So lets discuss What is content marketing ? The content marketing definition explains that it is a marketing strategy used to create affinity, engage and lead the consumers to take some action after viewing a particular piece of content. Furthermore, the definition elaborates by stating what does content include.

Content includes various relevant blogs, articles, videos, images, infographics, podcasts, other forms of media. According to it these forms of media helps in establishing concrete brand awareness and generate revenue for the business. Hence it aims to examine various aspects that fall under content promotions.

Here we analyse some of those aspects; Content Marketing Strategy, its types, examples, Content Marketing Jobs, Content Marketing Agency. 

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“Content marketing is the development and distribution of relevant, useful content—blogs, newsletters, white papers, social media posts, emails, videos, and the like—to current and potential customers. When it’s done right, this content conveys expertise and makes it clear that a company values the people to whom it sells.”


CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY | What is content marketing

Several drops of rain contribute in making a vast ocean, similar is the case with content marketing strategy. It cannot be evolved over night after a simple conversation. It takes complex formulae and elements to draft a content marketing strategy, thus, the four elements which help in the successful marketing of a content strategy are as follows:


A clarity on product or brand position helps in delivering a harmonious and accordant experience for the customers. Furthermore, it helps in setting the appropriate brand image and helps in attracting the potential customers. Thus, a professional would always question himself or herself the following:

  • Who are the existing or potential customers?
  • What experience should they obtain?
  • What is the content marketing strategy of my competitor?
  • What is USP of my brand?
  • How should I highlight this USP?


The media proposition helps in establishing the brand credibility and reliability. The working professional must initiate an in-depth research of the target audience and the resources that will be required to fulfil the needs of the audience. The media that you produce must have a unique quality that separates you from everyone else in the market. Thus, every single content creator in the market is your competition now and you must include unique research tactics to give your brand a distinct shape. 


To be able to successfully market your content, you must ensure that new readers or viewers are helping you drive your business ahead. Thus, just like any other company, you should set some aspirational business goals. The drive of achievement helps your business strive and move forward. A well recorded business case helps in understanding the risks, costs and profits and hence aids in the execution or implementation of the strategy. 


Now since you have your brand idea, creative content and business ambitions in place, it is time for planning a concrete strategy. This strategy helps in attaining those goals. However, no matter how aspirational the goals are, the planning must be realistic and pragmatic. The use of various tools and tips help one in devising a strategic plan. The tools such as SEO optimizing, keyword generator, templates, editing tools, apps, social media platforms, digital platforms etc are used. 

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There are several types of content marketing which employ certain means to attain the marketing goals and business goals. Thus, here we mention a list of types of content employed for efficient marketing of the content strategy. 


On the digital battlefield, blog posts act like colonels. Each blog conveys a message or motive that attracts a certain segment of the audience. Thus, blog posts are one of the most effective types of content marketing. Moreover, the posts are cost-efficient, SEO optimized, and appealing. They also garner organic traffic on web and thus, highly qualitative blogs attract the audience and create a community of co-readers and consumers. 

Furthermore, with internal links and outbound links the blogs connect readers from one source to another. however, with all these benefits, blogging also has its cons. It has now become a commonplace for a lot of writers and companies, thus, standing out is often a big challenge for a genuine content creator. 


A video is one of the most attractive and effective types of content marketing. Amongst all other content marketing examples, videos stand out solely because of its way of appealing to the people. More and more brands are making videos to reach out to the masses and forward their cause. Furthermore, videos offer a greater versatility and open doors for the commercialization of a product at a quicker pace. With superior shooting, editing and production videos prove as an effective content marketing examples. 


A picture can speak a thousand words, so can the infographics. Images and infographics provide clarity on issues that are mentioned in texts. Loads of information can be easily conveyed in less time. Furthermore, many companies are increasingly using gifs, memes and comic strips to convey a message. This is attracting a huge amount of web traffic. Thus, images and infographics are great content writing examples. 


This is more or less similar to blogging and is equally important for attracting web traffic. With the rise of the digital era, books are increasingly being used for leisure purposes and less for research. Thus, the responsibility of providing in-depth answers to research questions has fallen upon articles, E-books and case studies. Articles and case studies deliver precise and lucid information about almost anything. furthermore, long articles are gaining more prominence and are emerging as strong contenders in the SEO game. Articles and case studies are hence a great content marketing examples. 

Hence, these content marketing examples help in developing unique and novice marketing ideas which welcome profits and induce fondness amongst the consumers.

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A content marketer is a professional who must possess multiple skills or talents. It is a rapidly growing job and has several opening in the upcoming digital world. This job requires the person to have a blend of creative and executive skills. Furthermore, exceptional writing skills, SEO knowledge, analytical knowledge, fundamentals of coding and metrics are a few of those skills. In order to take up content marketing jobs one must be in possession of complete knowledge of what the job entails i.e., marketing a content strategy. Hence, here we explain the tasks of a content marketer. 


As the name suggests, this is an extremely creative and skillful task. One must be able to visualize the output or result whilst creating it. Content can be textual, images, videos, articles, case studies or podcasts. Along with the creative aptitude the professional must embody the more pragmatic skills of SEO optimization as well. This task will include long hours of work and the pressure of producing novice ideas each time. 


This is one of the most crucial part of the task. It includes distributing the created content to the right audience through the right channel. Moreover, the distribution is mostly done through digital or social media channels which means that the professional has to be competant and compatible with the latest update in technology. 


This includes tracking and tracing the content that has been distributed along several channels. This job may seem easy but is very time-consuming. One needs to be efficient and abreast with the operations of the technological units. The professional would have to draft and write reports conveying progress or a downfall and be prepared with solutions. Furthermore, the marketer would have to be conscious of the developments in his or her surroundings and often create content for moment marketing. 



 Once a person is equipped with the relevant skill set and techniques all is left to do is to search for the best content marketing agency. It is a digital agency that participates in strategizing, creating and executing the duties of a content creator. Thus, an agency does the task of creating and distributing the content on behalf of the company that has employed them. 

Here’s a list of the best content marketing agency around the world:

  • WebFX (USA)
  • Mighty Citizen (USA)
  • iSYnergy (USA)
  • The bigger boat (UK)
  • Creative Sponge (UK)
  • Bird Marketing Limited (UK)
  • Web WIndows Marketing (Australia)
  • Over the top SEO (Australia)
  • Local SEO Search (Canada)
  • SEOplus (Canada)

Often the content marketing agency performs other designing and marketing functions for the employer. These are multi-functional and skillful agencies which help in marketing at a reasonable price. 

Summing Up

Hence, it is an exemplary marketing strategy which is employed by professionals all around the world to promote their cause or interests. Effective marketing of a content strategy also helps greatly in establishing abiding relationships with multiple shareholders.