The Industrial Revolution has changed a lot for mankind. And the post-industrial environment not only provided us with every amenity within our reach but has also taken away our most precious resource, time. As we were towards the end of the 20th century and heading into the 21st century, there were many technical developments. Even though the planet is closer than it has ever been, it is not at an all-time high for human contact. Now we will discuss about A Life-Changing Crisis.

This pandemic has shown us how unprepared the whole world was. On one hand, this pandemic will be a life lesson for many nations on the value of medical readiness when only military readiness had been the object of global attention. Not just contact but this lockout has also changed several other viewpoints in our minds that we had built up.
Eating out was not only a part of our everyday lives but was often considered to be inseparable. Many of us had some form of household assistance for daily chores. But this shutdown has helped people to realize the value of labor, as we do all the household chores now. This has led others to understand the value of labor.

Corona- A Life-Changing Crisis

In addition, we are now more prone to public hygiene. People are conscious of their cleanliness not only at their homes but on their streets as well. Hopefully we see fewer occurrences in open public areas where people are smoking, littering and urinating. Comprehending the importance of hygiene thus.

The Indian Police’s reputation has been tarnished by doings such as torture in the third degree, lack of preparation, incompetence etc. Yet the country’s police have done a great job. Going as far as entertaining men, inspiring us to stay at home in various ways. In addition, the medical profession that was seen as a money-making area till some back but now people realize the bravery it takes to be a medical professional in times such as these.

Some More Lessons from Crisis

Although the lockout helps us reconnect it also puts tremendous mental pressure on us. Psychiatrists around the world have found out that mental health problems, including anxiety and depression, are spiking in both patients and those who have never faced any such problem. Despite speculation regarding future lock-down related incidents and the corona virus pandemic this situation tends to get worse. For several of these cases, doctors suggest the lack of socializing by the patient is the prime concern. Numerous citizens who were already on the move before the lockout face obsessive anxiety and paranoia that has contributed to acute reactions to stress.

The lock-down has given us a lot of time to think, reconnect and reinvent in a life so quick paces. Therefore, while the lockout is a product of a devastating pandemic, it has changed and will continue to change our lives in many dramatic ways. Whether or not these would be useful still remains to be seen.

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