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Content writing is an artistic form of expression which captures the mundane and moulds it into something creative catchy and crisp. The concept of a content writing company gained recognition and acceptance in the early 1990s when online activities started gaining momentum and became the norm. With everything on the internet, the style of content writing has also changed. Content writing evolved to a point where it has become a brutal jungle with fierce competition with everybody striving to reach the top. In no time we have witnessed a colossal growth in the number of content writing companies.


We are the writers is a content writing company in Delhi NCR that provides quality writing services. Our goal is to produce immersive and rich content which envelopes a variety of topics. The team of We Are The Writers really believe that a content writing company should not be limited to a specific niche since everything around us has a story to tell and we are here to pen it down.

We are proud of our wide range of publications which have ranked in google because while producing quality content we also ensure that the technicalities are kept intact which increases the visibility and reach of the article. The details of becoming a successful content writing company will be discussed in-depth in this article. 


Content writing is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of text-based content e.g. articles, product descriptions, website content, email newsletters, press releases, e-books etc.  These are some examples of content that a content writing company provides to a potential customer at various stages of a sales funnel. The ideal goal for each of these is to ensure that the customer is convinced to reach the end of the sales funnel and thus closing the deal.

Content writing company

A writer may have to adopt/change their style of writing depending on the content they are producing and what they are trying to achieve out of it. A general rule is usually applicable to all styles of writing. [Source- Back Linko]

Content writing may seem like a casual vocation that does not entertain many technicalities but in actuality, there is an elaborate process that a writer must follow in order to produce well researched, educated and interesting content.  For easier understanding the steps have been deconstructed and discussed in detail in the following section:


Content writing company

For a content writing company, there is no one formula that can guarantee masterpieces but there are a few tricks that make the process of content writing easier and the end result, rewarding. Let us see some tips and tricks which are discussed below:

HAVE A HOOK WHICH CAPTURES THE READER’S ATTENTION The probability of a reader going through an article is low. People generally tend to leave after reading the first three words. Therefore, the opening should be filled with a punch that will compel the reader to investigate further into the article. This will guarantee success for both the writer and for the content writing company. Let us see the other tips and tricks to become a successful content writer and at the same time focus on becoming a successful content writing company. [Source- Writerena]

RESEARCH This is the second important tip that should be followed by you and also by the writing company. Research is one of the most important parts of writing an article. Make sure that you have access to all relevant information about the article you are writing. Thus, proper research in a particular domain can help the content writing company gain success. Not only the company, but as an individual, you can also follow these tips and tricks.

ORIGINALITY– There is extensive information available on google about every topic. What your article needs to rank is a novelty. The writer and also the content writing company should always aim to develop a story with a hint of personal touch. Google encourages and promotes original and creative articles. Therefore, the originality of your content must be retained.


This part of writing is particularly crucial for any content writing company. It is especially important that reliable, factual, and researched-based information is published on the website failing to do so may result in backlash from the customers as well as the search engines.

In a survey, it was found that 59% of customers would stop any form of interaction with a concerned brand if the content published on the content writing company website was fake. Whereas 69% of the participants said that they would like to indulge in doing business with the content writing company who were upfront and honest about the content they published about their products. Dishonest and lousy content will lead to the eventual downfall of the brand.

Being factual and professionally researched about your content also gives the content writing company the advantage of looking secure and an authority figure in the concerned market which is highly appreciated and welcome. 


The first step towards creating content is to establish the business goals that are to be achieved through it. The format and material are to be formulated accordingly.  The basic understanding that is required at this stage is what type of content is needed, the tone of the content and the desired goal for every piece.  The focus should remain on high volume keywords that can help rank the site. Every content writing company has its own goal and aspirations. Therefore, the employees and the company should work forward to achieve it too.

If the desired effect is to convert readers into leads, then the content needs to be more middle fuelled in order to capture high intent users and direct them towards the desired or relevant lead magnet.


According to the major search engine google, readers when searching for a topic may be looking for a diverse range of answers, hence in-depth articles which explore the topic effectively have a higher chance of getting noticed and ranking on the site. 

Search intent can be deconstructed into four categories:

  • Informational – Consisting of topic specific information.
  • Navigational- The person may be looking for a specific web page.
  • Commercial- The person is interested in a purchase and may be weighing their options.
  • Transactional-The person is interested in purchasing a product. 


We have set foot in a digitalized era that is continuing to grow in that direction. SEO is an important tool in every content writing company which helps in directing organic traffic towards the website. In order to produce quality content that matches the search engine algorithm, a perfect cocktail of information and relevant keywords needs to be produced which will further be highlighted by Google. [Source- Blog Hubspot]

Irrelevant or plagiarized content is usually hidden in web pages that do not reach maximum visitors. Keyword research and SEO is the ultimate arsenal for content writing. To be successful in this domain all content writing companies should be mindful of these factors.

Keyword research is essential for every topic. It is important to create a list of relevant keywords in accordance with the topic of choice. 

SEO not only serves the purpose of ranking the article, but it also helps in effective communication with the reader through the medium of content writing which in turn helps in the realization of marketing goals through high visibility and reach.


