The concept of electric cars is not very old. Gone are the days when people used to search for traditional fuel cars. Now it is the time for fashionable electric cars in the market.

Manufacturers, government agencies are hell bound to make the distant dream come true. There are many electric car companies who are manufacturing electric cars in the economy.

Traditional car manufacturers are trying to roll out electric cars seeing their growing demand. Because electric cars are relatively new, car companies manufacture one model of electric car. In this blog, we will see 9 BEST ELECTRIC CAR COMPANIES.  

The traditional fuel car companies have turned their attention to electric cars. Many companies have turned into only electric car companies.

There are three varieties of electric cars that are manufactured by the electric car companies. The first one is the electric car itself. Second is the plug-in electric car and the third one is a hybrid electric car.

Electric car companies have rolled out some models of these electric car varieties. Since there are many companies manufacturing electric cars we will divide them into three categories.

First will be modern electric car companies, second is the traditional electric car companies and third is the best electric car companies in this blog about 10 BEST ELECTRIC CAR COMPANIES.

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There are many modern electric car companies who are in the line of manufacturing electric cars. Let us see those few modern electric car companies in this section among 10 BEST ELECTRIC CAR COMPANIES. This section mainly consist of the cars manufactured by Tesla Inc, Rivian, Nio and Xpeng Motors of China. Read our blog more to know about the various companies manufacturing electric cars.


This company is very famous as it manufactures the best electric cars in the modern world. Tesla is said to be the best electric car company among these 10 BEST ELECTRIC CAR COMPANIES. The net worth of Tesla is $650 billion which makes it the world’s most valuable automaker.

Tesla was founded in the year 2003 in California, USA. Right now, Tesla has four models of electric cars in their portfolio. They are Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. Tesla makes a tough competitor to the Mercedes Benz, precisely to the Mercedes-Benz EQC.

The specifications of these four model electric cars are different from each other. The Tesla Model S and Tesla Model 3 are sedans. Apart from these two models, Tesla Model X is a full size SUV. Tesla Model Y is a crossover SUV. Tesla Model 3 has been nominated as the best selling electric car in the world.

At the same time, Tesla Model S has been nominated as the longest range electric car. With back to back models getting nominated, Tesla has been chosen among all the electric car companies as the best. This company is dominating the market of electric car manufacturers in the world.

The future prospects have been revealed by the company itself. Tesla is planning to launch the most awaited sports car in the market by the name Tesla Roadster. In the next few years to come Tesla is planning to manufacture an electric pickup truck Cybertruck. Electric car company Tesla is famous for it’s excellent speculations, autonomous driving technology etc. 

The real time specifications of Tesla Model S is that it comes with 21 inch alloy wheels, glass roof, two wireless smartphone charging pads and a 960W audio system. For the front seat there is a 17 inch touchscreen infotainment system and for rear passengers there is an 8 inch touchscreen infotainment system. The car is also equipped with tri-zone climate control. Tesla Model S is expected to come this year i.e. 2021.

The electric car companies are in competition with Tesla to manufacture cars with such real specifications. Tesla Model X is also set to release next year i.e. 2022. The specifications of Tesla Model X are that it has a range of 579 km.

This car is also equipped with a 17 inch infotainment system, a tri zone climate control. The features of Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S are very similar. Tesla cars are available in most of the major countries like the USA, Canada, European Union, China, Australia.

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This company is one of the few electric car companies that have made a mark in very less time. Rivian started as a startup in 2009. It is a Michigan based electric car company. Since its inception in the year 2009, the company is trying to make a foothold in the market of electric car companies. The testing and back end work of Rivian are in the end process as by the end of 2021 we all are expecting Rivian electric cars on the road. 

Rivian R1S- Best Electric Car Companies
Rivian R1S- Best Electric Car Companies

Currently there are no Rivian electric cars on the road. However the company has planned to bring two cars on the road by the end of this year. The two cars are namely R1S and R1T. R1S is an electric SUV and R1T is an electric pickup. Both the cars are available to book online. 

