Infographics are going to be one of the best rich media in the future content space. A good infographic is a wholesome story. 

An infographic should be decked up with facts, numbers, images and text. What is more important than its constituents is the usage of those constituents. The correct amalgamation and placement of images and numbers in the infographic appeal to different audiences. Some like to see pictures and charts, some prefer numbers and some are more interested in the written text. 

The reason why an infographic can be a really good choice to accompany your content is that it is an amalgamation of every type of content that can be used to communicate the message and disseminate the information. 

Know what is infographics? What is an Infographic ? Rich Media to use in 2022

Best Infographic Examples

Crowd power

If you want to witness the power of magnificent storytelling, this is the befitting infographic. It’s easy to decipher the information that the infographic creator is trying to convey. There is the use of a red stick figure and it is the protagonist that takes the story of the infographic forward. 

A Purposeful Life, by Studio Patten

The infographic comes from Studio Patten and showcases the results of various surveys that communicate the message of leading a purposeful life. The data is presented with visually enticing charts. The name of this infographic and the meaning that it has can be very deep, but the balanced use of text and visual data. 

History of hashtags

The infographic is about hashtags, they’re featured largely in it. You can find a hashtag anywhere you look closely. The genius of the creator is how the whole timeline has been wrapped in a giant hashtag that spotlights the topic in a wholesome manner. 

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How to Be Productive While Working From Home

What better time to create content about work from home situations in the whole world. It’s not the same thing for everyone, some might feel it more work than an office going job. This infographic tells about how you can be more productive while working from home and can maintain the work life balance. Created by Bannersnack it will help you understand your working pattern and what changes you can make in your daily life with the tips and tricks provided here. 

Global carbon footprint

It is one of the most creatively constructed infographics ever. A special mention of it in the best infographics examples is rightfully deserved. The infographic is in the shape of a large foot that spotlights the topic: Human’s Global Carbon Footprint. Is easy to understand, larger circles signify larger polluting countries. It’s also aided with colour coding that indicates various continents. 

What Happens in One Internet Minute?

This can be one of the most interesting infographics examples. It shows the worth of a minute on the internet. The perennial web activities narrowed down to a tiny timeframe. This infographic from Domo is a brave choice and it displays a circular format symbolizing the clock and the 60 minutes show what really goes on in one internet minute. 

Best Infographic ideas for top notch content

Best Infographic ideas for top notch content
Best Infographic ideas for top notch content

Apart from your own, there are various infographic ideas that you can choose from. Infographic design is an extremely creative work and its creation process has seen an interesting upsurge lately. 


Most infographic designs are made to make the process of understanding the concept easier. Step-by-step are the most preferred infographics examples as they allow you to curate the contents in a manner that is easy to decipher. Visuals, texts, numbers and other data can be placed in a manner that offers step by step instruction to various processes. 

It really makes it easy to follow the process in an interesting manner without having the audience lose their interest because of the bullet points and ambiguous written text. 

Infographic : Step-by-step

Breaking down a process that is otherwise lengthy is one of the best infographic ideas where you can share your own perspective and help the audience understand the content better. 

Instructing a recipe, steps to clean your electronic devices and steps to follow for better night sleep, etc. 

One of the best free infographic templates for this type could be ‘Green Organic Natural Photosynthesis Biology Infographic’ in Canva.

Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks can be very easily incorporated in infographics design formats. People love to go through these types of content that makes or promises to make their life easier. DIY, life hacks and these tips and tricks make for great content and you can even use pictures, charts and logos to amplify your message.  Infographics are a fantastic medium for communicating best practices and all sorts of tips, tricks, and secrets on a wide variety of subjects.

  • ‘Brown Modern Illustrated Gardening Tips Infographic’ by Stediaco in Canva could be the best suited infographic template for this type. 
  • Fun Step by Step How to Read More Books Infographic by WomenPunch is another best suited example. 

Pop Culture Trends

Trends related to pop culture; entertainment, music and fashion, all of these can be great infographic ideas to work upon. The reason being their demand. People would always look for trending topics even if they don’t directly relate to them. 

Writing blogs and making videos about trending topics are also good but if you put in the right tactics, the chances of getting your infographic viewed by a large number of audience is much more than the others. 

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Social Trends

Another type of infographic ideas can be social and cultural trends. There is an altogether different section of the audience that is driven by these social and cultural trends.its is something that caters to everybody at some point in their life.

Infographic : Social Trends
Source: Digital Information World

Relevant issues that need a platform are getting their place in the content space, and infographic designs about them are a great way to solidify their position as relevant content. 

Upcoming Events

If you’re planning your editorial and content calendar, this should be on top of your infographics ideas list. It’s one of the ways to work on new content. You can review various topics and then choose to work on them. Holidays, movie releases, music concerts and all of these events are your inspirations and infographic ideas. 

Since this category falls under timeline infographics, you can use these infographic templates to create your own. 

  • Volleyball History Timeline Infographic
  • Self Care Challenge Timeline Infographic


Infographics and learning go hand in hand. The most primary function of an infographic is to educate. Tutorials can be very closely related to step by step infographic ideas because it’s the best manner to teach something. Add pictures and logos to make it more interactive and visual instead of just plain text. Cater to more human senses by including pictorial content. 

Some more Infographic Ideas to choose from:

Some more Infographic Ideas to choose from:
Some more Infographic Ideas to choose from:
  1. Comparisons
  2. Visualize articles
  3. Surveys
  4. Tell your story
  5. Industry Trends
  6. News Items
  7. In-House Data
  8. Work Culture
  9. Government Reports
  10. Existing Content

How to showcase your Infographic Ideas ?

How to showcase your Infographic Ideas?
How to showcase your Infographic Ideas?

1. Demonstrate an act: Show a process of doing something.

2. Simplify complicated concepts: Use pointers and images to make it easier

3. Provide stepwise instructions: Communicate the correct manner of doing a process.

4. Provide a map: Talk about the features of a particular geographic location.

5. Depict timelines: take your reader on a journey of time, past or future. 

6. Talk Numbers: Spotlight important data in numbers and figures. 

7. Compare with colours: Assign different colours to show the differentiation. 

8. Use More colours: Use different shades of a single colour to show something that transforms gradually. 

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Wrapping Up

Infographics are the forms of content that are considered rich media because of the variations that they bring. There are various infographic examples provided that will help you understand what a good infographic should have. You can also use free infographic templates to start your journey as a creator and design infographics of your own.

Infographic Examples

Infographic Examples
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Infographic Templates

Infographic Templates
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Free, brilliant infographic templates to customize

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Infographic Ideas

infographic ideas
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