In all our minds, there is a question that Corona: A Natural Virus or a Man-Made One? As of now, the world is somewhat broken. Since the start of this year, there is always something bad happening. It is affecting everyone affiliated with it. From the possibility of world war 3 to a pandemic, nothing good has happened this year.

From the start of 2020, there hasn’t been one day when there wasn’t an ongoing crisis happening. The coronavirus pandemic is the biggest disaster of 2020. A virus that is capable of killing the contracted may not be a big deal today. But when that virus has no cure, it is a problematic situation.

Effects of Corona

As of now, COVID 19 has contracted more than 4 million people around the world. After every day, the number of people affected by coronavirus is increasing. Society is failing to maintain social distancing and eliminating viruses. the only chance of any survival is on the possibility of an antidote for coronavirus. Till then everyone is inside in their homes, either waiting for a cure or waiting for this period to end.

In a time like this, there are a lot of factors that can make anyone believe that the events happening currently are not natural events but instead they are mad made occurrences. It puts the society in a danger zone where nothing seems safe and there is also no assurance from the government or the authorities.

As of now there are multiple rumours around coronavirus being a man made virus, which is constructed to let people suffer for a while. It might still be something hard to digest, but from all over the world accusations have already been made to multiple parties. Blamed by everyone that is suffering, China has been frequently abused to create the virus and release it in the market of Wuhan.

Release of Corona – Is it a NATURAL VIRUS or a MAN MADE ONE?

Conspiracy Theories
Conspiracy Theories (BBC)

Releasing the virus in its own city, the people of china first got affected by covid 19. As it spread to other parts of the world, the condition of china got better. As of now the people of the whole world are affected by covid 19, day by day more and more people are being diagnosed by coronavirus and the death rate is also very high. Something that everyone has in common right now is hatred for the authorities of China because it is believed that the virus was made and released in china.

From the perspective of China, it was America who is responsible for the coronavirus pandemic. Drowned in the accusations of the whole world. The Chinese authorities also spoke finally and their accusations were targeted towards America. Military Olympics were held in Wuhan one month before the virus appeared. The Chinese government accused America for setting up the virus and releasing it in Wuhan. Accusations have been made from both sides. While the world is blaming China, authorities of China also have claims on who is to blame for coronavirus.

There is really no point in arguing who is to blame for coronavirus or even if coronavirus is man made. The only thing people need to do is to follow the protocol and maintain social distancing until a cure is found or coronavirus is no more.

Who is to be blamed for Corona?

Who is to blame or if it is a man made virus is to be determined when all of it is over. It is sure that the whole world will try to get to the bottom of this once coronavirus ceases to exist. But something that should bother people is what if the virus is man made  it is sure that if it is man made then there is a worldwide conspiracy going on against the people. It can also be presumed that all the disasters happening around us are connected to the conspiracy against us.

The world is a really big place, big enough to have perspectives in every direction. What people want to know comes to them. Coronavirus being a man made virus is a part of that. What people need to do is to be aware of the things happening around them and make sure that whatever they are doing is not harming anyone, not even their minds.

Here are some videos about the conspiracy about Corona: A Natural Virus or a Man Made One?

Chinese Virologist Claims Coronavirus Was Man-Made In Wuhan’s Laboratory

Coronavirus is not man-made, originated from nature: Chinese envoy

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