National Voters Day

The National Voters Day in India is celebrated annually on January 25. The day is dedicated to motivate the youth of the nation to be a part of elections and the political process. It is important to make the future of the country, the youth, to be driven by the political processes of the country. Also, to make the young minds understand that how their contribution can make a difference. 

The day of 25 January has been chosen to celebrate the National Voters Day as the Election Commission of India (ECI) was established on January 25 in 1950. Therefore, to mark the foundation of the Election Commission, 25 January is observed as the National Voters’ Day in India. 

In 2020, National Voters Day marked the milestone of 70 years of establishment of the Election Commission. So, this year 2021, completes the 71 years of the Election Commission of India. However, 2021 will be the 11th National Voters Day after its first celebration that started in 2011. 

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A Brief History

The very 1st National Voters Day was observed in 2011 after the decision taken by the Government of India. Basically, after a meeting of the Union Cabinet that was chaired by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, 25 January was approved to dedicate for the encouragement and facilitation of the young voters. Therefore, National Voters Day is celebrated every year ever since. 

Why is National Voters Day Celebrated?

People showing there Voter ID
People showing there Voter ID during Elections

It was noticed that many young people lagged behind to vote. They were not showing enough interest to get enrolled for the electoral processes. And so, the day is dedicated in name to motivate the young minds. The awareness for the importance of voting & electoral processes are spread. On National Voters Day, 25 January every year, the young voters who have turned the age of 18 years are enrolled and their Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) are handed over. This initiative was taken to encourage the youth with the sense of empowerment and pride. And so, drive them to vote(Source: ECI). 

How is National Voters’ Day Celebrated?

Sand art of National Voters Day
Sand art of National Voters Day

Every year, as celebrations, an event is organised in New Delhi. The President of India marks the occasion by their presence and speech. Many programs like cultural dances, folk songs, plays, drawing competitions, essay competitions on National Voters Day and so on take place. 

On this day, the Government spread awareness through various campaigns and media. The people, especially the youth all over the country are encouraged to take part in the electoral processes. Voting is the power and right of every citizen of the country.   

Slogan on National Voters Day 

  • “Jago voter jago, vote for nation: Aapka Ek vote Desh ka Bhavishya Taya karta hai”
  • “Bano desh ke bhagyavidhata, ab jago pyare matdata”
  • “Loktantra ki suno pukar, mat khona apna mat adhikar”
  • “Voter List mei naam likhayein, voter card sabhi banvaayein”
  • “Dalein vote, booth par jayein, loktantra ka parv manayein”
  • “Na nashe se, na note se, kismat badlegi vote se”
  • “Vote ki keemat kabhi na lenge, lekin vote zaroor denge”
  • “Bade ho ya javaan, sabhi kare matdan”
  • “Ghar-ghar saksharta le jaayenge, matdata jagruk banayenge”
  • “Vote daalne jana hai, apna farz nibhana hai”

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