Education as a term has various amalgamated meanings delivered to discrete audience on what they understand. In lawman’s dictionary, it is the process of learning with a view to pass knowledge. The process generally operates under the guidance of an educator or teacher. Their work is to embark the knowledge to students.

In a generic scheme of things, education does not depend on place. In a formal or informal ambiance, learners and educators are the ones that are important. It is the most important fragment of life. From the moment that person is born, they go through various levels of education. Formally starting from levels like kindergarten, primary schooling and secondary schooling, to college or university.

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All of this formulated through static traditional level of written examinations and to clear that hurdle, students put their heads inside studying, thought studies generally take place in a classroom or a hall in a specific environment, but people of today always like to find new solutions which make their liver easier and one such idea was the idea of E-education, which is a method of  education or any training through electronic media.

Which is the Right Path of Education ?

Which is the Right Path of Education ?
Which is the Right Path of Education ?

Each and every student carrying a phone likes to take advantage of online education available at a touch of a finger, it has broken the shackles of traditional education as it is easy to use, can be seen anywhere at any time, can be repeated thoroughly. this has resulted in the start of a new age where the favor is shifting from bookish to online studies because students want to learn things in a unique manner with new techniques so that it can improve their level of intelligence and bookish language has a certain level of creative barrier to them.

That will always be case but that does not mean books can be shamed upon. most of the people still like the old smell of paper with which they spent their whole life.

Most schools, colleges, government organizations work through the use of paper to conduct exams as it reduces the chances of unfair practices as well as there is no problem in their systematic operations, unlike online exams where everything can go wrong if there is  a technical error. Moreover, there is a high chance of people not having that level of concentration which is required to understand what’s being taught when they are not present in a certain constructive environment.

E-Education (Source – storymaps)

Thus, we can land on a fact that online education is  blending in the education system rapidly, the shift is visible which has segregated learners into sides and either of the two methods are used based on what learners want and think what is best for them.

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