The world is going through a dangerous phase. While coronavirus is spreading more day by day, a lot of things are happening with it. To eradicate covid 19, medical professionals are working 24/7 to make an antidote. Not just the people of the medical field, the whole world is trying to do their part in controlling covid 19. It may be hard to understand for some people, but corona virus has the potential to affect the whole world and end humankind as we know it. The process of making the antidote, it might take a long time to see the day when corona virus would not exist among us.

With a major part of the world in a state of lock-down, the only thing that is demanded in society is for people to stay in their homes, so coronavirus would not spread. While it looked like a promising approach which can minimize the damage from covid 19, it still failed. When lock-down in India was about to start, there were about 500 active covid 19 patients in India, & now almost 2 months later India has more than 1,50,000 active cases of covid 19. Not just in India, but the whole world is suffering from corona virus. It seems like that even after the guidelines, people are failing to follow what their government wants them to do and are stepping out of their homes.

How Worse is this Bad Phase?

Having already claimed a lot of lives, corona-virus is capable of even taking all the lives. With the situations worsening, everybody is waiting for corona-virus to end and for them to step out of their homes freely. In a time like this an antidote is the only thing people are hoping for.

It may look like that an antidote is not a big deal with all the resources that are present to us, but still it might take a long time for an antidote for corona virus to come. Creating an effective antidote is not an easy task, even in past it has took a lot of time for authorities to come up with an antidote. A virus like covid 19 which is different from anything that has come into the attention of the authorities is not something that will go down soon.

According to the stats and all the information, the antidote for corona virus is at the second stage. With less than halfway covered it can take a long time for coronavirus to go away, till then it will be inevitable that people will get to come to out their homes and any lock-down would be uplifted.

It should be known to all that we are going through a tough time, and it will be tough for a long time. Apart from the people who will die and suffer from coronavirus, the people who are trapped in their homes will surely be suffering. With no escape and limited options, it is unavoidable for people to not to feel any agony.

Another thing that is likely to happen will be that more people will get diagnosed with covid 19. Even the people stuck at home will be in danger of contracting corona virus. During quarantine, there are still a lot of aspects which are needed to be taken care of. It would be safe to say that every person out there can contract corona virus as covid 19 can spread trough air, bodily fluids and touch.

With everything going on, there are surely some things which no one is supposed to do, and also some things which are expected from us. Apart from staying at home, we also have to maintain the state of quarantine. Maintaining social distancing and making sure that there are no signs of corona virus among us or in our environment should be our top priority.

Another thing that can highly benefit us is taking care of our immune system. There may not be a cure for corona virus but that doesn’t mean that people haven’t recovered from corona virus. Being diagnosed with covid 19, the person’s immune system is affected. It has been reported that people with weak immune systems are vulnerable against covid 19 and people who have a stronger immune system have a better chance of surviving corona virus.

For the people stuck at home, strengthening themselves can be the task that they will be doing. India may not be performing well with corona virus but India has one of the biggest recovery rates for coronavirus in the world. While waiting for cure may not be a healthy option, working on a healthier immune system is surely a good option.

The people who have survived covid 19 are surely thanking their immune systems for that, the people who haven’t been diagnosed with corona virus can work on their immune system so they can live long enough to thank their immune systems for saving and keeping them alive.

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