What is National Pollution Control Day?

Every year on December 2nd, we observe ‘National Pollution Control Day.’ Pollution is no less than a sin of mankind on whom it has also fallen as a curse. The day is observed to remember the people who have died in one of the most unfortunate accidents, ‘Bhopal Gas Tragedy.’ The tragedy occurred 25 years ago in the year 1984 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Why is it celebrated?

The need to curb pollution is at its peak. If we do not get alarmed now, it would be too late. National Pollution Control Day is a significant step in this direction. However, the three important objectives of this day are listed below (Source: CPCB) :

  1. Through this day , there are many programs and events organized across the country to create awareness among the people. There are many educational initiatives being run to let people understand the importance of National Pollution Control Day.
  2. The aim of this Day is also to let people be known of the acts made by the government to curb pollution and make the people aware of the efforts made by the government.
  3. The third and the prime objective of the day is to push the industrial pollution level as much down as possible through forced or promoted campaigns


There are many events which take place on the day. However, to get the most of this day, we should try the following practical ways to control pollution.

  • We should try to decompose the waste of our household and societies in recyclable and non-recyclable wastes.
  • We should incorporate new technologies as ‘Biochemical waste’ to reduce waste pollution.
  • Electronic waste can be treated well to reduce pollution
  • The management of solid waste should be promoted to be carried out well.

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