YouTube, what is the first thing which comes to your mind with this term? The answer would be videos, YouTube thumbnails, and visuals. It is a major source of entertainment for more than 2 billion users all over the world[1]. This social media is attracting millions of people every second. Many people spend their leisure time watching YouTube videos and YouTube shorts. Instead of wasting your crucial time, you can utilize this time to create your branding on YouTube. Are you excited to learn this skill? 

Well, this is not an easy skill, but your hard work, dedication, and focus matters in this subject. Building a brand is not child’s play at all. It requires the hard work and consistency of many years to create one. If you are not active on YouTube, then be ready to be an active user, or if you are already active but struggling among so many other creators, then you are on the right track. With this blog, you will clear all your doubts and become a master. 

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What is YouTube used for?

It is a famous social media app that is used to watch different videos, shorts and provides knowledge of different domains. Here, users have the freedom to like, dislike, or comment on any specific content. Users can also subscribe to channels that seem to be informative. Android, as well as ios users, can access this YouTube app from Google Playstore and App store, respectively. 

YouTube represents one of the largest scale and most sophisticated industrial recommendation systems in existence. In this paper, we describe the system at a high level and focus on the dramatic performance improvements brought by deep learning[2].

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Features of YouTube

Features of YouTube

It keeps on adding new features every minute. The best thing about this platform is that it never stops updating its application. You need to sign in this application after launching the YouTube app. After signing in with this application, you will find the following options:


Home: When you hover over these options, you will find multiple YouTube channels and YouTube Ads. Sometimes it recommends videos according to your choices also. You can watch videos online and also watch these videos on YouTube Incognito mode. 


Shorts: YouTube shorts are a medium to provide useful content to the audience. You can find many channels that provide the to-the-point and crisp matter. 


Create: If you are a content creator and want to create your brand, then this is the right place. With the help of this create option, you can create, upload or display any type of shorts or videos to the public and provide useful information to your audience. 


Subscriptions: The channels which you find informative and important, you can subscribe to those channels with the help of the subscribing option. 


Library: The library consists of lots of information regarding the videos which you have liked. In one word, it provides you with the history of your YouTube account. 


Notifications: If someone likes, comments, or tags you, you will be notified with the help of this section. You get notified when any of your subscribed channels uploads a new video or shorts. 


Search: You can search different channels and content according to your needs. You could type your question in the search bar, and the videos related to the question will appear as YouTube thumbnails. 


Profile: This is your own section that contains information regarding your account. You can control your account with this option. 

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What is Branding in YouTube?

Branding on Youtube

If used properly, then it can be utilized to promote your brand. YouTube is the second most used website after Google. With the change in YouTube Algorithms, it’s important to keep these points in your mind. Here are the best 15 ways to promote branding on YouTube. 


Don’t mess with the titles. It is the main component of clickbait. Clickbait is a trick that acts as a honey to attract an audience and customers towards your brand. The major intent of clickbait is to encourage visitors to click on your YT channel link. Use proper keywords and always be in touch with long-term keywords. 

Watch Time

Ensure that your video is of a long duration. Not many people like to watch short videos. Try to advertise your products with the help of a content creator. Collaborate with the content creator and promote your products with them. The content creators will use your products in the entire video. In this way, your brand will gain recognition among the consumers. 

Channel Branding

If you own a channel to promote branding, you should provide a YouTube Profile Picture which relates to your brand. Provide a background picture to promote your brand. The first impression is the last impression, so your style and font matter a lot with your background picture. 

Channel Trailer

Like every movie, your channel also needs a trailer to promote your brand. To do so, you need to upload your channel trailer with the help of creating an option. Must incorporate important and relevant information regarding your brand in the trailer. 


Some of the important guidelines regarding thumbnails are 1280*720 pixels, the width of 640 pixels, the ratio of 16:9, the file size of 2MB, and the format should be .JPG,.GIF,.BMP, or. PNG. Your YouTube logo should be at the bottom corners. Always promote your brands in accordance with the trends. 

End Screens

For an audience who completely watches your video, this is clickbait. You can use end screens to direct your audience to a blog, a website, or another video, which could benefit your brand. 

Love you Fans

Shower some love on your audience or customers by managing a Giveaways program or by cheering up their name on your channel. This would make them feel that you care for them and want to build a nice relationship with your audiences. 


Post your videos or YouTube shorts at a specific time. For example, Post your videos once in a week on Monday and YT Shorts almost every day in the evening. You can also show your schedule to the viewers through your videos. 


Use multiple platforms to promote your brand. With the help of your videos, provide a link to your Facebook or Instagram channel. It can be used as a great marketing tool to promote your brand. 


Always create separate playlists for different categories of videos. There will be clarity in your videos. The audience will be able to distinguish between your videos. This will also lead to people watching more of your channel. 


Release YouTube shorts regarding your brand. Give quick and secret information associated with your brand, with the help of these shorts. More people will engage with your shorts, and thus more will be your brand value. 

Display Products

Use it as an advertising channel for your products or services. Try to create promotional videos for your brand and encourage humor in your videos. All these things will help you to retain the loyalty of the customers. 

Video Description

Use video description efficiently. Provide all relevant information about your brand. You can also utilize this space efficiently to provide links for other social media accounts of your brand. Video description is the twin sister of Meta description. 

Youtube Live

Get a chance to interact with your customers directly with the help of this live feature. Surprise the audience with some special gifts or declare a special offer regarding your brand in the live show. 

Youtube Ads

This is the main source of income for the YouTube Community. Ads provide a huge profit to the brands. Once viewers click on these ads, they receive an amount of money. Paid ads are the best. For this, you have to invest some money, and you receive an amount of money in return. 

Paid Promotion for Branding on YouTube:

Branding on YouTube
Paid Promotion

There are many types of YouTube ads that help to promote your brand. Some of them are listed as follows:

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Both Facebook and Instagram follow the same algorithm. If you have a brand that has expertise in the niche of fashion and technology, then these ads are most helpful. 

Twitter Ads

It is of great help for promoting your brand using short funny video clips and gifs. The content gets old on Twitter very fast as compared to YT. So, you need to advertise a lot to promote your brand. 

Google Ads

You can use these ads on websites, blogs, and YouTube channels. This encourages a lot of traffic and reach. 

Pinterest Ads

You have to work a bit harder than other ads to promote your brand with Pinterest ads. These provide a major source of graphical content and people just love watching these content.

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Social Media to Promote YouTube Brands:

Connecting other social media accounts with YouTube can help you to promote your brand. You can opt for the following methods to connect your account with YT, in order to promote your brand.

  • You can provide links for other social media accounts in the description.
  • Provide links for other videos on the eye button on YouTube.
  • Try the YouTube Studio app. 
  • Promote your brand by recommendation of famous social media influencers. 


Promoting your brand with the help of YouTube is a great idea. But you need to be an extrovert and learn the art to interact with the audience and customers of your brand. You might feel anxious and grounded because of a lot of competitors around you. Be ready to make your presence in the YouTube community and promote your brand effortlessly.