Anime is computer animation and hand drawings that Japan introduced. The animations are described perfectly accordingly to their style and origin. This is in English and Japanese but is highly referred to as Japanese anime. The Best black anime characters which are produced out of Japan are called anime-influenced animation. 

The earliest Best black anime characters commercial of the anime dates to 1917 as the characters are styled in the 1960s with the help of the cartoonists and spread it all over to develop a large audience. These are introduced to everyone through television, spread over the internet, directly to home media. We can also say that anime are adapted from Japanese comics, light novels and video games. The anime industry has 430 production companies. 

As in Japanese anime, the characters did not look like actual Japanese people. They are mostly caucasian. Some best black anime characters look different, which contains different skin colours, including the black characters. 

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Best black anime characters female

Best black anime characters female
Best black anime characters female

There are so many characters present in the anime, but there are some that are the best and most famous. Some of the black anime characters female are:

  • Coffee – Cowboy Bebop

She did not last for so much time but then she leaves a very good and lasting impression.

  • Sister krone – The promised neverland

In everything she did, she did that for her survival; she was introduced as an antagonist, but she was more complex, and we all love her arc in this anime.

  • Atsuko Jackson – Michiko to Hatchin

She is often described as badass. She is tough and dedicated towards her goal, and she has a complicated relationship with the main character as she is a very interesting person. She is one of the best female black anime characters.

  • Michiko Malandro – Michiko to Hatchin

Her character looks and moves like she does not take any nonsense from anyone as externally she has a bold and hard attitude, but inside she is a soft heart and golden heart person.

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  • Miyuki Ayukawa – Basquash!

This black anime character was the package of brains and beauty. We love the way she is and the artist who gave her the locs and also that she is a black engineer.  [black anime characters girl]

  • S.A.M – Cannon Busters

This female black anime character’s name is the short form of Special Associate Model, and she was one of the main characters in the Cannon Busters as she looks so sweet. 

  • Casca – Berserk

She was the earliest introduced in the black anime character girl. In this, she was one of the most strong and capable leaders in the group of mercenaries. She has a special place in the heart as her character was not taken over and all love her leadership quality and her strategies that are shown in the show. 

  • Yoruichi Shihouin – Bleach

Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach is one of the best female anime characters as she is from a noble family and has the title of a princess, but she does not act like that. She is strong, smart, and a very good fighter who is butt in many fights. Her attitude was too good here as to how she was turned into a cutthroat fighter when needed.

  • Carle- Carole and Tuesday

The life of Carle was not easy then, so that did not keep her down, and she never gave up. In this series, she makes half of the musical duo, a titular character here. The best thing about Carle was that she was determined toward her dream and did all the possible things to make her dream come true as by portraying the role of black anime characters female.

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  • Canary – HunterXHunter

Last but not least, Canary from Hunter X hunter played a younger teen girl who was the bodyguard/servant for the Zoldyck family, the powerful and fearful family of assassins. Her character has a great heart and caring, and she is loyal towards her work and the people and also goes against the order for the will of the family.

Best black anime characters male

Best black anime characters male
Best black anime characters male (source)

There are so many characters present in the anime, but there are some that are the best and most famous. Some of the male black anime characters are:

  • Afro Samurai – Afro Samurai

He is considered as one of the most important characters of Afro Samurai and is regarded as one of the best male black anime characters. He had a traumatic past as he watched his father’s death in front of his eyes as in here he did not show his emotions and acted as a cold-blooded person.

  • Kaname Tousen- Bleach

He was the captain of the ninth division, and he seemed like the bad guy who betrayed soul society, but that was not actual.  Tousen was close to a woman who was killed by her own husband, and from the movement, he decided to follow what she said. 

  • Kilik Rung – Soul Eater

He is one of the top performers in the series and one of the best male black anime characters. He was a sort of leader in his friend’s group, and he was considered an A+ friend. 

  • Fourth Raikage A – Naruto

This male black anime character is viewed as a gentle giant in this anime and refers to washi here which is the humble way to call him as he can do anything for good. 

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  • James Ironside – Blood+

His mother died at an early age and after than he joined the forces of military. He was injured so badly when Amshel promised to save him. James is known for his serious attitude, and he is also portrayed as an ambitious person who has a strong devotion towards Diva.

  • Darui -Naruto

He was so down to earth and level headed person. This makes him one of the best male black anime characters; however, he gets bored so easily and becomes annoyed very easily. He seems lazy, but he is not.

  • Omoi -Naruto

He does not have a habit to overthink before doing anything, and his imaginations are sometimes wild. He has very good strength and ability to do things, and yes, he is a skilled person.

  • Agil -Sword Art Online

He appeared in the Sword Art Online and was captured as an axe wielder in that place. But in real life, he is an owner of a small cafe which he manages along with his wife. He is one the most helpful male black anime characters.

  • Sid Barrett -Soul Eater

He is a former teacher at the academy who is undead. He is very kind and a friendly teacher, making him liked by others and he loves all his students and treats them well. He wants them to reach their heights and find their potential to do things.

  • Kaz Kaan -Neo Yokio

He was the main character in Neo Yokio and was one of the coolest and the most elegant male characters in the anime. He was very serious with his looks and fashion and have a good social status which is very important to him. 

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  • Mr Popo -Dragonball
Mr Popo -Dragonball
Mr Popo -Dragonball

He is an earth guardian and can move anywhere by using his magic carpet. He is very old then too his age was not popped out. He is a very lovely character and his colour eventually changes from black to blue.

  • Aokiji -One Piece

He is also called Kuzan in one piece and he was with the black-beared pirates, and because of his attitude, it is difficult for others to believe he is a marine. He speaks in a more relaxed way than the formal, which sometimes tends to become rude but not rude.

  • Mugen -Samurai Champloo

He is one of the main characters in this series, and he is a womaniser, crude and a little crazy. If anyone challenges him to do something, he will accept it and do everything possible to win that challenge. He has a lot of self-respect as he can fight till death instead of begging for his life.

  • Simon Brezhnev -Durarara

Simon Brezhnev is one of the great owners of sushi of Russia. He is a kind and humble person. He doesn’t like fighting and does not want to see anyone fight as he believes that fighting is not the solution to any problem. 


As we can say, animes are always changing and evolving in their characters and many other things. The anime are no longer introduced and created in Japan as other countries have also started to organise them. The level of representation given by Japanese anime is unbeatable. And all the characters mentioned above, we love them and have a place in the hearts of those who love anime, and these are the best black anime characters we had mentioned. The representation or introduction of black characters in the anime gives us hope that they will continue that and improve.

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