Some of the key specifications of R1S are a flat-bottomed steering wheel accompanied by the wooden inserts on the dash. The car is fitted with a 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster. It has level 3 autonomy. R1S is fitted with a 15.6 inch touchscreen infotainment system integrated with Amazon Alexa. The cost of the car will be somewhere around $72,500 with tax credit of $7500. [Source- Topspeed]

The maximum range of Rivian cars will be 410 miles with a top speed of 125mph. Since none of the cars are on the road, it will not be the right task to praise or criticize them. Well we all can wait for the day when both the cars are on road.

According to some experts, Rivian cars will bring tough competition to the Tesla variants and also to other electric car companies when they are released. Rivian is a USA based start-up electric car company therefore the car will be available in the USA first. 


Nio is a Chinese electric car company that manufactures high end vehicles. This company is one of the best selling electric car companies in China. The brand mainly focuses on the features of the car and its premium qualities.

Right now the company has offered only three electric cars in the market. The first model is the ES8. The second one is ES6 and the last model is the EC6. The ES8 model is a full size electric SUV. EC6 is an electric crossover. 

The Nio ES8 model is a six to seven seater SUV which is very similar to Tesla Model X. The company has emerged as a prime rival of many other electric car companies in the world with special focus to Tesla.

The car is designed with state of the art technology and fitted with gadgets like 11.3 inch touchscreen interface with “Nomi” the world’s first artificial intelligence robot assistant in vehicles.

10 Best Electric Car Companies Nio ES8- Electric Car Companies
Nio ES8- Electric Car Companies

The new update in the car has updated features. The car is 96% made from aluminium which helps to reduce weight and increase safety and handling. The range of the car is measured to be 300 miles.

And the time to fully charge the vehicle is around 16 hours. The interior of the car is magnificent with 24 storage areas in the cabin. The total space provided is 1900 litres with the rear seats folded.

The Nio ES6 Model was announced in the year 2019 by the Chinese brand. Along with the other features the other striking feature of the car is NIOPilot autonomous driving assistant system.

The top speed of Nio ES6 is 200 kmph or 124 miles per hour. Just like ES8, ES6 will be equipped with in-car artificial intelligence system NOMI. 

The third model of the Chinese electric car company is EC6. The car uses two electric motors. First motor is the 160kW which is the permanent one and 240kW induction unit at the rear. This car offers a range of 370 miles. The car also features a large panoramic glass roof. The only major change is the sloping roof in the model EC6.

Many car enthusiasts claim that when this model is looked from the front it looks like a balanced mix between a Lamborghini Urus and Hyundai Kona. The car is well fitted with daytime running lights (DRL) in the corner of the hoods. The seating capacity is five in this car model with two digital displays. The front seats are sporty with flat bottomed steering wheel and assisted with NOMI.


Xpeng Motors is another Chinese electric automobile company. The company was established in the year 2014 and its headquarters is in Guangzhou, China. Till date the company has produced two electric cars, the electric crossover G3 and the electric sedan P7. The P7 is compared as a rival to the Tesla Model 3.

The Chinese electric car companies have proved to be very competitive in the global market. Because of the cost competitiveness with the state of the art technology. And hence have gained a spot among 9 BEST ELECTRIC CAR COMPANIES.

The best part about this electric car company is the price range it is offering. The technology Xpeng is using is one of the best in the market. It is considered to be quite advanced when in comparison with other electric car companies. Many consider Xpeng to be the best electric car company as well. Xpeng motors serves only in China There are certain future plans of expanding in the USA and Europe. 


The company was established in 2009 at Mountain View California. The part that separates Waymo with other companies is their self driving technology. The company was established as a Google division. Now the company, Waymo has driven itself to be a part of the self driving sheep fleet Waymo Via and also as a ride hailing service Waymo One.


Electric cars are the new variants in the automobile market. Many conventional companies have started manufacturing electrical cars. Let us see the names of those conventional companies among 9 BEST ELECTRIC CAR COMPANIES, which have started the process of manufacturing electric vehicles. In this section, we will mainly look into the companies like the General Motors of USA and the Volkswagen Group of Germany.


This is a century old automobile giant of the USA. The presence of general Motors in the automobile industry is huge. The GM management worked on electric vehicle technology for quite some time in the past. One of the most impressive electric cars manufactured by General Motors is the Chevy Bolt EV and the Chevy Volt EV. 