In this section, you should focus on your brand image. It is important to know the goals of your company. The importance of your brand and its focus area should be known. At the same time, the writer and the company should also know what their target audience wants to read. The company should focus on the domain the audience is attracted to. Therefore, the two content pillars are the importance of knowing what your brand/company cares about and secondly having knowledge about the market information.

There is no questioning the fact that the competition among content writing companies is tough, with new content pushed out every minute it is very tough to leave a lasting impression. It is essential to plan a strategy around the content that helps in marketing the content among potential readers. Content writing companies usually prefer planning their content in advance, which makes it easier to strategize the content being produced. 


Topic research is essential to formulate strong, subjective, well-researched content which is appreciated by search engines.  A few points are necessary to be considered when executing topic research. The content should be based on the primary concerns of the readers, which can be figured through the most asked questions on various platforms or running a personal survey.  Analysing the keywords that are used by your competitors in content writing which you aren’t using. There are tools such as the Keyword Gap Tool to analyse the same. 


Any content writing company knows the importance of merging skilful writing and crucial marketing strategies to punch out an article that is pushed further by google. There are various techniques that a professional writer uses to promote the likeability/readability of an article.  Hooks, consistent tone, and visual images.

Starting with the basics, there are some tried and tested tricks that elevate the quality of the blog if applied correctly. The article should be edited beforehand, and any grammatical error should be eliminated instantly. As a writer, you should also focus on your spelling. Spelling errors will hamper your writing.  

As a content writing company, it is important to find innovation in your work. Find an interesting angle for the topic in question. Thus, by doing so the tone and motivation should remain consistent throughout the article. The message that the article is trying to convey should be absolutely clear to the reader. Therefore, instead of going around and mixing the message of the article, a set outline should be put in place in advance to make sure that the article has a smooth flow.

Content writing companies have also started using visuals and templates in their articles, with visuals having the added advantage of providing a better understanding of the topic. In a recent survey, it was found that 40% of readers preferred reading articles that had visuals in them. 

The end goal for most articles is to convert readers into high yielding yields. Hence different forms of content writing require the use of different tricks which will impact the reader in the most powerful manner depending on the medium of consuming the concerned content.

There are various types of content writing, some of which are discussed below:


Blogs are the most popular method of content writing because it holds the guarantee of generating traffic if done correctly. 90% of marketers said that blogs were the main content to be produced by them. This portrays the importance of blog writing for the writer and the company too.

In order to come up with a good article/blog, keywords should be used in a recurrent manner. The keywords should be equally distributed throughout the article. The distribution should be in the heading, the meta title and in between the article. Other factors that need to be taken under consideration is the ease of readability of the article, an interesting opening/SEO title etc. 

There are various SEO websites that provide helpful guidelines which enable the writer to gauge the readability and the optimal use of SEO in the article. Doing this ensures the chances of the article ranking on search engines.


Press releases are an important tool for a content writing company because it allows for promotion and connecting with the public. This helps the company to get crucial details about the hopes and aspirations of the company. When companies get to know about the requirements of the public, it becomes easy to develop content according to the suitability of the public. This ensures a proper promotion for the content writing company.

Garnering media attention and convincing them to write an article about you is the focal point of a press release. The crucial W’s should be sorted in order for the text to be effective. Who or what the article is about? what has happened? what will be happening?  In which place is it going to happen? Why does it matter? All these questions should be answered without fail in the press release. Factors such as statistics, word count, contact information, seasonality should also be considered in a press release.


This is the most useful form of content generation in recent times. E-books have become a popular medium for a content writing company. Nearly 37% of businesses have begun producing e-books in connection with their businesses because they have a profound impact and prove to be useful and are beneficial in other ways, such as they are useful in establishing themselves as a skilled expert in the field and educating readers about the company. They have also come into use to push customers further down the sales funnel. [Source- The Guardian]

There are a few considerations that need to be made while writing an ebook, they are:

  • Choosing the topic carefully
  • Piquing the reader’s interest with a captivating introduction
  • A table of contents should be provided for better navigation.
  • Data and statistics should be used systematically.


Website content entails a wide variety of information pertaining to the content writing company which encourages readers to engage with your company. 

The basic information which is provided on every website is :

  1. About us
  2. Contact us
  3. Home Page
  4. Landing Page
  5. FAQ/QA

Website content is supposed to be friendly and approachable as opposed to clinical and cold, this method helps the reader to interact and trust the brand which is essential to turn the reader into a customer. Links should be provided wherever necessary to provide as much information as possible, it is also recommended to present professional terminology in a casual manner that can be understood by the general public. Successful projects and reviews should be highlighted on the website, it helps in building trust with the potential customer.


Content writing is an amalgamation of research and writing. If the blend is perfected between these two factors keeping in mind the other essential technicalities, then creating supreme articles which will generate considerable traffic and engage the target audience is plausible.

Content writing requires patience and skilful use of the resources provided but the creative angle is what really draws the reader towards the article, originality is always appreciated and primarily preferred, a good content writer always considers these points and makes sure to use them in required amounts throughout the blog.

We are the writers is a content writing company based in Delhi NCR who are pioneers in the field of content writing. We’ve passionate writers who are skilled to handle any project and exhibit them in the most creative and crisp way possible.