With the spare time that pandemic gave us, the OTT platforms have seen a significant search. Prior to the pandemic, we remained actively dependent on the telecasted programs and shows. However, this has changed in recent times. The online portals, also classified as internet protocol television, have become the ideal platform. The audience has increasingly shifted to access various shows, series and webisodes on the internet. The best part about online watching is the liberty to watch any show, any time and anywhere. Unlike the telecast, where a show is shown once, online watching allows you to watch the shows as many times. One of the most prominent virtual platforms is Netflix. It has branched with various shows and series. One of the trending genre is Netflix thriller series.

Netflix is the ideal space for telecasting content in various languages, and genres. Currently, it is the leading entertainment platform around the globe. Netflix has entertainment content in various languages. Every year, there are various contents of different genres updated on the online platforms. One of the famous genres is thriller series on Netflix. The Netflix thriller shows have intrigued various audiences to remain hooked to them. In this article, there will be an elucidation to what a thriller series is. Further, there will be features of thriller series on Netflix. Lastly, there will be a complete list of best thriller series on Netflix 2023. 

What are Thriller Series on Netflix?

The genre, thriller, is any show, or program that intends to create a susceptible atmosphere coupled with curiosity. A thriller show follows a twisted plot that is often induced to make a person think about every move made by the character. A thriller show is intended to make a person go through four types of emotions. These include suspense, excitement, anticipation and surprise. In the very extreme twist and turn of the plot, people can also experience anxiety and agitation. 

What Are Thriller Series on Netflix?

In a typical thriller show, the plot unfolds with an unusual scene, has a climax and builds an unexpected end. The main aim of such plot designing for thriller series is to keep the audience hooked and on the “edge of their seats.” There are also three main factors that highlight the thriller series. These factors can also be expected amongst the viewers. These are apprehension, anticipation and tension. Apprehension builds up when the plot gets muddled, and integrates new aspects with the plotline of the series. Anticipation, in a thriller series, is defined as the continuous thought process of the audience, activated in determining the next move. The apprehension and anticipation is propagated by the tension that the thriller series creates. If there is no build up of tension, the audience will fail to apprehend and anticipate what happens next in the series. 

There are various components in a thriller series that make it what it is. These components or elements shaping a thriller series are:

Plotline or the Story 

The main element of any thriller series is how well its plotline or story is. Unlike some genres which aim for direct plot, the storyline is a bit differentiating for thriller series. In such a genre of series, the plotline has various layers and complexities. These layers and complexities are essential to build audience’s curiosity and expectation from the series. Further, a plotline in a thriller series can also be divided into various sub-plotlines. This will intrigue the audience and link the sub-plots to the main plot idea. Netflix thriller shows have got some spell binding plots to watch.


The prominent addition in any thriller show are the characters. In other words, these characters are the driving force of the thriller series’ plot. The characters must also be distinct to make the thriller series interesting. Characters in thriller series should also be realistic, as they create the themes of thriller series. For instance, if a particular Netflix thriller series revolves around supernatural elements, it will induce the same in its characters. That particular Netflix thriller series will include characters with possible supernatural abilities. There are memorable characters in Netflix thriller series.

Backdrop or Settings

As much as the story and characters are essential in Netflix thriller series, the settings also convey majorly. Based on the plotline, the thriller series should decide on what its main background will be. Further, the background or the settings should also be determined for the characters. This will provide the audience a glimpse of all the characters, and what could be their possible role in the Netflix thriller series. Thriller series on Netflix will surely make you feel the presence of background eeriness.

In a nutshell, Netflix thriller series are any show or program that sets the audience in a situation to think, expect and feel astonishment. A Netflix thriller series is generally aimed to push the individual in thinking about “what could be”. There are various features of thriller series on Netflix that have prompted more audiences to watch them. These are elaborated in the next section. 

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Features of Thriller Series on Netflix

Thriller series on Netflix have continued to intrigue the viewers. This is mainly due to the features incorporated in such series. The features of thriller series on Netflix are:  

Think Beyond the Line

Think Beyond the Line

Each Netflix thriller series that incorporates the thrilling elements, forces you to think beyond what you know. The plotlines of such Netflix thriller shows are not lucid and predictable. Rather, they include a story that will actually aim to involve the audience or the viewer, virtually. These thriller series make you shift a single perception into multiple perceptions. So, you do not just assume the next move, but think about the options viable to be the next moves. Therefore, what distinguishes thriller series on Netflix, is how they make you think beyond “usual.” 