General Motors with its reputation in the market has put up a competition against other electrical car companies thus ranks among 9 BEST ELECTRIC CAR COMPANIES. Recently the car manufacturing giant has introduced GMC Hummer EV and Cadillac Lyriq in the market.

The management also announced that it will launch 20 lakh more electric vehicles in the future. The broad service network of General Motors and their history can make them one of the top electric car companies in the world. 

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This German automobile giant does not need any formal introduction. They are one of the biggest automotive groups in the world and hence one among the 9 BEST ELECTRIC CAR COMPANIES. This group owns the world renowned car brands like Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini.

Volkswagen has been investing in electric vehicle technology for a long time. The group’s footprints are followed in many state of art technology. This company brought about revolutionary changes in the battery profile of cars. 

The recent development of the lithium based battery in cars is their contribution. It was one of the best innovations in the automobile genre. The Porsche Taycan and the Audi e-Tron are the latest electric car models developed by the Volkswagen subsidiaries.

Another electric vehicle is the Volkswagen ID.4 which is already sold out on their website. According to the CEO of Volkswagen, the group plans to bring more 80 models of electric vehicles to customers by 2025. 


Now it is the time to see the best electric car companies. Many companies are still in the process of developing the technology of electric vehicles. Tesla, Volkswagen are in the process of launching their models in 2021 itself. Let us see the other famous brands of electric cars among 10 BEST ELECTRIC CAR COMPANIES. In this part of the blog, let us see some other famous companies manufacturing electric cars. The famous companies who are producing the marvellous cars are BMW, Chevrolet and Kia.


This is another German company manufacturing luxury cars. But recently they have entered the stream of manufacturing electric cars too. The famous model of the company is the BMW i3. This is an all electric car SUV. The car is a five seater designed for urban and suburban travel. 

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Chevrolet is a section of the great American automobile giant General Motors. Chevrolet has a wide variety of fuel powered cars. Now it has started focusing on electric cars as well. There is a high competition among the other electric car companies in the world. The famous electric car of this company is the Chevrolet Bolt which offers a range of 220 miles per charge.

The success story of this car is that it is one of the cheapest as compared to other cars in the market. Its price is far below the long range electric cars in the sector.


Kia is a South Korean brand. It has emerged as one of the most dependable cars in recent years and hence among 10 BEST ELECTRIC CAR COMPANIES. The price of these cars are also competitive and up to the range of the general public. This brand has become a tough competition for other electric car companies.

The primary rival companies of Kia were Toyota and Honda. The best selling car of this company was Kia Soul EV.  The Soul EV is very similar to the non electric twin Soul. 


After the global pandemic in 2020, many manufacturers have started their production process in the end of 2020. The year 2021 is the year of reforms and change. Electric car manufacturers have come out with the best models and their competitive prices for this year. Let us see the 2021 Electric cars from 9 BEST ELECTRIC CAR COMPANIES.

Porsche TaycanOverall BestMay 2021
Tesla Model S PlaidBest Long RangeDecember 2021
BMW i4Best Small ElectricNovember 2021
BMW iX3Best Midsize ElectricJuly 2021
Tesla Model XBest Large ElectricJanuary 2021
Rivian R1SBest Off RoadJune/August 2021
BMW Electric i8 RoadsterMost SportyNot Disclosed
Audi Q4 e-TronBest for FamiliesSeptember 2021
Lordstown EnduranceBest Electric Pickup TruckSummer 2021
Jaguar I-PaceMost High TechMarch 2021
Mercedes-Benz EQCMost ComfortableAugust 2021
Polestar 2Most DistinctiveJune 2021
Tesla RoadsterFastest AccelerationDecember 2021
Lotus EvijaMost Powerful Electric CarJuly 2021
Ford Mustang Mach-EBest BudgetDecember 2021
Mercedes EQSMost AnticipatedApril 2021


The above mentioned cars can be of great value and pose great potential in the near future. It can be one of the best choice cars for you as well as they are one of the best electric vehicle options in the market from 10 BEST ELECTRIC CAR COMPANIES. The important task is for customers to choose from the wide variety of these cars available in the market. In the next 4-5 years to come the economy will experience more numbers of electric cars in the market as well.