It is not often that celebrities make a positive impact without stirring themselves into a controversy or news. Sushant Singh Rajput and the great SSR movies list influenced the masses in a way that had an intellectual and constructive effect on them. Sushant Singh Rajput was much more than an actor, he was known not only for the famous SSR movies but also because he was a dreamer, a thinker, a believer, and a person with a beautiful mind. 

He inspired people with his story, making a tough yet beautiful transition from being a Television daily soap actor to being a silver screen superstar. Reading his story people tend to resonate and energize ourselves and eventually fill ourselves a zest of accomplishing our goals. 

His death left the world in a state of shock and despair, people were unable to accept the reasons and were sad that they could not understand the pain behind his smile.

SSR movies list was one of the highest-ranking films of its time. The story, the cinematic appeal, and the wonderful acting skills were applauded by millions all over. Here we take a look at some of the best ssr movies and cherish the cinematic moments that we as an audience spent with Sushant Singh Rajput. The ssr movies list covers a wide range of films. The ssr movies list is a brilliant combination of critic and entertainment. Here the ssr movies list :



It all begins when Govind Patel aka Govi gives a presentation about the sports club that he is running. In a different scene, Omkar Shastri aka Omi gets out of the prison. Both friends then recall their haunted memories from the year 2002. 

The story now runs in the flashback where Ishaan Bhatt aka ish is a famous cricketer in his locality but could never make it due to internal politics. Omi is shown joining the politics. Govi is shown as a nerd. Three friends together open up a sports shop and an academy in which ish is the trainer, they wish to promote the local talent. They eventually establish a center for youth to learn and play cricket.

Ish later requests Govi to teach his sister Vidya mathematics to which govi is reluctant but agrees eventually. Govi and Vidya slowly fall in love with each other. Omi is aware of their love story. 

The three friends encourage Ali Hashmi, a local boy for playing cricket as they see the potential in him. Ishaan trains him well. The three friends later sought to expand their business and buy space in an upcoming mall in the city. They take help from Omi’s uncle, a politician.

In January 2001 due to the devastating earthquake, the mall is destroyed and the three of them face a huge debt. Omi now has to forcefully indulge in the right-wing politics of the party to fulfill the debt. As tensions mount in the political arena, the deadly killing of those on the train to Ayodhya amongst which the victims were also Omi’s parents. In 2002, the riots take a political turn and amongst the mayhem and chaos of the violence Omi mistakenly shoots Ishaan, who was attempting to save Ali who was at the gunpoint of Omi. Ishaan eventually dies, leaving everyone devastated. 

Kai Po Che starcast
Kai Po Che starcast

The story resumes in the present day with Omi being released from prison and Vidya married to Govind, they now have a son whom they name Ishaan. The film ends on a positive note with Ali playing for the Team India against Australia and hitting a four. (Source : Wikipedia)


  • Sushant Singh Rajput- Ishaan Bhatt
  • Amit – Omkar Shastri
  • Rajkumar Rao- Govind Patel
  • Amrita Puri- Vidya Bhatt
  • Tahir Raj Bhasin- Adult Ali Hashmi 
  • Digvijay Deshmukh- Young Ali Hashmi

The film was a wonderful remake of the Chetan Bhagat book “The Three Mistakes of My Life”. It garnered a lot of positive response from the critics and the audience. It was the grand debut of Sushant Singh Rajput and is one of the best ssr movies from ssr movies list.



The story begins with a tourist guide, Raghu Ram who also works for a wedding planner, Goyal, as a Baraati. Raghu later feels wedding jitters right before he is about to get married in an arranged marriage scenario. Goyal has hired a fake Baarat for Raghu which includes Gayatri, a woman of the modern age who lives life on her terms. Raghu and Gayatri have a fling on the way to Raghu’s wedding. Raghu in awe of Gayatri’s sense of freedom and self, flees the wedding becoming a runaway groom. 

Later on, Gayatri and Raghu start dating each other and start a live-in relationship. This kind of relationship is looked down upon by the stereotypical Indian society. They hide their relationship from society by pretending to be siblings. However, a neighbor catches them and creates confusion between the couple. The couple makes good and plans to get married but Gayatri becomes the runaway bride and Raghu is left in tears.

After this horrible event, Raghu meets Tara, the woman whom he left at the altar before he got into a relationship with Gayatri. She plans to take an act of revenge but later falls for him. Just when Raghu is about to propose to Tara, he meets Gayatri at a wedding. The mother of the bride sends them out to pick up the pundit for the ceremony. Gayatri tries to strike a conversation but Raghu is not responding.

In the end at dinner, Raghu sees Tara and Gayatri sitting together at a table, Raghu tries to run away from the scenario but Gayatri follows him and confesses her love for him. Tara catches them hugging each other and realizes that Raghu is not for her and leaves without any answer. 