Integration of Other Genres

When you come across any of the Netflix thriller series, you do not witness only one prime genre. There are various genres that are incorporated subtly with these thriller series. The common show genres integrated with thriller series are romance, mystery, action, adventure and science fiction. These thriller series also highlight majorly on survival patterns. The characters  do not just exhibit fear, but also try to find a way out of it. The integration of genres in the thriller series, boosts the audience to watch more and find the plot realistic. 

Liberal Formating 

Netflix thriller series do not follow a rigid story pattern. That is, the storyline of such a series is open for various audience interpretation. These Netflix thriller shows are also open to various timings that follow a rigid one. The thriller series on Netflix are also longer than the other series. They, due to the complex plots, are longer. A thriller series on Netflix has thriller series that do defy the normal rules for the series. 

Unexpected Climax

Unexpected Climax

Climax in any of the series is defined as turning point of the entire depicted situation. It is the element in the series that keeps the audience stuck to it, and fill in the real astonishment of witnessing new changes. The thriller series on Netflix are best characterized for their climax. The sudden point of shift builds the curiosity and as a result, the audience continues to watch the thrilling series. The element of climax also results in the audience being astonished and struck by the change in events. It is also the element that finally reduces or ends the continuous curiosity of the individuals for a while. 

Feeling of Thrill!

A real Netflix thrilling series will definitely make you feel the thrills. The Netflix thriller series are aimed to give you the right shock or leap of heart. They continue to maintain the element of thrill throughout the series. So, the jolt of fear, or the goosebumps are not meant for once, but they can re-appear anytime while you are watching the series. Netflix thriller shows, available on Netflix, will also make you experience sudden scenes that will either leave you in a frenzy or to keep wondering. 

These are the main features of thriller series on Netflix. These features of thriller series also serve as the main reason why audiences prefer such genres only on Netflix. Every year, there are various thrilling series available on Netflix to watch. The top thriller series on Netflix 2023 are mentioned in the next section. 

6 Best Thriller Series on Netflix 2023

Thriller series have found a firm space on Netflix platform. Here are 6 best thriller series on Netflix to watch in 2023.


How would you feel when your hunting plans go wrong and suddenly haunt you? Calibre is one amongst Netflix thriller shows that will teach you how unknown mistakes can push you into extremities of conspiracy. Calibre is the journey of Vaughn, an inexperienced hunter, who accidentally kills a boy instead of a deer. The embroilment of the death, intricates when Vaughn’s friend, Marcus kills the boy’s father to protect themselves. As a result,Vaughn and Marcus are on their feet, conspiring in order to save themselves. Their conditions further get impacted by the continuous conflicts between the rural people and the city tourists, considered as threats. 

Captain Phillips

Captain Philips

Imagine you are the captain of the boat that has been hijacked by the pirates. Sounds superficial? However, watching Captain Phillips will definitely change your perspective and take you close to hijacks happening on water! The thriller series on Netflix is about American commercial vessel captain, Captain Phillips, who tries to flee Somali pirate, Abduwali Muse. The pirate, along with his men, is just not satisfied with the money offered. They demand for more money considering the hostages are large in number. 

The Good Nurse

How will you tame a situation of unexpected deaths of your patients? The Good Nurse is an Netflix thriller series that traces the quest of Amy Loughren, an ICU nurse. She sets out to discover the truth behind the sudden and early demise of the patients. Her main suspect is Charles Cullen, a new staff member of the hospital. Loughren is surprised to know the real identity of Charles Cullen and gets adamant to reveal his truth. The thriller series also presents Loughren’s fight towards the deadly disease that continues to threaten her life. The series will surely keep you wondering and is best known for its slow shorts of thriller. This is why it is one amongst the best thriller series on Netflix. 


