Bernie Sanders Supports Anti-War
Bernie Sanders Supports Anti-War (source – thenation)

The longest serving independent in US Congress history is strongly critical of neo-liberalism and economic injustice, Bernie Sanders has won worldwide laurels for his social democratic and economic policies. So let’s talk about the A Perfect Alternative To Right Wing.

He had vigorously and actively campaigned for his nomination as the president in 2016 that had later turned unsuccessful. But Sanders encouraged his followers to press on with democratic change in order to change the US. So he had mostly used social media platforms that would help his campaign gain momentum too effectively.

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Moreover, he declared on April 8 that he would suspend his bid, ending his chances of contesting the presidential election as a democrat representative. As a result, it seemed at one point of time that Sanders would win the Democratic Presidential Primary by 2020, such was his popularity.

Thus some of the party elites felt for their job and status. He was a serious threat and challenge to the Democrats’ long-held party-political orientation. This unnerved many at the party, and he could not get any support from the elite. Some in the party described him as a divisive force within the party. The elites of the democratic party and its associated media have a powerful influence, particularly in choosing their candidate for the presidency.

perfect alternative
Perfect Alternative to Right Wing

Sanders‘ campaign ran noble. Many call him the father of progressive movements of the modern day. His only message, and genuinely so, was national change. His manifesto was radical, which included medical facilities for all, that the healthcare of every American would be subsidized by the government, so that medical debts would no longer exist. Free tuition and no loan loans in public colleges and universities.

Big labor unions were allowed to organize and function. Housing support for all Americans. Less military expenditures, and no conflicts. With respect to foreign policy he raised some important questions about the essence of the relationship with Israel and Saudi Arabia. Zero emission vehicles on the environment side, energy from wind, solar, and hydro-power only. His climate policy was rather comprehensive. The respected environmental group Greenpeace firmly supported Sanders’ approach to environmental issues.

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His movement persuaded Americans to think differently, and dominated the public discourse with his theories. He brought new ideas into the field of politics. Some claim Sanders’ agenda may be a point of departure for new democratic politics.

His uncompromising stance on the ideals that he preached, proliferated and struggled for was the most important thing. He rejected any kind of reconciliation over his progressive ideas, even with people in the party having a huge influence.
Sanders may have proven to be a perfect alternative to right wing, nationalist and partisan politics with a rise in right wing and nationalist politics in the world. A mixture of populism, anti-immigration and authoritarianism policies is a lethal recipe to wreak havoc on the freedoms of common citizens worldwide.

Bernie Sanders
Perfect Alternative to Right Wing

Now we’ll be seeing rising bigotry, nativism, anti-immigrant and anti-refugee policies internationally. There will be heightened debate about border barriers, limitations on mass protests and prejudice against other cultures and societies. An interventionist state with increased economic intervention, more authoritarianism, and a ready-made surveillance system at its fingertips will prove a nightmare for civil liberties.

Slogans raised by him like Americans will not behave for themselves in the face of the global pandemic, but at the behest of others, and now is the time for peace, empathy, and compassion.

He seemed to be a perfect choice in the post-covid world of an ideal leader. Other leaders, groups and parties around the world will then emulate his humane strategies to rebuild it in a broken world and make it a safer place to live in.

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