On the night of Gayatri and Raghu’s marriage, they meet each other while they were running away again. They agree that they love each other but do not wish to be bound by marriage so they continue their live-in relationship. 


  • Sushant Singh Rajput as Raghu Ram
  • Parineeti Chopra as Gayatri
  • Vani Kapoor as Tara
  • Rishi Kapoor as Goyal 



The film is set in 1942 Calcutta, a pre-independence time when the underworld is under the control of Chinese gangsters who are smuggling loads of opium from Shanghai. A fight occurs when a gang in Calcutta brutally blinded by the gangster Yun Gong is thought to be killed. 

A brilliant student, Byomkesh Bakshi is approached by Ajit Banerjee for finding his father. Byomkesh suggests that his father might be involved in some wrongdoing to which Ajit slaps him hard. Later on, Byomkesh’s lover, Leela tells him that she will be marrying a rich guy instead of him.

Byomkesh later takes on Ajit’s case. He starts with the investigation and concludes that Bhuvan has been killed. They visit a factory where Bhuvan used to work and meet an actress, Angoori who is amused by Byomkesh and offers him a ride. He starts interrogating Angoori by asking if she knew Bhuvan and she shows him some letters and messages.

With the mysterious and thrilling turn of events, Byomkesh moves from a mere murder investigation to a whole new diaspora of events where he finds the involvement of people around in the underworld. In the end, he manages to solve the case and falls in love with a woman named Satyawati. The film ends with the Chinese gang promising to take an act of revenge against Byomkesh Bakshi.


  • Sushant Singh Rajput as Byomkesh Bakshi
  • Anand Tiwari as Ajit Banerjee
  • Divya Menon as Satyawati
  • Neeraj Kabi as yang Guang
  • Swastika Mukherjee as Angoori



SSR as MS Dhoni
SSR as MS Dhoni

The biopic starts with the 2011 cricket world cup, where MS Dhoni walks in to bat. 

After this scene, the story starts in a flashback in 1981 Ranchi, where Dhoni is born. His father, Pan Singh is a pump operator and wants his children to study hard and get a good job. The story progresses where Dhoni is a school kid and is selected by his coach for wicket keeping. He develops a love for the game and eventually learns the nuances of cricket. He grows up and plays various types of matches which make him a popular figure in the city. He is a wicket-keeper/ batsman.

He is selected for a big match but does not make it in time due to the failure of the system. He then becomes a TC at the Kharagpur Station and continues playing cricket. As some time passes Dhoni becomes depressed with his life and plans to move on and start afresh by only focusing on his game. 

He plays matches and he meets Yuvraj Singh, he loses against him. With full focus on cricket, he manages to secure a place in the Indian team. With this, he meets a girl called Priyanka and falls in love with her. They both hide their relationship from the world. On Valentine’s day as Priyanka goes out to buy a gift for Dhoni, she faces an accident that results in her death. Dhoni is heartbroken but later decides to go on but performs badly in the 2007 world cup. Later in the T-20 world cup, he drives the team to victory. 

3 years later he arrives in a hotel in Kolkata and meets Sakshi Rawat after a few meetings they fall in love and eventually get married. Later the training begins for the 2011 world cup. A team with new players is formed. Dhoni eventually performs extremely well and drives the team to victory by hitting the most memorable six in the history of the world cup. India lifts the world cup and picks up the trophy. 


  • Sushant Singh Rajput as MS Dhoni
  • Kiara Advani as Sakshi Rawat
  • Disha Patani as Priyanka Jha
  • Anupam Kher as Pan Singh 
  • Rajesh Sharma as Dhoni’s coach

This was one of the most loved movies on the SSR movies list. 



Shiv a banker works in Budapest. He is a very excited and amusing person, he meets Saira, a baker who gets some scary nightmares and has a fear of drowning in water. Saira and Shiv fall in love with each other after a series of events. They find themselves extremely attracted to each other and wish to build a future together. They share a different type of connection which is rare to find. 

Saira shares pour her heart with Shiv and talks to him about her fears and nightmares. The two feel inevitably connected and to test whether their connection is pure or not they try forging casual relationships with other people, during this time, Saira meets Zack and talks to him about her life. While having dinner, Zack drugs Saira and takes her along with him.

Saira wakes up and finds herself trapped in a castle. Zack claims lame things from past life stating that he has looked for her, his whole life. He is adamant about having her in his life and forcefully traps her. Things get violent and Saira attempts to escape the castle, she suddenly drowns in water and a flashback hits her about her past life which includes Shiv and Zack. 

Shiva as Jilaan from a past life is a ruler who challenger the lovers of past life Saiba aka Saira and Qaabir aka Zack. Qaabir is wounded and Jilaan gives him an ultimatum to surrender. Meanwhile, Saiba approaches Jilaan and challenges him for a competition, if she wins thenQaabir is free but if she loses Saiba will surrender herself to Jilaan.

