithin Kamath talks- From Youtube

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