What will you do when it gets hard to distinguish between the truth and falsity? Synchronic is the story of two paramedics, who witness a turmoil when set to unfold the cause of mysterious deaths. Starring Jamie Dorman as Dennis and Anthony Mackie as Steve, the plot of the series muddles reality and fiction. The two characters find out the relation between psychedelic designer drugs that is leading to mysterious deaths. The entire series will give you thrilling jolts, as the characters continue to identify the exact cause of death due to the drug. What gets more crazy, is how the professional and personal life of the characters continue to muddle. Things also take a masty turn, as Dennis’ daughter goes missing. Due to its building mystery, Synchronic is amongst best Netflix thriller series.

Money Heist- Korea

The original Money Heist had taken the world by storm.  A revamp of the original version, Money Heist- Korea is all set in the rising economy of South Korea. The red-masked gang is all set to loot the unified Korea. The trapped hostages, and sudden decisions of the gang will surely leap you out of your seats. As in the original version, there is a shadowy figure that guides the red masked-gang. The duty of the police is to ensure that they stop the hostages from getting killed before it’s too late. This Netflix thriller series has gained various accolades in global charts too. Due to its global popularity, the series is rated amongst best Netflix thriller shows.



Have you ever imagined a school of supernatural beings? Wednesday is the best Netflix series to see amalgamation of horror, thriller and suspense. Wednesday Adams, an unusual girl who likes black has psychic power, will make you watch the series the most. As the plot proceeds, Wednesday finds herself inching close to a monster that is on a killing spree. The actual monster identity will surely keep your eyes wide open and let you think twice. The aura of Nevermore Academy, will also keep the audience hooked and find various supernatural powers that can hit the arrow, anytime! This is why Wednesday is one amongst the top thriller series on Netflix. 


Wondering what the other world would seem like? Hellbound will surely tell you how the experience of hell could be. This thriller series sees the appearance of otherworld beings, who descend on others to condemn the wrong doers to hell. The best part about the thriller series is that the hell bounds are involved in various supernatural events. Another aspect to watch out for is the rise of the religious group, The New Influence. The religious group gets involved in the suspicions, which builds up the thrilling aspect in this Netflix thriller series. 

These are the best thriller series on Netflix 2023. These best thriller series on Netflix  are ideal to get the right tinge of fear, suspense and building curiosity. 

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The above article explains what thriller series on Netflix are. The genre, thriller, is any show, or program that intends to create a susceptible atmosphere coupled with curiosity. Netflix thriller shows follows a twisted plot that is often induced to make a person think about every move made by the character. A Netflix thriller series is intended to make a person go through four types of emotions. 

The article also highlights the elements of Netflix thriller series. These elements include the plotline, backdrop, and characters of the Netflix thriller series. Further, there is also elucidation to the features of thriller series. These feature of thriller series on Netflix are:

  • Thinking Beyond the Line
  • Integration of Other Genres
  • Liberal Formating 
  • Unexpected Climax
  • Feeling of Thrill!

Lastly, the article also lists the best thriller series on Netflix 2023. These are:

  • Calibre
  • Captain Phillips
  • The Good Nurse
  • Synchronic
  • Money Heist- Korea
  • Wednesday
  • Hellbound 

Commonly Asked FAQs

  1. What is a thriller series?

 A thriller series follows a twisted plot that is often induced to make a person think about every move made by the character. A thriller series is intended to make a person go through four types of emotions. 

  1. Is The Good Nurse good series?

The Good Nurse will keep you hooked with the mystery, as Amy Loughren continues to find the real culprit for sudden deaths of the patients. The series is ranked 6.8 at IMDb and has 76% Rotten Tomatoes. 

  1. Is Money Heist-Korea flop or famous?

Money Heist-Korea became a global hit, as it was released in early 2022. The series has 33.7 million hours views. It was ranked number one show in South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. The show has also ranked at top on various South Korean entertainment platforms. 

  1. What are the best thriller series to watch on Netflix?

The best thriller series to watch on Netflix are:

  • Hellbound
  • Money Heist- Korea
  • Wednesday
  • Calibre
  • Captain Phillips
  • The Good Nurse
  • Synchronic

5. What is the plotline of Wednesday series?

Wednesday series is about a girl with supernatural powers, trying to uncover a mystery of decade. She sets on a journey to navigate the mysterious monster that is taking away the lives of students in her supernatural classroom. Wednesday series is a perfect binge watch, with horror and humor blending in different shades.