Saiba loses and they eventually fall in love. On the night of their wedding comets shower and Qaabir emerges to take revenge for stealing the love of his life; Saiba. Jilaan is dropped in the ocean and Saiba follows him, they both die due to drowning. Qaabir takes his own life. A priest named Muwwaqqil predicts that this event will repeat itself. 

In the present day, the events of the past life repeat themselves. Shiv emerges and challenges Zack. He manages to defeat Zack. Shiv and Saiba are reunited and promise to never be separated from each other. 

The story leaps with Saira and Shiv having twins and visiting Amritsar. This movie required a lot of pre-production training and was one of the most finely shot movies on the SSR movies list.


  • Sushant Singh Rajput: Shiv/ Jilaan
  • Kriti Sanon: Saira/ Saiba
  • Jim Sarbh: Zakir aka Zack/ Qaabir
  • Varun Sharma: Radha 
  • Rajkumar Rao: Muwwaqqil 



The movie is made around the real-life event that happened in the northern state of India, the Uttarakhand floods. In the valley of Kedarnath, Mandakini, daughter of the priest engaged to her sister’s ex-fiance and Mansoor, a Muslim porter for the travelers. When Mandakini meets Mansoor she starts to develop a feeling for him and makes the first move by flirting with him and talking to him endlessly. They get trapped on a hill while it was raining heavily and share intimate details of each other’s life. 

When her family finds out about the love affair her family quickly organizes her wedding and gets her married much to her dismay. Mandakini has fallen for Mansoor and announces out that if they are separated everything will be destroyed. After her wedding ceremony, she slits her wrist but is saved. On that very night, clouds burst out causing heavy floods bringing down houses and trees. Mansoor Rushes towards Mandakini worrying about her. While she spots her mother and sister falling and sinking in the floodwater. Mandakini and her father manage to escape to the temple but water fills in there too and Mansoor finally grabs her hand tight and saves her. 

They later spot a rescue helicopter and wave at it. The Army saves them with a few other tourists. While everyone managed to get in, Mansoor allows a father whose child was screaming from the plane to go in, the plane was overweight and they had to leave Mansoor behind to die. 

Three years later, Mandakini runs a lodge with her father and listens to a romantic song which she dedicates to Mansoor and smiles while remembering him. Kedarnath was shot in the valley of Kedarnath, this movie received a lot of praise and was Sushant’s finest performance from the ssr movies list.


  • Sushant Singh Rajput: Mansoor Khan
  • Sara Ali Khan: Mandakini Mishra
  • Nitish Bhardwaj: Mandakini’s father
  • Alka Amin: Mansoor’s Mother
  • Sonali Sachdev: Lata Mishra



The story runs both in flashback and in the present day. Aniruddh is a divorced man and lives with his teenage son; Raghav wants to become an engineer. He wishes to secure admissions to IIT. Raghav is suffering intense anxiety he later finds out that he has not qualified for the IIT admission. Raghav suffers depression and tries to commit suicide by slipping from the stairs. After Aniruddh comes to know that his son fears being called a loser he talks to him about his college days.

The flashback starts, it’s the year 1992, his first day at IIT Bombay. Ani is assigned the ‘loser’ hostel room. He remembers the fun he has had and the friends he made in his college days. He falls in love with Raghav’s mother Maya and he narrates his story of fun and learnings.

Aniruddh’s group was challenged by an opposite group for a sports competition and Aniruddh’s group manage to win the championship with hard work despite being labeled as a loser.


  • Sushant Singh Rajput: Aniruddh Pathak
  • Shraddha Kapoor: Maya Sharma
  • Mohammad Samad: Raghav Pathak
  • Varun Sharma: Gurmeet Dhillon
  • Tahir Bhasin: Derek D’Souza 
  • Naveen Polishetty: Himanshu Deshmukh
  • Tushar Pandey: Sundar Srivastava


Sushant Singh Rajput was a man whose passion went beyond movies and stardom. He was also intensely involved with astronomy and intellectual reading. He inspired people to believe in their dreams and motivated the common masses to pursue their ambitions relentlessly.

His work enlightened many and won him a lot of appreciation from the audience as well as the critics. The ssr movies list would be incomplete without mentioning Son Chiraiya and Dil Bechara which marked the high points of his career. Dil Bechara was released posthumously and was lovingly received by the audience. 

Ssr movies list catered to the audience with every possible emotion and will stay in their hearts forever. Sushant Singh Rajput placed the souls of every character that he played in himself and delivered a cinematic wonder to people who very much loved and celebrated him. Ssr movies list created a lot of positive impact on the minds of the audience. The ssr movies list provided a variety of choices and was extremely well received. 

Today, with respect in our hearts and prayer on our lips we remember this man who became a hero on the silver screen.